December 31, 2010

How Facebook Says I Spent My Year!

Forgive me followers, for I have sinned. It has been 3 months since my last blog! Not only that but it is New Years Eve! Are we really a clock spin away from 2011!?!? The other day I was doing my normal thing on Facebook and I stumbled onto an application where Facebook sums up your entire year in status posts---It was actually very enlightening for me. My sister made a good point. That it gives you insight into the type of a person you are by showing you what you focused on and what your all around attitude was during 2010? So here is my year in a nut shell, says Facebook...

Feeling lazy today but I should and need to be productive! The way I'm
feeling, I'll be lucky to get showered??? Argh, Hate these days!~I am totally
wasting this day off and I hate it!!! But can't seem to get motivated to do
anything...Grocery shopping and cleaning the house would be a good start...Would
someone like to lend me a kick in the hiney?~Going for my first run in a good
while this evening!!! Wish me luck...I', cringing already about how much I'm
going to suck from where I was...Ekk!~really wish I had a good mountain to hike
today...Instead, I'm off to work where there are no windows to let the gorgeous
day shine in! Maybe a good thing I can't be out in it!?!?~Mountain biking at
Flatrock! Looks like rain!? Ain't skeered of a little mud;)~"Hi, my name is
Rebekah G******* and I am a flip-flop-aholic"~Definitely need run tonight after
this day is over! Stress is the pits!~Going stir crazy!~I love when I can have a
surprise!!! Waiting on the hubby to get home so I can be like a kid and watch him
open it!!! I might even help him tear the wrapping:p So, I've been talking into
a half marathon in March, ekk! Okay it didn't take too much prodding:p I've been
wanting to do this for sometime! Anyone wanna join!?!~Oh my goodness, thank you
all for ALL the birthday wishes!!! Rob took me out for hibachi and sushi and
bought me a gorgeous dish set that I have been wanting for a year!!! Still not
sure how he did it because it required a membership to Costco, which we do not
have...At any rate, my creamy chicken tacos looked amazing on them tonight! My
sis Mary also bought me gorgeous peal earrings!!! Great day:)~Sun dried tomatoes
in a grilled chicken salad, wow!

I really liked this summery of my year. I think it really shows what an active and motivated individual I am and that I love being outdoors! It also shows my random goofy side but that I also have days where I could use a jump start even. I noticed I used exclamation points quite a lot but even that rings truth about the type of person I am; excitable and loving life...Most days:)

Here are some pictures and comments about 2010 that Facebook didn't share, however, that I would like to---

In spring of 2010 I went white water rafting with R for the first time and fell in love!

That same trip I enjoyed a cozy cabin adventure with R in the foot hills of the great smokey mountains

In 2010 we moved from our cozy 1 bedroom apartment into a house with a yard for Bella!

Shortly after, we adopted this cutie pie...R says shes 3/4 German Shepard and Pit bull and 1/4 tard hound, but we love her!

2010 brought a nice promotion to STORE MANAGER back in September! This picture
really has no relation other then the fact that I am always on my phone now;)

I ran my first 5k in Phoenix, AZ! The race for the cure was such an awe inspiring experience and one that I was so proud to be apart of! Jordan Sparks mother even opened with a speech before the race which I thought was very nice...

Right after the race! I met my goals of not stopping and not being the last to finish so I was feeling pretty happy at this moment...

I visited my first winery in the foothills of Sedona, AZ!

Sedona, AZ...I loved all the red clay!

I saw the bright lights of Vegas!

I ate the biggest most amazing soft pretzel under the canopy's of Ceasers Palace

R and I had so much fun in Vegas and definitely had our drinking goggles on!

We celebrated one of the most beautiful Christmas I can remember! It even snowed making the day so magical...

And R spoiled me rotten with these!!!

And this!!!! Oh yes, some of you might remember that I have been asking for a Garmin since I started this whole running journey! R made my entire year with this gift...I am taking it out for a spin this afternoon in fact!

And finally, R and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on December 27th, a few days after such a wonderful Christmas...It was such a beautiful year babe and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else. Here is to 2011 and another spectacular year!!!

September 29, 2010

One Foot In Front Of The Other...

WOW! I am blown away by all the, been there done that, know someone who succeeded, comments I got on my sister and E Harmony...Thank you, thank you for taking the time to comment!! This really gave me and my sister hope and took away a little of the weirdness I think...Y'all rock:) I will keep you all updated as she meets people and hopefully finds her man!

Now to talk about my favorite subject. Running! This week has been enjoyable and perfect for it. It is definitely Fall because the air is cool and crisp and gorgeous. Amazing for hitting the pavement hard. Last night I went to a new spot that has been hidden from me this entire time and that I will definitely be revisiting. Its so charming and fun! There's a beautiful lake with geese and ducks and cute southern gazebo's all along the paved trail...I'm a sucker for looking out over water while the sun sets, so running there last night made me smile the entire 5 miles:) Yup, I said it...5 MILES!!! I have never ran 5 miles in one swoop ladies and I am so proud of myself! I recently bought another pair of shoes though, so this could be the reason that I'm not stopping at 3!?!?! I am in love with these shoes and will, for now on, be a loyal user of Asics. This morning I felt no pain in my shins or in my usually achy knees; nothing but sore well used muscles:)

I love how Danica over at Chic Runner does a break down of each mile so I will attempt to do the same...However she just has a gift for making each mile sound so interesting:p

Mile 1, I'm finding, is always the hardest...My legs are cold and not wanting to turn over and it just plain sucks. Its doesn't help that, where I live, there is a rather large hill to crest before I can get out on the main road. Don't even get me started on my lungs at this point, pah! I have yet to run up that thing and still have my breath about me...My sister went along this time though, so we drove to the spot skipping that killer hill altogether:) Even still, on mostly flat ground, my legs were not wanting to cooperate. It really gets you nervous thinking, this is going to be long and painful! But I was wrong on this occasion!

I loved mile 2! My breathing was steady and I was feeling just as grounded with each step. There were a lot of other runners, walkers and baby strollers out enjoying the gorgeous day too. The problem was they were going every which direction so sometimes it really messed with my groove, having to stop or jog in place until they passed or I could get around a large group.

Mile 3 I started feeling the strain in my calves so, for no more then one minute, I stopped and stretched them out against a tree. I remember the stretch burning like crazy! It seriously felt like my legs was on fire but I took off running just the same.

I caught up with M, rounding into 4, telling her I was going to finish it and try for another. She looked shocked because 2 days prior I ran 4 miles and had a really rough time. But I was feeling good! My legs were warm and wanting more so I wanted to see how far I could push. Obviously I finished that mile and made my way into 5, but not before stopping again to stretch.

