May 29, 2009

Army Wives

Ladies and Ladies, ahhh hmmm... I am pleased to announce I have made contact! Today I went and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Olive Garden and I wasn't alone! There I enjoyed the company of four really sweet and welcoming Army wives! For a while, I was starting to wonder if they really existed in this town! Jk, but it's was feeling that way:p I RSVP'd though "meetup" so once there, we met up in the lobby area, exchanged names and handshakes then waited to be seated...I really suprised myself because I wasn't even the least bit nervous. I have never done anything like that in my life but, for some reason, it felt so natural...Probably because I'm so tired of going it alone down here:p After eating my fill of unlimited bread sticks, salad and soup we swaped numbers with the promise of calling and doing this again and I really hope we do!

After I allowed my food and drink to settle, you guessed it, I went for a run:p I know I said I wouldn't be blogging about running for a good two weeks, but I just want to say, this walk/run thing is panning out! Today I found the pace they spoke of which is DEFINITELY in the jogging catagory:p I felt even stronger then I did one day ago when I finished that exact run/program...My lungs felt better, legs were feeling great and I definitely felt like I could do it again, but didnt't:p Looks like I'll be doing this every other day so I'll be running 5 miles a week instead of the 4.5 I was doing while doing straight runs...Sounds good to me! Thats all or now:) I'm off to clean the apartment or talk myself into buying some new running shorts...Hmmmm...Which sounds more fun:p

May 27, 2009

What a pill! Hope I don't choke:p

Ya'll are definitely the sweetest! Thank you all of you for the advise, support and attempted advise as not all of you are runners. It meant so much!

After reading your comments and joining a running forum for further advise I've decided I need to swallow a very large pill here...Its not going to be easy and I don't want to, BUT its necessary for the goals I want to achieve. So what pill am I referring to? Well thee, "I must become slower if I want to run faster/longer pill." (insert my hopeful face dropping to my knees here) I am already too slow in my mind but apparently not slow enough. I was given about 25 replies to my forum post as of yesterday and three things remained steady in all of their advise...
  • I need to back it off to 60 second SLOW runs and 120 second walks for a good two weeks, every other day for my 2 miles. This will improve my lungs, muscle strength, stamina and speed.
  • When I finish, I should feel like I could do it again, but then DO NOT!
  • I should be able to carry a conversation or sing my ABC's comfortably while running. This is a good measuring tool for whether I'm maintaining a good speed.

All of this COMPLETELY goes against what, I thought, I knew about running but I'm willing to give it a try...Most all of them strongly disagreed with Robert on the HARD sprinting as I have not yet built a strong base and haven't allowed my body to adjust to the impact of running yet. Apparently this is a really good way to get injured...They all took the time to review my running charts on Running Ahead, which was so nice and helped them give advise better, so I feel like I'm being given the right advise.

This is going to be tough so I'm not going to act like it won't...I am a bulldog when it comes to success and seeing improvement. If I know I can do more then, by God, I'm gonna do more! However they say not to...UGG! I hate having to walk when I know I can go further, so again, toughie! In fact, I started this program last evening and the only reason I stuck with it was because of Robert:p So If I stop posting about my running for the next two weeks its because I'm in a transition phase and most likely very ill at heart:p It needs to be done though so I'm going to stick with it! I just can't wait to report in two weeks that my 2 miles are now a breeze and my speed picked up to a 10:00 mile run! This is my hope anyhow:) I have more I could say on other subjects but right now my stomach is churning nothing but acids so I need to eat:p I had inventory at one of the stores early this morning and I was the dufus who didn't leave enough time for breakfast...One of these days I'm going to learn:) I'll keep ya'll posted and again, thank you, thank you for the advise and support...Showers ya'll with hugs:p

May 26, 2009

I Need A Plan...

And I need one bad...Lately I've been getting really frustrated with my running and all the "downs" I've been having. I went running on Sunday but quit 1.5 miles through because of the humidity caused by the rain that wouldn't allow me to BREATH, side stitches caused from drinking just the smallest bit of water, my hip flexors getting so tight I could barely bring my legs up to take on the next step in front of me and the list could go on...I'm exasperated! I was doing so good and now I feel like I'm failing:( I've been stuck at 2 miles for the past month it seems! Since Sunday I've been doing some self evaluation of my running and how I might be able to improve this low I'm having...I think my biggest problem is I don't have a solid running schedule/plan...I've been reading your running blogs, ladies, and most of you seem to already have this in place so I'm thinking this is why everything is crumbling? I don't have set days that I plan to run like you do. I basically run whenever I feel like my legs have repaired which ends up being every 2-3 days...I'm thinking this has become bad for any progress I'm hoping for. Before it was okay, because I was just dabbling really, but now I'm serious and I want to improve! I know I need to be pushing for every other day now... Any suggestions? Robert thinks I need to start adding "sprinting" days into my running to build muscles, speed and lungs...Apparently they do this at PT, run HARD for 30 seconds then walk for 60 and do this about 4 times...Then you up this to HARD running for 60 seconds and walk 120 once you've become bored with the previous...Starting tomorrow I'm going to try this as my speed is starting to slip as well...AHHH! I feel like all my hard work is going down the drain right now:( I will wait to hear back from you all, then try and formulate a plan...Also, any suggestions on why my hip flexors are getting so friggin tight? ( in case your not sure of what I'm referring to: the muscles that connect your lower half to your thighs...Right there where you bend when you squat or sit... Its making it really hard to complete my miles at a decent pace when these hurt so bad...Do I need to be stretching my stride out more as it might be cramping at my snail slow pace? I'm confused! Help! No seriously, HELP!

May 25, 2009

Hug your Hero!

