October 15, 2009

So happy!

WELL HI EVERYONE! Currently I should be packing so I can head out in the early early morning, however, I just got back from a super delish dinner at Chedders and yeah, not feeling the motivation:) Am I excited that today kicks off my eleven day vacation? Ummm, give me a big fat "Hooah!" Tomorrow I leave for my home in Tennessee where I'll be spending time with family and also throwing my sis, Autumn, a pink baby shower...I cannot wait to see the adorable baby bump shes rockin:) Sadly, Rob has to stay behind for this part of the vacation but come Thursday, we're outta here making our way to Orlando, FL and the land of Mickey and Mini! Most of my siblings are driving down Wednesday so we can head out together. Its going to be so much fun seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of my nieces and newphews while they experience Disney for the first time-

Here are some gorgeous pictures of the luxury resort we'll be staying at while there, Vista Cay of Orlando...I think the name even sounds luxurious:p

I claim this room:p

Did I mention the weather is going to be in the mid seventies and gorgeous? Can I say Hooah twice in one post, or is that just tacky:p

Definitely gonna be out here with a hot cup'o'joe in the mornings...Total relaxation I tell ya...
I promise to be back with lots of pics but for now...drum roll please.....

I cut my hair!!!! Still trying to get used to it:p
See you all later and I hope everyone is doing fabulous! I'd also like to say that there are soooo many good posts up right now that I want to comment on them all! Maybe while I'm in Tennessee:) Love you guys!