Mile 5 was the toughest. My hip flexors were really screaming at this point and my breathing was getting quick and unsteady. To say it was hard to finish, that would be an exaggeration, but it was harder then the rest. I really do not know where the energy and stamina came from to run 5 miles but it felt amazing! The entire time was so much fun. I love that I pushed myself that far simply for this feeling of accomplishment! Once I stopped I could really feel where I went my furthest. My hip flexors where rusted up, and my calves felt like I was sporting rocks in them, but I was one happy girl:)

It is exactly 11 days until race for a cure and I'm feeling better about it! I really do not care if I run the fastest, I just want to finish without having to stop:) We are flying out on the 8th, so 2 days before the race. I did have one question that I hope someone can answer. I have heard some of you girls mention "tapering" what is that exactly??? I think its where you basically do nothing a week before your run??? Please correct me if I'm wrong! Because that just doesn't sound right to me...Also, is it necessary for a 5k? Keep in mind that I'm not a distance runner, yet, so a 5k will definitely take it out of me. Especially in Arizona heat...Not sure what kind of route we're running yet either i.e hilly or flat. I'm hoping for flat!

Ciao for now:)

P.s. Only one more mile, to make six, which means I'm on my way to getting that Garmin 405! Yippee! Should be just in time for my birthday, *hint hint* hubby;)

September 26, 2010

E Harmony, Oh yes I did!

What do you ladies think about E Harmony? Have any of you found your partner or know someone who has, dating through E Harmony or some other site?

A few days ago I did the meddling sister thing and put my sister M, on E Harmony without her knowledge...Bad, I know! I have told her since then, due to my husbands logic and threats of telling her himself:p She is skeptical and bummed that its come to this but open to the possibility of finding a true match here...

This is M and I on the day I got married...Such a beautiful person inside and out and I love her to death...A little background about my sister. She just turned 30 and is such a sweetheart, but most of her life she has devoted it to taking care of others including our parents, up until recently, while sacrificing a personal life of her own. She has always worked in the medical field and just graduated with her EMT IV license back in May, another example of her selflessness. I love my sister for who she is, but I'm so tired of watching her go through life a lone and lonely...I just want to see her taking more of an active interest in finding her man! She has this crippling romantic idea in her head that he is just going to sweep into her life someday and take her with him...While this does and can happen, my only argument is that M does not put herself in the path of available men for that to happen...She spends ALL of her time with either family or her job...Occasionally she goes out but its never to a public place. More along the lines of a river and good hiking path. Her jobs do not help either. They are mostly female dominated. Well, I'm sure once she gets a job with her EMT license that will change. She was engaged once, 9 years ago, but even she will admit that wasn't too well thought out. It ended shortly after it began. She hasn't been in a relationship since, nor has she been on ONE date...She's had men approach her but she's either not been interested or those men turned out not to be available. She deserves so much more then this and a real romance! M is SO ready to be a wife and a mother. I know I'm bias, but I couldn't think of anyone who would be more worthy of both... M was made for this and it just breaks my heart to see her year after year, a lone:( I really want to see her happy and living all of these things and soon...

What are your thoughts ladies? Do you agree that she needs to start putting herself out there, or do you think her dream will come true; that this man is going to just come waltzing into her life? I would love this for her more then anything, but I still think she needs to start making an effort...

September 21, 2010

5k Update

Wow, this 5k has really snuck up on a girl! I cannot believe I have just 19 more days, then its off to Arizona...Ekk! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. This is my very first race and I am stressing out. The sad truth is that I love to run but I'm still out of shape. Because of that, I am painfully slow runner:( With the weather cooling off though, I am feeling my motivation coming back! It has certinally helped that R is running consistently again too. Last night he got out and ran with me where I completed 3 miles! I think I've said this before but R promised me, a long time ago, that if I make 6 miles and run that consistently, he would buy me a 405 Garmin...AWWWWESOME! I have wanted one of those ever since I got into running in '09 so I am determined to meet this challenge and get that watch! Maybe for christmas!?!?! Hubby, if you're reading I know that a lot of you have them and I am so jealous. No really! I love knowing stats while I'm running. It really keeps me going if I can see how close I am to making my milage for the day. The pace keeper bit just depresses me, but I know I will get faster and being a calorie burning junkie on top of a visual person I know I will love the "how many calories burned" feature. Imagining those calories and fat cells burning alive in there does a lot for me! I replay those Mucinex commercials in my head but imagine those disgusting blobs of mucus as fat! Have any of you seen those commercials and know what I am talknig about??? A weird moment brought to you by me:)

I am off to start my day! It is a little past 11:00 a.m and I still have not showered or eaten breakfast. R is out getting his hair cut and renting a carpet cleaner. Yes, we are both off for the day and doing stuff like cleaning the house and shampooing our carpets. Pathetic, I know! But it is necessary:) I hope all of you are enjoying this cooler weather and the outdoors. I will do a few more blog posts before Arizona to keep y'all updated on my progress, so wish me luck!

September 8, 2010

5k In Four Weeks And Vegas!

Hey ya'll!!

I think I'm correct in saying that a lot of you haven't been seeing my blog posts right? I just realized that when I switched my IP name, that you guys would have to as well, in your google reader, in order to still follow me. So I decided to switch back because I miss you all!!! Even my own sister was asking me where my blog went...I guess thats when I figured it out! So I was always, and still, here but I am back offically:)

You really haven't missed much though...I had the makeover done and wrote just a few posts then dropped off the blog'o'sphere. I took a job as a store manager and that has been keeping me SOO busy. But, I have been running!!!

In just four weeks I am scheduled to run my first 5k with my sister in-law and hubby in Phoenix, AZ!!! It has been so hard training for it with this new job though. But finally today, I was driving the 40 minutes home from work, and told myself that I just needed to buckle down and do it no matter how tired I was. So I did! I got home, threw on my runners, some shorts and a T and took off...I was shooting for 4 miles but only made it three before my hip flexors started acting up. They have always been my down fall in running. It honestly starts to feel like I'm all rusted up like the tin man:) Any advise on helping this out would be great!?!? I will be running every day that I possibily can before the run. With the heat and terrain, I'm a little frightened that I might fallout if I don't! But wish me luck if you think about it:)

In more exciting news, right after the 5k in Phoenix, R and I are headed to Vegas for three wonderful nights! We are meeting up with his best friend, who lives there, and my sister who is flying in for that part of the vacation. I am BEYOND excited. We have booked our room at the HardRock Hotel, just shy of the main strip and the room is GORGEOUS! I have never been to Vegas as an adult, but only as a kid passing through with my family so this is going to be an experience!