Another Memorial Day has come, and again I am wondering the same thought I had last year as well as the year before that. Why does it always seem to rain on this day of remembrance...There have been very few Memorial Days in my 24 years where it has not rained so I'm beyond thinking "coincidence" like I have in the past...A thought came to me out of the blue yesterday while stretching for my 2 mile run. I was there at my favorite running spot, using my car to steady myself, and as I did, I noticed a truck pull up with two gentlemen inside. They proceeded to pull out brooms and chairs readying one of the pavilions for a their Memorial Day BBQ and family get together...I smiled at them, then took off running, having already set my Ipod to the song " I Need A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler... While I was listening to the words,
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero til the end of the night.
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.
I felt like I finally knew why Memorial day is full of rain. I suddenly wanted to cry as this realization hit me....To me the rain represents all the tears of our fallen Hero's, their loved ones and of our nation as we dealt with their deaths...It represents the tears of our joy when soldiers come home to us, alive and safe...It represents the adversity that our Nation is fighting to over come...The war is raining down on all of us, our husbands, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, wives and children but that "rain" will not keep us down...We will still remember the ones we've lost but we will honor them by marching on as they would have done... We honor them by finding joy in the life they fought for this country to have...So even though it rains, embrace it and enjoy life today and everyday. Hug your Hero if you can... And finally, for the men and women still over there fighting this war, to their wives and children, I SALUTE YOU! You truly are to be celebrated for your strength and sacrifices... Let us all raise our glass high as we applaud you, our Hero's! May our Nation have a VERY wonderful Memorial day full of joy and love! I'm off to hug my Hero:)

May 23, 2009

My first "ugly" post...Forgive me:p

I have an employee at work that has been pissing ticking me off since the very beginning...Last night I about went off on him but held myself back, so I'm about to let it all out because I need to badly... We'll call this person Mr. Green as he reminds me of the green monster you hear about as a kid; the one who appears every time you get jealous and ugly about a situation. Which that is exactly what this is about. Mr. Green is really jealous and ugly about the fact that he got passed over for assistant manager when I came into the company. Ever since, he's been on my case...Every time I make a mistake he is the first one to gladly announce it, at the top of his lungs, for everyone to hear to try and humiliate me . It is no secret that I'm not a "gamer" and that I know very little about my product, but I am learning everyday. I check out games just to get a feel for whats out there, how they play, and to get a general idea about how to sell this game to my consumers. I ask about 100 questions a day to my co-workers and customers just to keep learning as there is SO much. But even with all of this effort, Mr. Green still doesn't cut me any slack. It doesn't help that Mr. Green happens to be very knowledgeable on all things "gaming." So let me clear up one thing up...Why did I get picked for ASM over this very knowledgeable employee that has been there for three years? Simple, I have a great deal of management experience. I am motivated and intense about what I do. I am passionate about numbers and the challenge of meeting sales quotes each day/week/year and I do it well! I work hard for my employers and I am dependable. I have impeccable customer service skills and I know it. I AM tooting my own horn here as I've spent YEARS honing these skills and am proud that I have them. These are all the reason why Mr. Green did not get picked and I am not saying this out of inner speculation. I have heard this from my store manager who was told this by the general manager...So in terms of worrying that I don't cut the butter because of this one weak area, I am not worried. I am just getting tired of Mr. Green and his snooty remarks. He is short with me, implies that I do not have a brain in my skull, talks down to me, tries to go over my head as the highest manager on duty, he is moody, and rude...Here's an example of last night. I had made a very small mistake that Mr. Green had caught and called my attention to. I took ownership of it and fixed the problem...Mr. Green proceeds with,
"And how did you get this job?"

Me: "Mr. Green, its no secret that you know way more then me about this product but I got this job because I have a lot of management experience and that IS what they were hiring for. If they had needed another game advisor, like you, they would have hired one"

Mr. Green: "Well let me just say that we were ALL surprised when you got the job."

Me: "You weren't the only one, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm here. Its amazing what experience will do for you even if its not in a particular field."

I stopped talking to him at this point because my blood was boiling. Ya'll don't even know half of the mean stuff he has said so I guess you could say this was the straw that finally broke the camels back...I've talked to the other ASM about this and even my manager and they just reply with "Mr. Green will be Mr. Green. He has burnt all of his bridges and will never advance in the company because of his attitude. And he will remain to get pissed off everytime he's been passed over but what are ya gonna do..." So I guess they've learned to accept Mr. Green and his "ways" and learned to tune him out. Maybe I should do the same? Thank you all for listening to my rant. I really needed to get that off my chest and I actually feel better! This is probably the first ugly post I've written so I hope I didn't completely shock all of you:p Also, thank you for your comments on my last post. I was glad you all found it interesting enough to read:p Have a wonderful Memorial Day as I am headed off to another work day with Mr. Green...Lord help me:p

May 22, 2009

My uncensored thoughts on growing up Amish...

First off, look at my new BLOG! I had the lovely Displaced Texan do it over at Addison Designs and it is perfect, exactly what I had been wanting! I told her I had wanted a blog to convey what Robert and I am about, how we met and to show how happy we are...Fairbanks/Anchorage (where we met:p) post cards representing our long distance relationship, his drill hat, dog tags, pictures of us...Little G.I Joe dolls...Sighs...I'm in love with it:) Thank you so much girl! If you don't know of her work you should definitely go check her out in my above link! Let me know what you think!

I've been debating on what to post about while downing a bowl of tomato soup and a burnt grilled cheese so during my annoying slurping and munching I decided to make good on a promise and write more about my adventures growing up as an Amish kid....Those of you who have been with me from the beginning might remember my first post on this, but for all of my new followers, here is where you can catch up...Brace yourselves:p

Probably the biggest question people would ask, when approached, is "What is is like for you being Amish?" For the life of me I can never remember answering them in terms of how it effected me personally. Instead, I would always give them facts of what we were about and what we did while on the road hopping from state to state. I would never single myself out in those conversations; always referring to myself as a unit i.e, my family and I... So this is me, putting into words how I dealt with being Amish in the real world and not in some community where you have protection. This is me voicing how I was effected and what my uncensored thoughts are on living this lifestyle; about whether it was a good thing or a bad thing; The pros and cons if you will...

