June 18, 2010

Five Great Days Of Vacation...

Where I did absolutely nothing but shop, unpack and bond with our new home! But first, y'all are so awesome for helping a girl out on my last topic. I really appreciate you taking the time and being honest because I was really lost, ha! I decided to go with what felt more comfortable and right. Keeping Bella off of peoples lawns altogether seemed the thing to do...It really hasn't been that bad. She goes potty before our walks and its been so hot down here that we don't walk far, so she doesn't really have to go again before we get back! Problem solved for now..

The house is coming together, now that our plumbing is fixed and I've since gotten everything put away. Lucky me had five days of vacation to burn before June 19th or I lost it. Perfect time for a move if you ask me:) Two items that I'm excited found permanent residence in our home is, this beauty! Gotta love Fathers day sales...

And this!

I've been wanting a treadmill for sometime, but there was really no need while we were living at the apartment; They had a gym of their own...So this is a dream come true ladies! I love it already. We bought the LiveStrong treadmill which, with every purchase, a percentage goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for the fight against cancer...Always a good thing:)
But more selfish reasons for loving it, is because of the wireless heart rate monitor, built in fan and AWESOME speakers that has an Ipod hook up! No more sweaty ear buds falling out at that crucial I think I might die any second moment where if the music stops I WILL crumble and quite:) I'm really looking forward to pulling a (Cesar Millan) and getting Bella on it as well! Might just have to make a video of that, huh?!?

Today is my last day of vacation and already the phone calls are rolling in from work...I always hate when its time to be an adult again after several days of sleeping in, playing and not having a care in the world...However, not making that steady paycheck also sucks so we deal with it! I've slowly been making my way around to your blogs and commenting where I can, and I have to say its really good to be back!



  1. wow you are a lucky girl with that treadmill! hope you had a good weekend!!

  2. Glad you had a great time off and that you got some stuff for the new house! I bet that is so exciting!! =)


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