July 15, 2010

On My Way To A Better Run

Why did I ever stop running! M and I took it nice and slow around a 2 mile loop last night, just enjoying the evening and simply running...It was humid out but I was super eager to try out my new shoes! However, during and after we finished, I was noticing some knee and shin pain *nothing major* but still more then I ever noticed before, with my first pair of Mizuno's. I brushed it off, thinking it was a new brand and that maybe they needed breaking in. So wanting to test it out some more we took off for a brisk mile walk right before bed. MORE knee pain...Something is definitely wrong! Even now, after a full nights sleep, I'm feeling tender down there...So I got up this morning, after a night of tossing from the ache, and looked at the soles of my new and old shoes and what did I find? Looks to be underpronation instead of what I have been being fitted for, which is overpronation! It really makes perfect sense, after getting on the Internet and doing some research. Come to find out, under pronators need cushion shoes instead of support shoes which is what I have been in for my last two pairs! Both pairs I have noticed aches and pains and that has been so irritatingly frusterating! I never had this problem before with my first pair...The biggest frusteration was that no one could explain this to me. I guess the lesson learned here is you just go with what works even if it doesn't make sense...However, I am glad I figured it out to avoid needless waste of money and time in the future. So I am headed back for a return today; this time going with what I know works and hopefully I'll be blogging about comfort, pain free runs soon!

July 13, 2010

Sister Dear

Loving all of the excitement over my recent post and new blog! Y'all never fail to make a girl feel good and encouraged:)

Today is going to be a great day. My sister M is finally moving to Georgia!!!

We've had this in the works for weeks where M has drove down several times looking for work, going to interviews and helping us move. The hold up has been finding a job really, however, last week she landed one! Yay, for a no stress move:) Basically M is a rambler and wanting some change. So whats better then new scenery, new town and job yet still keeping family close by! She truly is one of my best friends, so having her around for the next year is going to be awesome, especially with R working those 16 hour days:( I will definitely be asking her to guest blog a few times on here, because M is simply the funniest most silliest, uncoordinated, yet very endearing person I know!

Another great part of today will be when R gets home and we go shopping for my new running shoes! Who else here loves that first run in new shoes? I bought my first good pair last year when I started running, Mizuno's, and have since replaced them once. But I loved those shoes! They were so super light and comfortable. I seriously could have ran forever in them *if my legs would have held up* and felt no pain. However, this most recent pair hasn't really impressed me much, and in fact has left my knees and feet aching more then before...So my question is "What brands/styles of running shoes do you ladies use?" I am looking into Brooks, which I hear wonderful things about, and Asics...I am a moderate over pronator so I do require some support...I'll listen to any recommendations/suggestions you might have because fter all, I am and do feel like a newbie again:p

July 6, 2010

Still Not Telling, But Meet Piper

I'm just too excited about life these past few days, which is awesome! I think it has to do with a personal challenge/goal I've set for myself...I'll give you a hint. Its something that I used to do and really loved! In fact, I am so excited about it, that I have decided to change my blog design again and rename it entirely to fit the new me! So keep checking back for the unvailing:) In the mean time I'll leave you with this...

This is our newest addition, Piper...She is a little German Shepherd, Boxer mix and so full of life. Just like Bella, we also rescued Piper. She was dropped off in some generous families lawn; So small that she had to be bottled fed for the first two weeks. This family has three dogs of their own and could not keep Piper. But lucky for us, we wanted a sister for Bella:)

July 1, 2010

Exciting News To Come!

Something really new and exciting in the works for this blog! Stay tunned...

June 18, 2010

Five Great Days Of Vacation...

Where I did absolutely nothing but shop, unpack and bond with our new home! But first, y'all are so awesome for helping a girl out on my last topic. I really appreciate you taking the time and being honest because I was really lost, ha! I decided to go with what felt more comfortable and right. Keeping Bella off of peoples lawns altogether seemed the thing to do...It really hasn't been that bad. She goes potty before our walks and its been so hot down here that we don't walk far, so she doesn't really have to go again before we get back! Problem solved for now..

The house is coming together, now that our plumbing is fixed and I've since gotten everything put away. Lucky me had five days of vacation to burn before June 19th or I lost it. Perfect time for a move if you ask me:) Two items that I'm excited found permanent residence in our home is, this beauty! Gotta love Fathers day sales...

And this!

I've been wanting a treadmill for sometime, but there was really no need while we were living at the apartment; They had a gym of their own...So this is a dream come true ladies! I love it already. We bought the LiveStrong treadmill which, with every purchase, a percentage goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for the fight against cancer...Always a good thing:)
But more selfish reasons for loving it, is because of the wireless heart rate monitor, built in fan and AWESOME speakers that has an Ipod hook up! No more sweaty ear buds falling out at that crucial I think I might die any second moment where if the music stops I WILL crumble and quite:) I'm really looking forward to pulling a (Cesar Millan) and getting Bella on it as well! Might just have to make a video of that, huh?!?

Today is my last day of vacation and already the phone calls are rolling in from work...I always hate when its time to be an adult again after several days of sleeping in, playing and not having a care in the world...However, not making that steady paycheck also sucks so we deal with it! I've slowly been making my way around to your blogs and commenting where I can, and I have to say its really good to be back!


June 11, 2010

The Suburbs and Proper Etiquette

Hey everyone! I know I've been gone super long this time, but I do have an excuse...I've been moving into our new place! On top of that, I have been assigned the temporary store manager position, at work, which means crazy amount of hours...Between that, the move and spending time with R before he goes back on the drill trail , I have had no time to do anything extra! However, tonight is a quit(er), night and I happen to have a craving for some couch, computer and me time...

Well, we finally made it into a real house with a real fenced in backyard, two car garage, and our very own, roll out to the curb every Wednesday, trash can! Lol...Its the simple things that get me...Heck, I'm even excited that I have a lawn to mow! Crazy??? This is our third night here and I love it already...Even though it hasn't been all peaches and creams...The down side is, shortly after moving our stuff in, we started noticing issues with the house...The biggest ones being small bug like critters all over the house and the backyard infested with even more...This had to be addressed immediately y'all! I do not do spiders and cockroach's, ick...However, the most inconvenienced issue would be that of our plumbing...The second day here, I was doing some loads of laundry and started noticing our toilets bubbling....Hmmmm, okay...Then came this awful stink...W.E.I.R.D...Looked over into the tub and noticed sewage waste pouring into it through the drain...It was happening in all the bathrooms and showers! Needless to say, I called our landlord...There was a scare that fixed its self this morning. R and I were getting a nervous feeling that our landlords didn't want to fix the problem properly after the plumber gave them the estimate. Apparently we have a collapsed pipe underground that is going to cost a whooping $5,000 to replace! Obviously, we would not stay here without the use of water and our drains...So last night I got on the computer looking for a back up plan, just in case they asked us to leave because of lack of funds...It didn't come to that, however so, Phew! We are settled in now, and just waiting until Monday until we have the complete use of our house again....For now, it means trips back to our apartment for showers...Thank the Lord we have its use until the 19th when our lease runs out!