Pros: You learned to have a back bone for sure!
Cons: Sometimes that back bone became too strong and very much resembled a chip on my shoulder...This came from many years of being mocked and made fun of so it was hard not to have a, I don't give a shit what you think attitude...Kind of funny when you picture me all innocent and holy with that covering looking at you like, make my day...Lol! I'm sorry for it now:)

Pros: It was a huge learning tool....It taught me to respect my body and instilled a great sense of modesty that I will most likely carry the rest of my life.
Cons: I struggle with wearing dresses now:p I have a love hate relationship with them...I stopped dressing that way six years ago and I'm just now getting to the point where I'll put one on and actually enjoy wearing it:)

Pros: I now, in the deepest sense, understand the Amish and Mennonite...Obviously that lifestyle was not for me as I do not follow in it now but I completely respect them still and want to just hug them every time I see a bonnet clad woman in the store or on the street...
Cons: The way we dressed hindered me from interacting with those outside of my family. To me, I always felt like less of a tool for God when all I did was hide from people and refuse to make conversation. Dressing that way in the normal world makes you very self conscience, especially when your not doing it for yourself. I felt like I could be more effective for God without the dress and covering; that it was easier for me to approach people and shine without it. That was another thing, you would never see my true self during those years....I was too wrapped up inside. I would not allow any one in to see who I really was...How could God work with that?

Pros: I was approached by a lot of different religions so I feel that I am sort of cultured in that way or at least that I know a bit about each one:p Religious folks would just feel drawn to you and want to talk about your faith vs. theirs...Sometimes that could be sticky but it was always interesting! However, I hated when I'd come across the people who really knew their stuff, even more then what I knew about this faith I was displaying:p No more BSing at that point:p there was a lot of finer points I did not know about the Amish as we didn't completely follow it 100%...Kind of made you look dumb because your dressing a certain way, but didn't really know why? My favorite response when I'd get stuck, "I don't know dude, my dad made me do it." HA!
Cons: I felt that because this lifestyle was a choice I didn't make, I rejected a lot of what I could have learned from it. I.E. a closer understanding of God and his Word, learning to do for yourself in the home, sewing, cooking, gardening, farming, ect...I rebelled silently at anything you would consider a "woman's place" in the home:p I was a total feminist! Actually tried to be a boy most of the time, in interests, my attitude, strength ect, always out to prove I was better and could do better then the average male... I felt that the way I dressed made me look weak and so I was out to prove them wrong...I was in my teens at this point so you understand, don't you:p

Wrapping this up I'll leave you with my final words, in case your confused if this was a good or bad experience...It was both:p But out of it all, I have to say there were more cons then pros. I just felt like I hid more as a person during those years and that was never a good thing. It has been a long road in learning to be myself and really who that person is that I wanted to be! I know myself now and am comfortable in my skin. I love meeting people now. God and I worked our kinks out. I am living life to the fullest. I can now wear a swimsuit and not feel naked. I love to cook and even have kicked myself that I never complied and learned how to sew. I am proud of being a woman and am so glad I never stayed in that boyish phase:p I love that I don't have to be the stronger sex all the time and that God made men so that we can lean on them:p I think I would have thrown up six years ago at the thought of having to say that! No joke ladies, I was that bad! I am just a more well rounded and happy person all around...However, I would do things the same way if I could do it over because I am proud of who I am and what I have become and who knows how vital those experiences were to who I am today...So heres to, wouldn't change a thing!

May 20, 2009

Suspicion confirmed....Ick!

This is going to be a short post as I am headed out the door for a run...I never did make that mile yesterday running but instead walked the 2 mile loop. I figured the Garmin was going to track you walking or running so it really didn't matter:p It did a pretty good job after it finally found my signal. I think I pressed some wrong buttons because for the first .25 miles it was having a hard time finding my location. But after I reset it to default settings it worked beautifully! So today I'm going to really put it to use for the first time since Robert got back from Iraq:p

But on another note, I'd just like to say, "when it rains, it pours." I had suspicions of this last night but thought I'd wait until the morning to be sure and what did I wake up to? PINK EYE! Ugggg...All red, itchy, sore, mattery, eyes...But even still I am rather happy today! The cramping has stopped and my feverish cold has boiled over into pretty much a simmer, so now I just need to get over this and I'm back to my normal self! I've made a doctors appointment for 3:30 to be prescribed eye drops, so by tomorrow, I should be right as rain:) I promise to stop posting about my sickly self after today:p Hope your all have a wonder day!


Why do I always forget to sign off with my neat little signature! I go and publish my post then immediately have to go back and edit to add the signature:p Is there a way you can have it automatically do this for you? Would make my life blogging much easier:)

May 19, 2009

The hubs has been holding out!

Today is my second day off and I'm already going stir crazy...I managed to go for a 1.5 mile run yesterday on my new found trail where I paid attention to the name this time; Heath Park its called. Yesterday was my run day and even though I'm sick, I still didn't want to miss it! It was a terrible run, full of short breaks, side stitches, period cramps, calves burning and shortness of breath. However, I went into the run not really expecting anything less so I wasn't too disappointed when I couldn't make the 2 miles. At least I got my rear out there right? I did push myself harder though by running faster so I'm guessing that's why I was experiencing shortness of breath and couldn't finish. Oh well, gotta take the good days with the bad days right! Now I want to go again but for a different reason today... The hubby has been holding out on his wifey, but not intentionally:p Apparently he's had one of those GPS Garmin watches I've been wanting! He bought it during his deployment in Iraq and its been sitting in his nightstand this entire time! Sheesh:p The watch he bought me two weeks ago isn't cutting the butter as its a whole .5 miles off when its counting my distance, so last night Robert showed me his watch and also how to use it. I cannot wait to get it out doors and give it a go! Too bad I'm cramping worse today then ever and also have sore legs:( Maybe just one mile?