I've been making trips to Target, TJ Maxx and Ross's looking for house goodies and have found several! I cannot wait to start decorating and making it look more like a home...I promise to post pictures as I get the rooms done...You seriously do not want to see pictures right now...The place is full of boxes and white walls...Going from a one bedroom into a three bedroom, you tend to be lacking in "filler" items:)

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend full of sun and laughter! I will leave you with this, as I honestly do not know! I was walking my dog in the neighborhood on our first real day here and it struck me that I do not know proper etiquette for walking my dog in the suburbs!!! Is it okay to allow your dog to walk in other peoples lawn, just on the edge??? Bella loves to do this as the pavement is hot down here in Georgia! Also, is allowing your dog to pee and poop in someone elses lawn taboo even if you have a doggie bag handy to pick it up? Please be gentle if you're reading this and cannot believe that I even have to ask...Lol...I have always lived in apartments with my pets and never in the burbs...So, lets have it, but gently:p

Edit: I just realized that I spelled etiquette as (edicate) and am so embarrassed! I even put it in the title for ALL the world to see:p Lol...Thanks J.L.S for spelling it right, allowing me to take notice! I knew it didn't look right! Lol...

May 13, 2010

You're Appreciated!

Hello blog land!

This is going to be quick, but wanted to drop in and say hello to all my followers, new and old! It continues to amaze me how people like what I write and, more so, that ya'll stick with me through my long absences! Ya'll make me smile, truly, and are very appreciated!!!

Life here in Georgia has been hectic and not so fun this past week...I don't really want to say much because I'd love to write a decent post on it and get feedback from you all...You all take the time to really search yourselves and give good advise so I can't wait to get it posted and live for your reading! More to come...

I mentioned sometime ago that the hubz and I are wanting to rent a house for the remainder of our time here....After two months of hard looking I think I've found the place! We dropped off our application yesterday and are waiting for the green light...So pray we get it!

Exciting news here! One of my older sisters who I'm very close to is moving down here! We've had this in the works for severel weeks and its finally coming together...This is another reason for the house...She is moving in with R and I and we couldn't be happier! R likes it because I'll have someone for the next year while he is off playing big bad drill sgt:p I love it because I miss my family so much! It will be nice to have a sister with me:)

Also, I know this is very late, but I wanted to wish all of you mothers out there a very happy belated mothers day! I hope it was a relaxing and beautiful day full of being appreciated!

I'm going to try and write a few more posts before things get crazy with moving, but if not, definitely expect to hear from me in three to four weeks after we're in our new place!


April 30, 2010

MilSpouse Blog Hop!!!

I found this Milspouse Blog Hop today over at Riding The Roller Coaster and thought What a neat idea! So here I am saying "hello and welcome!"

My name is Becca and I have been an Army wife for 16 months! My husband and I are currently stationed in the deep south, however I cannot wait for our first PCS to some place truly outdoorsy and grand! We have no children yet but I am a proud momma of two fur children, Bella our dog and Peanut our cat. I work for a very large gaming company as an assistant manager, but am going back to school in September for my bachelors in elementary education!

I love to laugh and be active and am, presently, in pursuit of the perfect butt;) I LOVE all things girlie that smell of either summer or warm vanilla! Flip flops ARE my shoe of choice 365 days of the year, without fail...I am addicted to all things directly and indirectly related to electronics i.e my cell phone, google search, Facebook, Ipod, spell check ect...I'm terrified of wasps and coach roaches. I HATE when its gorgeous outside but aunt flows comes to visit...Usually this means I am in a VERY unmotivated and sad mood. It makes no sense to waste such a beautiful day on being a debbie downer but stupid hormones say otherwise... I cannot tan to save my life but try every summer, ha!

My blog is very randomly written;) I blog about anything I want to really...I started it becuase I wanted to connect with fellow Army wives while my husband was a way and have done that, so score!!! I'm not the best bloggy buddy out there by any means of measure, meaning I don't always comment or I forget to click that follow button on a blog that's been following me, but beat me up enough and I promise I'll be "clicking" before long! I am still finding that balance between real life and being true to my lovely blog gals. I have to watch, because I can become really obsessed with staying connected and reading EVERYONE, EVERYDAY...When you have over 100 blogs, thats not really possible unless I want to be at my computer 24/7...In that case my husband might step in and do more then give me the evil eye!?!?

I love meeting new followers so don't be shy, say hello and thanks for stopping by!

April 26, 2010

Moment Of Insanity You Might Say...

Take a seat and stay a while because I have figured something huge out about myself, and when I say huge I mean huge! Also, do not judge me on how many times I use the word "struggle" in this post! You thought I was going to say huge, didn't you:p

I'll begin by saying that for the past few months, off and on, I have been in a bad place...Nothing deep, dark and scary, but bad none the less!

I've realized that since I got married in December 08', I've been feeling empty, lost and without purpose...To the point where I have gone into what I'm embarrassed to say depression...There really is no other word for it! I can't blame it on being pregnant and hormonal, because while I might be hormonal, I am certainly not pregnant. Nor can I say its from lack of sleep, even though I do not sleep well. I really cannot blame it on my job although it isn't helping the feelings of being stagnant...And it most definitely has nothing to do with my absolutely perfect, sweet and caring husband...Trust me, we are still "puke worthy" in love! In fact I think the former me, of three years ago, just threw up today watching us make kissie faces:p However, do not burn me at the stake for saying this, but it turns out being married isn't a fix for complete happiness...*gasp* I know...

Getting married I had no expectations that my husband would "complete me" and that I would no longer need to pursue inner joy. But then I'm asking myself why am I so surprised that I find I still have to work at it???

I stated above that this feeling started shortly after I got married, so I'm going to clear that up for you. This actually came to me yesterday while eating lunch with the man of my dreams:) Before I married R, I was a struggler. I struggled with most everything in my life from money to relationships to God and the list certainly goes on and on...I was raised Amish in a not so Amish friendly environment i.e the world outside of a community...I fought to graduate with even a GED when my mother, out of pure exhaustion and lack of time gave up on mine and my siblings home schooled education. We were given the books and supplies but ultimately it was up to us whether or not we used them. There was literally no consequence to being lazy in our studies. Doing such was only hurting us and no one else. This was all at the age eight. I was also in the work force at the age of 9, struggling along side my folks, trying to help make ends meet. So with all of this, why was I upset when my first taste of romance was five years of nothing but hard times?!?! I am positive I'm not the only sob story out there, even in just this blog realm:p I am only telling you this because it is so ironic...The reason I've been unhappy is because I no longer struggle! Being married has really made me realize that. *okay, you can throw one rock, but just one* The best way to explain it is I have had a life full of tremendous growth because of struggling and now that I'm married, now that I have someone to share my life with who makes life so easy, I feel there is no need to struggle and that makes me feel lost...I apparently don't know how to function without that element in my life! Sad huh??? Not really...I was constantly fulfilled because of life and how damn hard it could be...And I know that most people would praise the day it all ended, but not me... I recognize the value of life and its struggles too much...It truly is the direct link to inner joy...Be honest, we are all happy when we are growing in some way! It really sucks when your in the eye of your own personal storm, but the beauty you see when that storm clears is breath taking...Its earth shattering...You feel invincible...This is not to say that I want a big crappy pile of struggle on my door step in the morning, I just want to have something that requires a little work in my life again...

So how about it? I would love to hear about a personal struggle that made you a stronger person:) I mean, I just bared my soul and said that I would rather struggle then have a perfect life! Who does that???

April 19, 2010

I'm Back With A Vacation Re-cap!

You probably didn't even know I was gone, but its not your fault because who can keep up with my absenses vs., I was on vacation and it was so major and relaxing! However, like with all things, it had to come to an end:( So we're back in Georgia doing our normal thing of work with play, when we can...

To re-cap about our 3 full days in Gatlinburg, we had BEAUTIFUL weather minus the crowds of tourists for spring break. Life couldn't have been sweeter! Our first night we just settled in, went to the grocery store for yummy snacks and make it up as we go meals, then hit the liquor store for some seductive tasting wine, Mmmm...That, paired with the hot tub and the fresh night mountain air, spelled heaven our first evening.

The first full day wasn't that eventful, but it was nice! We slept in until 10:00 then headed into a neighboring town to buy hubby's birthday gift; Verizon's new rugged phone the Brigade...I was able to upgrade the day before and decided on the Droid Eris. I couldn't be happier with my choice! But moving on...Traffic was INSANE the whole day so we didn't get to move around much. However, R and I decided that a day inside the cabin was fitting so that's exactly what we did! We had a pool table which was perfect. So with yummy sushi near by, cream soda in chilled glasses, and some good tunes on, we shot the breeze over several games of pool...Might I add that I won the very first game...Ha! My victory grin:)

The 2nd day, our big adventure was white water rafting! Neither R or I have been so this was something fun to share together for the first time. Take a look!

This was so much fun... We had class 3 and 4 rapids, but by the end we were craving bigger ones! This was a three hour activity that whipped my butt. All that beautiful sunshine and water sure made for a lazy me on the drive home...That evening we decided not to brave the local eatery's and grilled juicy steaks instead...Exhibit A-

Day 3 I was bound and determined to get out and do the tourist thing even though masses of people were out...Ripley's has taken over Gatlinburg with an aquarium, museum, 2 mini golf courses, a haunted house and a mirror maze. We did them all thanks to a very generous military discount of 80 percent! The haunted house was my first. I'm sure my husband was completely embarrassed as I squawked, squealed and screamed the entire way and I'm also sure that the kid in front of me wasn't appreciative of my fingers digging holes in his shoulders...What do you think?? Later, we drove the very steep 3 miles up to Ober Gatlinburg where we went ice skating, and ate a yummy lunch complete with the best tea I've had in years!

We also threw in some go-karting, home made fudge and the new movie "Clash Of The Titans" in there somewhere:) Not to mention, our last night I took the husband to a really nice steak dinner to celebrate his promotion. I about cried when our waiter told us that we had no check to pick up...Apparently the table next to us had paid our entire LARGE bill after over hearing R was in the military and the reason we were out for the evening...They never even said hello or made their selves known...So, to whoever you are, my husband and I felt your gesture and appreciation deep in our hearts and want to thank you!
Well, that about sums it up! I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter week as well and are enjoying this awesome weather!!! My next post will be all about my BIG news, I promise!

April 3, 2010

Huge Week For Us!

Big things poppin this week! Tomorrow we're off to the families for Easter Sunday, then headed to our *four night* home in the mountains!!! Ekk, can't wait! Also, getting my new phone on Monday before we head out for Gatlinburg...That way I have four hours to play with it:) Which one will I get???? Verizon's Palm Pixi or...
Verizon's Droid Eris!!! Only time will tell...

In other HUGE news, R got promoted!!! We found out yesterday...I am so proud of him y'all...Not being bias or anything, but he really deserved this for all the hard work he's put into these past two years...So big smiles and hugz to my hubby:) I think he also deserved a new truck which he got yesterday as well:) For some reason, I think he should name it ol' blue????
Have a great Easter Everyone! I'll be back on Saturday with pictures and fun happenings of our trip!

March 30, 2010

Good Things Come To Those Who Buy...

And this is what I want to buy! R and I test drove this little beauty on Monday and fell in love. Its so cute! Reminds me of a cross between a Volkswagon bug and a milk truck...Lol! I'm sure a lot of you have seen the boxier versions of these running around everywhere...Well this is Scions newest model of the XB and I dig it! Did you know that Scion (is)Toyota???

We are looking into trading our vehicles soon. He, for another Toyota Tacoma but with a double cab this time *after all, he has a wife and a dog to tote around now* and me, my Hyundai Sonata for this!!! Best part is, I'll finally be able to get back into a stick shift:) Couldn't you see me driving around in this little guy, all but drag racing, becuase I feel so cute and small and speedy??? Lol...In all honestly, we are slowly preparing for the future of one day having a family+ a dog to lug around. Cross your fingers that this all works out and we both have new cars in a month or two! Most of this is depending on whether he sells his bike, resulting in one less loan!...Any of you ladies have a husbands or boyfriends that would be a taker! lol:) No, but seriously?

In other breaking news: Only five more days until this!

The waiting is killing us! But it'll be worth the wait, once we get there and can relax in that nice warm bubbly tub:) Also, there might be a chance that I'll get to meet up with another bloggy buddy during our stay! A lot of you know her as Crazy Shananigans...I'll be sure to take pictures and post all about our mountain adventure:) Also, stay tuned for an important announcement! This is something I've been working on for a week and the pieces are finally coming together. Tomorrow will be the final word, so pray that I hear good things!

March 22, 2010

Missing: Brilliant Title...

A lot happening in this little part of my world! Last week, bright and early, I drove the six hours back to my hometown, spending five wonderful and much needed days with family. There I got to meet my families newest bundle of joy...I know I might be bias, being her proud aunt and all, but no...She is the most beautiful thing! Take a look and tell me you don't agree!?!?