P.S. Thank you all SOOOO much for your "get well" wishes and support for taking off a day I should have been working:) Love you gals!

May 17, 2009

A date and a cold...

Well its official, I'm sick:( The hubs has been fighting the Joe thrax off for a good week now and my body finally decided it was this girls turn...Boo...I made it through work today while running a fever but am taking tomorrow off. Luckily I've built some paid sick days so I'm not missing out on any money...That makes me feel a bit better, but I honestly hate missing a day seeing as I only started this job just under four months ago...Sighs...Such is life I guess...Not to mention that dreaded time of month arrived with hellacious cramps in tow...Grrr...Kind of made me irritable all day seeing as I had no pain pills to speak of. On a positive note, I found this really cool site called "Meet Up" where I've stumbled onto a Ft. Benning group of Army wives! It was established by a woman who just moved here and wanted to make friends so she created this group where you join and then go to their planned meet up locations...I just missed the lunch date they had last week and cannot go to the Bunco game night next week, but I'm staying positive that I'll be able to make one at some point! I already have a running date on Sunday with one gal, providing that I have Sunday off:p Should be a blast!

P.S. Cool signature huh! Thanks to Mayham At The McNeil's

May 15, 2009

Two things I'm really crushin on right now!

Well I am certainly pumped, to say the least, about two thing!!! Thing number one is, I went shopping at the commissary for my very first time yesterday...Weeeee! It was so much fun, even though I did miss the opportunity for lunch with my hunnie:( Apparently I was there while he came all the way back to this side of town for his break:p Bummer, but I did get to see him in passing on my way back...He's so handsome on his triumph/bike:p Anyway, recently I've been noticing that my bi-weekly trips to Wal-Mart has been leaving our bank account depleted more then usual! I just have to say that I am not one of those people who buy the name brands of everything from Kosher pickles to Purity milk, so I am price conscience. But even so, I am still leaving that place with MAYBE six bags in hand and $150.00 less in our account! I get it all home and I'm like, "This is all I got for $150.00?" What the heck! So imagine my joy and surprise when I left the commissary yesterday with a whole cart full of groceries while only spending $135.00! Knowing my prices at Wal-mart really helped me note the major deals I was getting while there...The differences were anywhere from fifty cents to seven dollars even! I really noticed it with meat cost. I like to make pot roast for the hubs but the chunk of meat I buy at Wal-Mart usually costs me like $13 so its a meal we don't make often:( However, yesterday I found the same piece of meat, with less fat, costing me a grand total of 5.00! WOAHA! I could go on all day about the savings I found there but I really must get onto the next thing I'm excited about:) But to wrap this up...If you haven't ever shopped at the commissary then you should! I understand that not all commissaries have such huge variations over Wal-mart in prices but Ft. Benning sure is nice:p
Okay, so today was a run day for me. I stressed about it all last night because the thought of the treadmill is really giving me stomach cramps but yet I haven't found a good place to run outside still...The little half mile loop inside my apartment complex isn't cutting it anymore either. So today, I went out in search of a nice little residential area but what did I find? I found the coolest wooded trail ever! I stumbled onto it by complete accident and I'm thanking God so much right now! He knows my anxiety about running in traffic so this is perfect for me...Its a two mile hard packed sand/dirt loop, through thick beautiful trees that, at some points, has a river running through it...Bliss...It was so fun to run... I was just kept chugging along, enjoying all the greenery, sounds of birds chirping, wind in my hair, and even the sweat running down my face because it meant I was getting the job done:p I came up over this one hill and was surprised to see a gorgeous lake hidden back in there! I was totally wishing I had my camera to show you all. The trail looped around the lake and then back to where I started. I am happy to report that I ran the whole durn thing!!! I was even sad when it ended:p This is going to be my running spot for sometime now so I can breath easy about my anxiety of having to run in town and continue my running outdoors in this beautiful oasis! That's all for now:) Tomorrow I plan on posting about my, new found, dislike of cheap alien comedy? However, that might change when tomorrow gets here:p So I'm off to work! Have a wonderful Friday everyone:)
P.S. Thank you all for taking the time to feed my curiosity of how you got into blogging and why!

May 13, 2009

Late night blogging...

Sometimes I feel like my blog is not very "informative" of the world and happenings outside of me and my little life here in Georgia...However, when I started blogging, I did not make promises of being cultured and educated while assuring you that I would blog with strong and sensible opinions on just about everything under the sun:p So I'm giving a small shrug here when I say "Do any of you ever feel like this?" Just a thought I've been meaning to ask:)

I thought I'd take a break from my running posts today and venture into posting the reasons of how and why I got into blogging! But first, what brought me to this post?

I read all of your blogs daily and think about each of your lives as I finish reading the most recent post of your day. With each blog, it always brings me to the question of, How did you all get here and what made you decide to start writing to cyber space anyhow? So please, feel free to answer the above:p So while I await your comments and continue to wonder "this" about you, I thought I'd share this (curious) information about me:p