Looking at how precious she is!!! And all those adorable milk bubbles shes sporting??? What a cutie pie:) Almost makes me want to have one earlier then planned...Almost:)

During that same week, hand over heart, R stood in front of his company commander pledging another six years to this country he serves and to the Army...Sadly, I was not able to make his re-enlistment, but was happy to hear that his 1st. Sgt. and fellow drills did, looking head on with big smiles:) Kind of like this one, I'm guessing?

Did you know that you, as a spouse, gets a certificate of appreciation?? I actually think that's neat...What do I think is even cooler??? The fact that we got to list three of our choice picks for future duty stations! The first pick was Germany, of course, then Hawaii and Colorado. I would be happy with either one, but could really get excited over three years in Europe...Who wouldn't! I get super jazzed when I see change of scenery in my near future (12 months to be exact)...What better life, then the military, to support my habit of travel;)

Approximately two weeks ago my sister M asked me a question that I can't really talk about just yet, but if all goes as we hope, I will be one happy girl by the time July rolls around!

R and I have decided to move out of our cozy one bedroom apartment and into a house! He needs a garage for all his toys and I need a backyard for my puppy...I recently helped move a friend last month into a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and was so taken with the idea of having a place like that of our own...Don't get me wrong, the place we live now it great and I've loved spending our first year married here...But its time...

R graduated his last cycle of soldiers on Friday and now has a three month break! Easter week, we are taking advantage of this time, and going to Gatlinburg, TN, for 4 nights, spending every morning and evening here:

That's right! Our very own secluded cabin, deep in the heart of Tennessee's beautiful Smokey Mountains...They call it "Chasing Moonbeams." I think the name is what sold me;) This is a much needed break for us both and I cannot wait to be sitting on that wood chair, feet propped up, drinking a piping hot cup'o' joe...

There's yet another big change coming my way, however, I'm choosing to sit on it for another few days...But for now I will leave you with this...My latest obsession! Verizon's Droid Eris...
We are resigning in April, so I need to make a decision on want phone I want to be stuck with for the next two years...My biggest complaint is its all touch...But I've been playing with this phone on my lunch breaks (I work at a mall) for the past two weeks and I love it!!! I seriously could see myself never putting it down...Could be a bad thing?!?!

Have a great Tuesday y'all!! I'm off to pay some attention to my google reader:)

March 7, 2010

I've Been Blog Cleaning!

To kick off the season of change, I decided my little blogg-ity blog could use a spring cleaning, so check it out! I have to thank the very talented Brittney over at Arteestic. I could never have create something this genius on my own, nor will I ever be able to...Brittney is the sweetest gal to work with and so prompt! I swear, she had my first preview to me on the dot, at 9 o'clock, just like she had said...That was even WITH a time difference...I'm convinced, she had to of had her finger hovering over that send button; Only explanation! Not only did she whip up the perfect design, but she did it in as little as three days! I always hate telling people what I want because, deep down, I don't really know! She asked me to email a small piece about myself, which I might have sent her a book or two because I'm that interesting....Snort what colors I enjoy and
* insert sound of tinkling stars here* Voila! The birth of my new look:) That simple! Ladies, this process was very painless and so pleasant... Not to mention, easy on the pocket book *wow* so go check her out and tell her I sent you! No, I do not get a discount for referrals...If that were the case and with her rates, the design would have been free!

Ni Ni~

February 27, 2010

Goodbye Butt, Hello Boom Boom!

I seriously wanted to roll on the floor in hysterics tonight!!! You see, I have been in pursuit of the perfect butt for most of my life...Haven't we all? If not and you've managed to build that much desired, gorgeous, round bum, I secretly want to pull your hair out applaud you! However, this girl was born with some bad butt genes. So while I'm being honest...

Dear mom,
I'm sorry, but I openly blame you for those micro menaces called genes. This can't be pinned on dad because that tush is as small and tight as a walnut...Sincerely, your loving daughter:)

So, shortly after a yummy meal of sushi and fried rice *could have done without the rice, I know* I turned on the telli, and worked my way through Beach Body's newest workout DVD called Brazil Butt Lift!!! Ladies, let me say that this is a fun workout...However, some of these moves will keep you giggling more then actually doing the moves!! I mean, I went from back back backin'it up to tapping an imaginary drum while letting my boom boom, as Leandro Carvalho likes to say, get out of control with shake shake shaken it! But boy was it a workout...Phew! I definitely felt it after I was done which is the best part. I might be crazy but I love that burning sensation:) If you'd like to know more about Leandro and his program just visit his site here!

A quick update on P90X for those of you who are wondering...I love it! However, the down side is that I feel its more designed for a man:( It focuses more on upper body and your abs, which is great, but if you're like me and need maintance below the belt, you might want to consider pairing it with something like Brazil Butt Lift! That is what I'm doing because I totally puffy heart the arm and abs workout of P90X...You suck so bad while doing it but the after affect is amazing!

Have a blessed weekend y'all! I'm taking me and my tired boom boom off to bed:)

February 25, 2010

This Is "Edge Of Your Seat" Blogging!!!

Random facts of my life, to share a few...

  • Something stinks in my kitchen and I can't figure out what-
  • I have three cups of yogurt hitting shelf life tomorrow, should I eat them all today???
  • I'll be lucky if I get one more day out of my hair mousse, then that will be gone just like my favorite eye shadow that has been on my "buy" list for a week!
  • Ope! I just lost another eyelash...I'm eventually going to go bald there, I just know it!
  • The inside of my car is slowly being buried in my dogs hair, to the point that my black dash looks white...So gross *insert me sticking my tongue out, making gross face*
  • I'll never be able to sleep in again...Not as long as the sun rises before 8:00 and not as long as I have a dog who uses it as her personal alarm clock...This sad truth I have good days with and bad days with...
  • Will I forever crave bad foods i.e pizza and chips??? Opps, this is a fact list so I guess its FACT and not a question:)
  • Fact: I cannot hold water or coffee to save my life!
  • There's a piece of animal cracker in our bed that keeps poking me at night. If it hadn't been my brilliant idea to give the cat one to shut him up, I could technically be irritated???
  • I have to re-learn my hair every morning...Its growing out and, I swear, it changes length everyday, just enough to be an annoyance!

I have many other random facts but we won't go there...I'll spare you:) Thanks for stopping by and reading, it was good to get that off my chest! I'm off to rescue my yogurt then hit the gym-

February 12, 2010


I can't believe that R and I both have off this weekend!!! Which just so happens to be Valentines weekend! Its a total miracle y'all and I couldn't be happier *insert little jig here* That little bit of news was just what I needed to kick this funk for good. So its safe to say that I am back on the loving life highway and hope to stay here for some time!

So what do the hubs and I have planned for our big love feast??? Well, we had planned a camping trip, but out of no where, Georgia decided to dump a bucket of snow on it!!! I mean, we were in the mid to low 60's for weeks?!?! W.E.I.R.D... So, we've decided to still go camping, but do it in our living room!!!! Today, I went and bought an instant grill to roast marshmallows over. Wine. Chocolate and strawberries...Those are a must on Valentines:) Hot coco and a good movie! We're going to make a cozy spot on the floor, veg out and roast marshmallows until we pop! Sounds like a good time to me:) Nothing too major. Just a nice time snuggling, giggling and catching up...

What about y'all??? Any lovey dovey plans being cooked up this weekend?!?!

February 8, 2010

Seven Days Of Yuck...

First, I really want to extend a moment of appreciation to all of you and your best wishes, prayers and support of my sister and her husband...That means so much to me, knowing that there are other prayers being sent up for them...So thank you!! However, some good news has been sent their way! Although cancer is still very much apart of their lives, the doc has gave them hope that S has a good chance of beating this. That is incredible news considering a week before, they were saying that this type of cancer is incurable...That his out come was inevitable...I know that all of your prayers have played a huge part in this turn for the better!!! They have seen 50% of their patients survive this type and it all really depends on the patient...S is determined to win and see his children grow up, so this attitude is major and I could hug him for it! I will keep y'all posted as we know more...

As for me...Don't you just hate those days were you try and try to do anything to get yourself out of a slump? Go watch a movie. Take a nice walk. Eat something indulgent. Listen to a great song, but everything is just an epic fail....Its been one of those days...I don't know why I feel like such a "Debbie Downer," as a lot of you like to say, but its been seven days now and, I have to say, its getting really old and frustrating! Its frustrating because seven days ago, I was on top of the world! Yes, I know that some huge things have happened in my life that would warrant this kind of emotion, but gosh...Its like I was kicked in the face and haven't found the energy to get back up, Ick! My P90X program has completely taken a back seat which I'm really kicking myself for because it was working so well! I've pretty much stopped counting calories and I KNOW that I've been over eating...Argh...I have no motivation at work. Even taking Bella out for her daily walks have become a chore...WHATS WRONG WITH ME! I feel like slapping myself...honestly...Hopefully I wake up tomorrow feeling a lot like it was all a dream, then immediately smile because I'm ready to take on the day!!! Hey, it could happen??? And I do apologize for posting this because who likes to read about bad news and icky moods...I promise to make my next post MUCH brighter:) Good night y'all...I'm going to call this day a wrap!

February 5, 2010

How Can Something So Happy And So Sad Happen In One Day....

Today is full of cold rain and howling winds that sound like a banshee is just outside my window...R is at work, as usual, and I am waiting out the last 1.5 hours before I, too, head in that direction. This week started out really rough, emotionally. I'm not sure why other then its close to that time of month and there has been a lot of, good and bad changes, in my families lives that I should be apart of...Two of the biggest ones??? I'll give y'all the happy news first. One of my sisters is finally gave birth to her baby girl! Baby E is their second and is every bit as gorgeous as her brother was:) I remember living out in Oregon at the time they had M and I was SOOOO anxious because I wanted to be there sharing in the excitement too! Same feeling with baby E last week, but such is life as an Army wife:) Sorry, but I do not have any pictures to share as of yet...I will be sure to post some as soon as I can get a decent shot! Hopefully in March when I go to visit!

This next piece of news is not so happy...In fact, its just heart wrenching...I'm first going to ask those of you who haven't heard and are already praying, to send a prayer up for one of my dear sisters, her husband S and their two children...You see, the same day that my sister had given birth and was basking in the glow of another child, my other sister was two floors above her, in the same hospital, being told that her husband had anal cancer...They then hit her with, "Your husband, at best, has five years to live with the help of kemo and at worst, he'll only live a year." Her husband had been at work that day when he took a short break to use the restroom. After almost bleeding to death in the toilet bowl, he was rushed to the closest hospital where they immediately gave him a blood transfusion and sent him into surgery. That is where they found it...I cannot even imagine my sisters feelings, as she was being told that her whole world would eventually end; be it 1 or 5 years...To add to this, there her husband lay still a sleep, not knowing that in the morning his world too would be crushed and she'd have to be the one to tell him. They have two small children. A curious little 3.5 year old boy and a pretty as a princess 1.5 year old girl. Here is a few photos I have of my sister and their happy family if you'd like to put faces to the names...

This is S kneeling with his son during Halloween of 2008. I believe this shot even made it into the local paper that year!

My sister with her two adoring children. This was during her visit down to see me last year...

My sister and her husband taking a couples photo with their newborn at my wedding.

So for those of you who are believers and know that God can and does make miracles happen, please, PLEASE keep them in your prayers as they battle this together, no matter the out come...

January 27, 2010


So tonight I tried my hand at yoga for the first time... And I'm really upset to say that, "I HATE IT!" Is this normal? Is 1.5 hours of yoga also normal? Sitting down to reflect on why, exactly, I hate it I've come up with this...I simply do not have the attention span to sit, stand, squat and pose for 1.5 hours!!!! I felt like such a five year old tonight...I even tried making the atmosphere...Lite candles, dark room, calm the mind...Annnnnnnd, nothing...Yup I still hate it! I really wanted to be a yoga chic...I REALLY DID! They just seem so neat, centered and clam. Sigh...But alas, this is one thing that's just not my cup'o tea... P90X wants me to do this once a week, so instead of the 1.5 hours I'm going to shoot for 30 minutes (just because I know the stretching is good for me) then do something else, like kick boxing!!! It was kind of cool, however, to learn that I'm challenged and cannot sit still...God love me:) And I always thought I was the calm, boring one...

January 25, 2010

Our Very Own Hurt In A Box...P90X!

Two days ago R and I made a decision that will hopefully change our lives and bodies forever! We hopped on the P90X band wagon with complete abandon never thinking to look back! We had discussed it for a few weeks, hemming and hawing because of the $125.00 it takes to get the program. Not to mention the cost of weights and a pull up bar. These are a must have to complete this program. Well yesterday, our very own hurt in a box showed up all pretty and sealed ready to be used. No time like the present! So after a quick trip to the PX for some weights, which I love! We commenced operation P90X!

Okay, but real quick, gonna take a detour and show you these AWESOME weights we got. Because they're so cool! Already I'm sounding like a fitness nerd, but I don't care:) These are the new dumb bells from Bow Flex! Or at least they're new to me:) This is how they look in the stand. Each one weighing in at 52.5 pounds.