Okay so I have to go back to mid March where my sister sends me a text telling me about this magazine called Military Spouse she found at an FRG meeting. I had been married to the military Robert for a little over two months at this point and was really feeling discouraged about not meeting any military wives yet...I guess I had visions of moving down here and instantly becoming the newest addition into their flock:p Well, needless to say and yet to their credit as I really didn't put myself out there, this didn't happen. So I go online to subscribe to this magazine and find the hidden world of a military wives forum! I was stoked to say the least...This was exactly what I had been looking for! I instantly became a member and posted my first thread, introducing myself and my location, hoping to get a bite from another Ft. Benning wife...This, also, did not happen...Well, I now like to think of this site as a stepping stone into bigger better uncharted waters...BLOGGER! I noticed a girl on there who, after every thread or comment, left a funny looking Internet address...Out of shear boredom I followed that address and found myself on her blog. After some snooping around and finding that, through her followers and then their followers, I had stumbled onto a HUGE military wife loopool! A light bulb came on at that point and I was off like a big assed bird...48 hours later I had my very own little piece of cyber space...So great! Now what...How do you make friends ? How do you get people to fallow your blog? Better yet, how do you fallow other people's blogs:p Well that's all here nor there, as we can all see I figured it out, but I'd just like to say "thank you all for allowing me to read and follow along in your lives as you do the same in mine...I have found WONDERFUL friends/blogs that I so enjoy reading...You all have become a much needed highlight of my day and I can't believe I've been missing out this entire time!
So I indirectly just answered why I got into blogging as well as how. But allow me to clarify the why; I simply started blogging because I wanted to make friends, even if that meant friends thousands of miles away and conversation only through the glow of a computer screen...I also wanted to share my excitement about being a newlywed to one of the most honest, hardworking, kind, loving, everyday American/soldier out there! I love to write, read, laugh and learn...Blogger is great for that! But mostly I wanted to make friends; and that I have, so every new reason I blog is just an added bonus...On a final note, looking back, I never imagined that I'd become an inspired runner by simply be-friending you all. I also never saw myself learning to do this, HA! Let alone this Boo yeah! I've managed to aquire 39 bloggie buddies in less then two months and that is so flattering might I say...No truely...So one more "THANK YOU!" before bed and I'm off! I shall see all your lovely faces blogs in the morning:) You're going to be so tired of this strike through thing before its over:p BWAH HA HA!

May 12, 2009

Blazing a trail!

I know all of you are just "dying" to know how my run went today, so I'm excited to report that it was fantastic! Taking that extra day to rest really paid off...The thought of running on the tread has put me in a (blech) mood lately but I took my rear on up there because I wanted to make sure I, at least, ran my 2 miles! No back sliding for this southern girl! Well 1.5 miles into it I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get off that thing! The constant hum of the engine, the beautiful sunshine outside yet me inside, the t.v bouncing in front of me making me dizzy...Okay, so watching the Alaskan salmon lay eggs and die was pretty entertaining but it wasn't enough to keep me motivated:p So I pushed that big red "quitter" button, did the moon walk off the machine and took my happy ass outside! I managed to run an entire mile out there ladies! Granted I had to stop once, but it wasn't for any longer then 8 seconds and I was off again...Scouts honor! So count em, 1.5 miles inside and 1 mile outside, makes another 2.5 mile run since Friday! BOO YEAH
Me after my run with a celebration Popsicle:) Ummm yeah, I guess I was still feeling so hyper from my fab run that I decided to decapitate my strawberry friend:p After that and some lunch, I went to the pool in search of some good ol' fashioned sunshine!
Here is me! Outfitted with Banana Boat tanning oil, Ipod, watch, camera, and my "you could see me from Japan" beach towel...I was set! If it weren't for my very pale skin people would have thought I was a hard core tanner! Although after 20 minutes, I packed up and went home because I REALLY didn't want to be stung by that friggin red wasp that decided to make the bush beside me his home fry:)

Here I thought I'd post a picture of our club house/pool area. It looks like a manson to me:p There is a very nice gym in there (where I run) along with a business center, mini theater, yes I said theater, two tanning beds in very personable rooms, a kitchen and all kinds of sitting areas with over stuffed chairs. They even have a hot chocolate and cappuccino machine in there for use!

This was taken from my perch....Not too shabby huh? They have all kinds of flowers and bushes so it makes it really private even though your right next to the gated entrance and exit points. They have a fountain as you can see, a kiddie pool and hot tub...I keep meaning to drag Robert out to the hot tub one evening;)

Oh, I almost forgot...Sending a shout out to Lola for the advise on using ice after I run! I immediately took two cubes when I was done and ran them up and down and all over my calves/knees to help the swelling...Not only did it help but it felt fabulous! I wasn't expecting it to feel so garsh darn nice:p Thanks girl!

May 11, 2009

The Stang!

Well here she is ladies! As promised, a picture of the hubby's beautiful car...The pictures really do not do her justice! This was taken as we were leaving to go get her registered and insured today.
The other side and also a better shot of the entire car.

The handsome hubby with his "Oh yeah" smile on:)

Robert, the all american soldier standing proud beside his all american car:) But please note that this is his OTHER baby:p I'm his first, ha!
Today, I reigned myself in and took the extra day to rest my legs. It was tough because the weather was gorgeous outside and all I wanted to do was go run! I didn't even care if I made it the two miles, I just wanted to be outside doing it! However, tomorrow I should be golden and ready for a good run...So, today on my day off I:
  • Slept in until 9:15
  • Immedately logged onto blogger to catch up on ya'll's lives:)
  • Thought about eating breakfast before 11:00...didn't quite make it...
  • Played with the cat then booted his butt outside.
  • Was suprised when the hubby walked through the door at 10:45
  • Threw some clothes and shoes on with a spritz of purfume, ready to go with the hubby to register the car!
  • Ate a tuna cheese melt at Jason's Deli for breakfast/lunch.
  • Came home and took a 30 minute snoozer after the hubby headed back to work.
  • Cleaned the apartment for two hours while throwing a few loads of laundry in the mix
  • Took a shower and shaved then just waited for the hubby to get home:)

Now I'm sitting here multi tasking; blogging while watching "Son in-law" Lol, not sure if that classify's as multi tasking but hey! How was all of your mondays!

May 10, 2009

Its legal

Well first order of business is to wish all you wonderful momma's out there a VERY happy mothers day! I know its creeping up on 9:30 p.m but I'm still legal in my wishes:p Second order of business is to thank all of you for the advise and (confirmation) of thought you left on my last post!! Robert read them as you wrote them and I think it definitely helped. He said last night that he feels he's on the right track now, its just the jobs so new and trying to find that even balance can be rough. So thank you for taking the time to give us some outsider feedback, we really appreciated it!

In another part of my world, I am beat! I had my longest run yet on friday which ended up being a grand total of 2.5 miles! I ran the first two miles on the tred (yeah thats getting old) and then took my last half a mile outdoors! This I was excited about even though I was moving pretty slow by his point. The hubs bought me a distance watch friday night because I've been mentioning that I'm REALLY getting tired of running on the tredmill and would like to move outdoors soon. I'm excited to start conditioning myself to heat, moving air, bugs and pavement:p Sounds good, huh! I know that last half a mile, up and over hills, did me in however...I've been having some really bad muscle cramps ever since saturday. My lower calves are wound up extremely tight...The hubby ran a super hot bath tonight for me with the hope that it would loosen my muscles up a bit. It seemed to work and definitely felt good! I just need to do better at drinking more water while spending more time streaching before and after my runs. Hopefully this will fix some of my problems? I'm crossing my fingers that theres a run in my future tomorrow but will be very frusterated if I can't make my legs cooperate for it. We'll see...

I also can't believe that its been over 24 hours and I haven't blogged that Robert's mustang arrived yesterday morning!!! It is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!! I plan to take some pictures tomorrow, if the weather permits, and post them for you all. Sadly, I wasn't home when he got the car so I wasn't able to capture his (little boy at christmas) facial expressions while they rolled the trailer door up and unloaded the car:( But that smile isn't going anywhere for sometime so I'll have time to get those in:p We took a small drive after I got home and you wouldn't believe all the neck snapping looks we were getting...Mostly from men around Roberts age...Theres something about watching a room full of guys around a beautiful car...They all turn into little boys with that" Ooo Ooo pick me, pick me" look of dessperation look in their eyes:p Very adorable and I cannot help but smile:)

Well ladys, turn me over cause I am DONE! That bath turned me into jello, my legs feel like grenades fixin to explode and the rest of me resembles a very large and heavy piece of meat so its time I hit the hay...I plan to spend tomorrow catching up on all your lovely blogs as I have yet another two day:p Yay me! lol...Goodnight chica's!

May 7, 2009

My first (question) post...Its a thinker:p

So this is a question that came up over dinner at Ruby Tuesdays tonight, one that I thought I would ask y'all opinion on...Is there a difference between fear and respect and if so, which is more effective in, oh lets say, a Drill Sgt line of work? Robert's 4th day on the job yielded the concern that maybe he is not enough of a (hard ass) because the privates do not seem to fear him...In fact they flock to him...However, these young men/older men seem to respect him greatly and strive for his approval...This he has noted...I feel that he is right on track. I know that the typical image of a Drill Sgt. is rock hard and mean as a snake but is this truly effective and necessary to gain compliance and respect? Isn't that really what they are trying to achieve in those nine weeks anyhow? Here is my take on it...Everyone has a style that works best for them. Yes, there are guide lines and rules of being a Drill Sgt. but one Drill Sgt. way of doing things might not work for the next Drill Sgt. Robert is definitely NOT a mean ass, even though this job encourages/wants him to be. He is naturally a teacher and mentor and loves to see his time and effort take flight in those he is instructing. So naturally he would be the approachable type as this is just his makeup...These men are (genuinely) locked into everything Robert says and truly takes it to heart. They seem to WANT his opinion on how to become better at this or that, where as some of the other Drill Sgt. have such a huge wall around them that the privates cannot even get close. I personaly do not feel he has anything to worry about as the privates still approach him in a respectful manner, at parade rest with hands behind back and asks for permission to speak. Robert has also established that he will continue to, relatively speaking, "have that ass" when ever they step out of line so there is definitely that distinction there...In fact, just yesterday, one of the privates asked that Robert keep up the level of strictness because he felt like their platoon needed that. What do you ladies think? Is he right on track; approaching this new position with the (right) ending result in tact? Or do you think the traditional way of a Drill Sgt. is still best? Using fear to gain respect, but then, at the end of the day is it really respect? Ahhhhh, such a fine line there!

Drill Sgt. first three days

So I hadn't seen Robert in two days up until last night and thats such a weird feeling because we both live under the same roof! I know, I know...We both knew it was coming to this, but now that we're here, it just seems so wrong! This is how the past few days have gone: We both go to bed on Sunday night, ready for the work week on Monday. Robert's alarm goes off at 3:45 a.m, Monday morning, he pops out of bed, throws on his PT gear and quickly kisses my forehead as I struggle to get out a sleepy "I love you" before he leaves.

Monday night I come home at about 11:45 p.m to the sound of his heavy breathing in the bedroom. I go in, kiss his forehead and whisper "Love you babe." Then head to bed myself...

Tuesday, please repeat monday but only on Tuesday:p

So you can imagine how nice it was to have yesterday off knowing that I would get to see Robert and actually talk to him before it was bedtime! I cooked us a nice meal accompanied with waldorf salad for dessert and was still working on it when he came through the door at about 6:30. I immediately wanted to hear about his first three days so while I chopped and stired he filled me in. Apparently the privates are already responding to him and wanting to earn his respect which I totally understand because Robert takes the Army very seriously and his job seriously so through that he demands respect and seems to be getting it. I had no doubts about this, just his ability to keep that mean muggin face on all day long:p Well turns out that hasn't been a problem either:p
On his second day one of the platoon leaders told Robert to go out into the hall and scuff the privates up...This is not something Robert is foreign to, as he is/was an NCO, but he asked the platoon leader what they did wrong.