NOW, the cool thing is, these weights can go from 5lbs to 52.5lbs all with just the turn of a dial!!!! So in a nut shell, you have a complete set of weights all in just two dumb bells and not a whole rack taking up space! How AWESOME is that!!! Okay, moving on:)

So, yesterday was our first day working the program and guys...It hurts...But its so good! This is a fitness challenge that is broken up into 90 days. By the end, supposedly, your a lean mean muscle machine! R and I both took our "before" photos and yes, that was depressing but I can't wait to see the transformation! I'm really hoping to come away from this with bigger shoulders and arms, a tight butt and some nice muscled legs...P90X promises this as long as I keep pushing play and BRING IT each time! Lol...I'll definitely give ya'll up dates and will certainly post our 1,30,60 and 90 day photos when we're done! Hope this wasn't too boring, but I'm just really pumped! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday:)


January 20, 2010

My Only Reason??? I Can't Get a Tan...

This Saturday it will have been three weeks since I began operation live healthy, loose weight. So far??? I've been having a really good time! I know, I know...Don't hate me for saying that. And also, don't get the wrong idea! There have been days were I think this sucks. I mean come on, cutting calories and turning a blind eye to the foods we like best is no easy task! But there's nothing better then weigh in morning. when you wake up and the first thing you do is climb on your scale, holding absolutely still, while anxiously waiting for that magic number. You know, the one you've been working so hard towards that whole week??? When you finally get it, Your whole body seems to smile! You feel great. Nothing can bring you down... You have to agree because I know you know what I'm talking about!!! Dieting is hard people, but its also worth every second for those moments...In my opinion:) These past three weeks I have really come a live. My body feels better in every way! I noticed today that, since I've started, I haven't taken one nap!!! If you knew me, you'd know how much I love/need naps and how jaw dropping this is...My body gets so tired sometimes...Its weird. even on days where I haven't done anything really...I now know that my diet has been the problem all along...Also I've realized that I have a kick ass metabolism! I've just been burying it so heavily in fats, carbs and calories that it can never catch up! Taking the time to track my nutrition and research the foods that I eat has opened my eyes to this. I think it would be safe to say that I was on a 4,000 calorie diet a day, easy...Kinda makes me feel sorry for the poor little guy! I can visualize him working so hard for me and what do I do???? Treat him like crap and feed him crap...Well I'm done...This switch is for life...It feels so good to have a plan and a goal again...Just today, I felt something switch inside me. I had a serious want to be built! To be one of those girls that people look at and think "wow" she must workout...I see girls like that a lot and I immediately think how much I suck and how I'm wasting my best years on doing nothing to get there too! So far I've lost a total of five pounds in the past 2.5 weeks! After I loose this last 8 pounds, I'm onto operation get built...No joke! I'm really excited to start this journey and see where it takes me...Who knows, body competitions might even be in my future! Okay, not really...Lol... But only because I would never want to be that solid. Okay, that's a lie. The real reason is I cannot get a tan to save my life! When have you ever seen a competitor without a tan???? HELLO!

I'll leave you with that and say "thanks for listening y'all." I'm gonna call it an evening before much later. Hubs is dragging me to Atlanta tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m! About a 1.5 hour drive from here. Yeah, as much as I like naps I also like to sleep in! 4:00 a.m comes early, so nite everyone and I hope your week is going just as well as mine, if not better!

P.S, Here is the link to my newest vlogs over at Sparkpeople, incase your interested in hearing how much I say "ummm" in the space of five minutes:p

January 7, 2010

First Vlog!

For those of you who might be curious, here is a link to my first vlog to kick off this weight loss plan! I'll try to post links to them each week when I weigh in. There kind of boring so I won't be hurt if you don't watch:p Just wanted to give ya that option!

Past Mistakes, New Beginnings!

I've been debating with myself whether or not to do a post about this particular subject. Its kind of a sore note where most of my family are concerned, so I feel trepid in writing this. However, I am much older now and I feel that I am more prepared to do it right this time.

Ever since R and I started dating about 2.5 years ago, my weight has slowly been creeping up the scale to the point where I am now 133 lbs. I say this with a cringe because I have never been that heavy! I am 5'6" and mostly, ever since I was 16 I've weighed anywhere from 115-120. I am willing to admit that at 115 I truly WAS hurting my body. I felt so weak and unhealthy. But for the sake of being skinny I starved myself. Yes, I had the mind set of an anorexic girl, but I really am thankful to my family. They gave me such a hard time and hard talks that it stopped me from getting smaller. I really caused my family a lot of worry in those years, Hence the reason for all their sour feelings toward me loosing weight. I know y'all are not them, but I still can't help feeling worried about speaking out with wanting to loose. I'm not over weight by no means. I know that. But people see that too and their automatic response is "Girl, your already skinny! you don't need to loose weight!" I know that people, I really do...I just don't feel my best at this weight. I do have love handles now. My ass and thighs have a few more pounds to love on. Seriously, I don't want to feel my thighs kissing one another when I walk and I hate that my jeans ride to low now because there's more junk in the trunk to cover! I truly feel I am more mature now and can handle the weight loss, but also know when to stop and say, "hey, you look good."

So why not just loose the weight and never say a word? Well, I want to keep myself accountable for loosing the weight and also accountable for when its time to stop. I think my husband is a bit worried himself. Mostly because he has heard me and family talk about my issues in the past. I need to do this though. For me and for all of those that I put though this. I need to show myself and others that I can loose weight but be healthy and know when to stop.

The goal is to loose 13 pounds; Bringing my weight down to 120 by early April or late April. I have joined a website called where I am logging my calories, fats, carbs and protein as well as my cardio workouts. This website is honest and tells you when your over eating in an area and also when you need to eat more in those areas. I.e say I'm not eating enough fat grams. It lets me know, then also explains why I need them. This site is really showing me where I could do better and how to eat balanced meals. I'm staying within a 1200-1500 calorie diet. No more the 30 fat grams a day. I'm working out three times a week for thirty minutes. Drinking much more water and staying away from cokes, sweet tea and the likes. So far I feel great! I am allowing myself one cheat day every two weeks. I'm doing this mostly to counter act being overly focused and to show myself I can break away and be bad:) I have been on this program for six days and I cannot wait to weigh in this Saturday! I am also doing video blogs on Sparkpeople every week to help stay on track. Two of my sisters in Tennessee are doing this with me, so the Vlogs will help us stay in touch and motivate one another. I'm not sure if you can view my blog over there without becoming a member, but I will give y'all up dates here as well as over there.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is not something I've tried all at once so this will be a transition:)I will continue to blog here about my regular life and happenings, but I am adding the weight loss program too, so hope you don't mind reading! I hope all of you had a wonderful first week in the new year! Don't be afraid to comment and give me ideas! I'd love to hear what you think about the program and where I could do better; meaning extra cardio here, more calories there or even just your success stories! Or if you think I'm crazy all together:p Love hearing from you guys!

Caio for now!