Patoon Leader: "Nothing, you just need to go out there and tell them that you might be new but show them not to **** with you." Lol, Robert just smirked, spun on his heel and entered the hallway yelling...I have to say this is a side of Robert that I have never seen before so it is strange to hear these stories, but I am really proud of him and the fact that he's fitting right in. His platoon leader gave him his approval yesterday, meaning that Robert had made the transition smoothly and that he's doing just fine. Phew!

During combatives yesterday Robert had all the privates wanting to fight him and ladies you should have seen the bruises he came home with! Apparently most of them were telling another private that they couldn't get anything on Drill Sgt., that all they could do was hold for dear life:p Those bruises are of the after math I'm guessin:p Apparently he's a PT stud in their eyes now which makes him happy because in the Drill Sgt. world a private never has anything on you and never to go babe! Although the poor guy is losing his voice, ekkk! Not such a good thing in this new line of work:p Note to self: Go buy hubby some cough drops and lemon tea...

They get all kinds there. I was shocked when Robert told me that he has a former NFL football player and the graphic designer that worked on the movies Iron man and one other major movie (the name espaces me) as his privates! Wow, just goes to show you, that even though they made it in life, they still want to serve their country and that makes me proud...

There is so much more I could share but this post is already long enough so I will wait until a later date! I get to see the hubs again tonight so yay me! Just want to say "thank you" to all my readers for your time spent on my blog and your left comments, they REALLY make my day:)

May 6, 2009

Newbie to old timer...

Whoopie! Today is my Saturday and I am so looking forward to a few days off...ahhh...With all the excitement of driving to SC for graduation and then TN to see my family I don't feel like I've had time to relax, so this will be good!

I was pretty excited to see that I ran 17+ miles last month and very excited to see that I've went from running 3+ miles a week to 6+ miles this past week! I use the website that a lot of you have called Running Ahead; This free little gadget is such a motivator! Seeing the progress I'm making each week keeps me so excited and fired up. I can't hardly wait until next month to
see were I'm at:p However, I ran yesterday and only made it 1.5 miles instead of my regular 2 miles:( my muscles and knees where just too fatigued from my run on Sunday I'm thinking. I have to say that completing those two miles are getting harder but I think its because I'm trying to run every other day instead of every two days now and that I'm running a bit faster. I've went from a 12:00 minute mile to a ( it fluctuates) 10:36/11:33 minute mile. I read a really good piece of advise on the Running Ahead forum yesterday that said, "You have the rest of your life to run, so whats your hurry?" This blogger was giving out advise as a 66 year old man who has been running for 33 years! He had a lot of good things to say, but this one really struck home. I plan to make this a life style, so really, whats my hurry. I've decided I'm just going to take it slow and welcome even the smallest bit of progress if that's all I'm making. Why have I decided this? Well I kept reading about all these new runners who just got burned out because they ran too hard out of the gate...They built too fast and so it became more of a chore instead of something fun that they loved. This makes so much sense and I DO NOT want his to happen to me. All last week I was in the (newbie) mind set and was getting down that I wasn't at 2.5 miles yet, even though I've only done (four) 2 mile runs...Okay, so now that I say this I see where I was stupid to want progress THAT fast:p I am going to stop thinking like a newbie and start thinking like an old timer; build slow- have fun- patience is a virtue- run slow, you'll get faster-walking between running IS okay-rest days are a must-drink chocolate milk:p Ha Ha!

Sorry guys, I meant this post to be more of an update on several things but got stuck on the running thing...Hope you didn't mind too much! I'm off to wash my buggy car;)

May 4, 2009

A freakishly large shadow of fluff

So picture this, I'm standing behind the counter at work, focused on the monitor in front of me, when I notice this huge shadow ascend over my 5'7, 128 pound frame. I glance up only to be taken back by this HUGE beast of a man who appeared to be looking at some of the gaming systems behind me, so I quickly fixate my attention back on the glowing monitor and begin to type...chica chica chica...Not wanting to stare too hard at this giant man for fear that he'll eat me if I do...Okay so the huge shadow isn't moving, I noticed from the corner of my eye, so I again look at him and notice this time that he is staring right at me. Ummmm, okay he's staring at me while forcing his eyes to protrude from his sockets making them even bigger and scarier, I could see the blood vessels even!!! So raise your hand if you have watched the tear jerker movie, The Green Mile? Remember the big black man (his name escapes me) who is the main character... Edit: Michael Clark Duncan is his name...Okay, this is how freakishly large my shadow was and not only that, but he had the voice to match! So once I noticed that he was actually staring at me and obviously wanting me to pay attention I looked at him with a very unsure facial expression and asked him why he was staring at me like that...(insert nervous laugh here) He says to me in the deepest voice, which I swear I could feel vibrating all the way down to my toes and that rattled my teeth, "Just letting you know (long scary pause) that I never forget a face." After he delivered that one liner I swear he snarled at me! Well now it was my turn to do the bug eye thing! Okay, so I made the mistake of telling the shadow that he was freaking me out with that (I'm going to break you) stare and so he continued to fallow me around for the next ten minutes doing just that...Well I decided I would try and talk to the shadow rather then unsucessfully ignore him. Here's what I found: Shadows name is Jack, he's really just a huge lovable teddy bear who has been happily married to his wife for fourteen years and hopes for fourteen more. He has been out of the gym for nine months due to rotary cuff surgery where he then was hit by a car two weeks ago keeping him away that much longer. Ummm, if he's this big now, I would have hated to see him then! Jack likes to say "bless your heart" as well as eat apples with peanut butter and drink koolaid. He doesn't believe that I am twenty-four because I have the youthful skin of a twelve year old:p He even asked me what type of facial lotion I used, HA HA! Jack likes to laugh heartily, tell jokes that only he laughs at (but then you do laugh because he could eat you if you didn't) but the best part is that Jack can actually sing like Prince, BWAH HA HA HA!...So all in all, Jack is pretty cool and I would even venture to say that kids flock to him like bees to honey...But maybe just not right away:p

Today's wish list and a few updates

I wish I would:
  • Conquer the mounding pile of laundry that keeps growing beside my bed
  • Take time and wash my very buggy car from all the road trips I took last week
  • Learn to eat breakfast before 11:00 a.m.
  • Learn to live peacefully under one roof with my kitty and not want to strangle him everymorning when he wants to play at 4:00 a.m!
  • Stop growing leg hair, among other things:p
  • Learn to hate pizza and fries
  • Overcome my fear of wasps
  • Drink more water rather then start a bottle and quit three sips into it:p (p.s, I found those crystel lite packs so this might change here shortly!
  • Play more video games then I do. I just cannot get into killing zombies and shooting the heads off of big fire ants? Ewww...This is my job however, so I found a happy medium; I bring them home and Robert demos the game for me as I watch....Brilliant:p
  • Get my butt of here and go conquer that mound of laundry growing beside my bed:p

So here is an update on a few things. As a lot of you know, we did infact win the mustang on ebay last Sunday but have not recieved it yet:( The seller is very reluctant to let go of the car which is starting to frusterate the crud out of Robert. The only reason he even put it up for auction is because his wife made him:p Apparently he is in the process of building up another car and his wife didn't want to give up the garage space for him to keep both in there. I had to laugh at this:) So he has recieved the deposit check but not the rest of the money (fedex was to have it to him two days ago) and is holding off on letting us send out a shipment company to get the car until then, understandable...

The other update is that Robert started his first day as a drill Sgt. today! I'm hoping all goes well...Since the graduation, he has just been taking it easy. He had to go in a day last week to finalize paper work, recieve an award and transfer from one company to another but other then that, not much else. I told him to enjoy it while it lasts:)

Tomorrow is my friday so I plan to cross off the first two in my wish list those days, but for now I am going to work on line three and eat before 11:00:p It is now 10:36 a.m so I better get to it! Caio

May 3, 2009

A (sweet) I told you so

Obviously the hubby doesn't consider me fat when he makes me chocolate covered strawberries and hijacks my blog to put his two cents in:p I kidd you not, I was typing my previous post last night when Robert decided that he needed to read it before I published it. He knew I was writing about my recent weight insecurity and wanted to make sure I was not making it sound worse then what it really is:p What he typed was just too cute and funny, I had to leave it....Lol...I figured you girls would get a kick out of it as well...But moving back to the delicious strawberries in the photo! The last time Robert attempted to make these for me we ended up with one huge jaw breaker ball of chocolate but managed to get one very lumpy strawberry covered before the chocolate got too hard;) He was super proud of himself last night when these actually turned out and even more proud as I ooed and awed over his mini master pieces:) They were mouth watering! Thanks to all of you ladies who commented on my last post. Everything you all said was so sweet and helpful and made me feel ten times better. The hubs logged onto my page this morning the exact moment I did but only in his office to read along with all your comments. He was sitting all of fifteen feet away saying, "See, see I told you so!" (insert him sticking his tongue out at me here) You made his day as well as mine;)

May 2, 2009

He says, she says

Plain and simple, I am feeling like a fatty! I have been running for a good month now, just about every one to two days and have been pretty happy with the results. But that was up until two days ago...All of a sudden I'm noticing that my thighs and butt are getting BIGGER! Ummmm, this is not what a woman wants to see after a month of running! So my hubby has an argument on the matter, which is that I am building muscle on top of the fat that I always carried in those areas, but that I just haven't been at it long enough to start seeing that new muscle burning the fat away...This makes sense I will admit. I guess I just have a huge fear of becoming bulky down there and that is not something I wanted to see happen. I want the muscle, don't get me wrong, but I want lean muscle. Any thoughts or personal experiences of your own would be sooooo helpful! I'm feeling kinda insecure here:( I guess I just want to hear that it'll get better; That the ugly duckling phase is just part of it? (PS: This is the hubby typing: She is NOT GETTING FAT!! she is looking better and better, nice tight legs, butts getting all perky, shes just building more muscle then shes had before and looking damn fine I might add...Ok I'm done now;)

May 1, 2009

Attn: To all the (following) blogs!

So I really need to get my butt in gear and hit the shower but I was so excited about this award that I decided a post was more important:p Stephanie , one of the many wonderful women I have met here on blogger presented this to me... March 23rd of 2009 was the date of my first post and I have not recieved an award yet so this will be my (second) of (firsts) that I have recieved from this woman. Thank you girl!
Here are the rules: These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
I am giving this award to:
Such a sweet girl who has a lot of grit! Her
hubby is coming home from deployment
VERY soon! Go give her the thumbs up
for a job well done!
A very encouraging woman who stays
super busy! She inspires me:) P.S Her
and her hubby are the cutest!
Now this is woman is amazing!
I love reading her blog as I know you will to,
if you don't already! Go check her out:p
I was so glad when I found this blog! This girl is
tough as nails! Shes a hard core runner who
is creeping up on a full marathon to run! Go give her support!
I'm really bummed that Jessica and I do not
live closer:( I think we'd hit it off well! Her hubby is at
Ft. Jackson finishing up where my hubs just
graduated from. Their almost done so go
congratulate them!
This is actully Southern Yankee's Cousin!
She is very new to the bloggy world but is
super funny! You'd think shes been doing this for ages!
Go on and check her out while your at it:p You won't be disappointed!
I'm somewhat new to this blog as well but I so enjoy
each one of her posts! Her hubby has just deployed so some
encouragment would be very appreciated, I know:)
This is a blogger that I love on top of so many more!
Shes very funny and original! Shes one of my favorite
running blogs that I read, although thats not all she
blogs about:) I doubt she even knows it, but Megan, along with D.A.R, is one
of the reasons I finally got into running! She just made it seem so
exciting and fun and worth while...So go check her out and get bit by the bug
like I did:p

Edit: (Now) I am off to the shower:p