May 26, 2009

I Need A Plan...

And I need one bad...Lately I've been getting really frustrated with my running and all the "downs" I've been having. I went running on Sunday but quit 1.5 miles through because of the humidity caused by the rain that wouldn't allow me to BREATH, side stitches caused from drinking just the smallest bit of water, my hip flexors getting so tight I could barely bring my legs up to take on the next step in front of me and the list could go on...I'm exasperated! I was doing so good and now I feel like I'm failing:( I've been stuck at 2 miles for the past month it seems! Since Sunday I've been doing some self evaluation of my running and how I might be able to improve this low I'm having...I think my biggest problem is I don't have a solid running schedule/plan...I've been reading your running blogs, ladies, and most of you seem to already have this in place so I'm thinking this is why everything is crumbling? I don't have set days that I plan to run like you do. I basically run whenever I feel like my legs have repaired which ends up being every 2-3 days...I'm thinking this has become bad for any progress I'm hoping for. Before it was okay, because I was just dabbling really, but now I'm serious and I want to improve! I know I need to be pushing for every other day now... Any suggestions? Robert thinks I need to start adding "sprinting" days into my running to build muscles, speed and lungs...Apparently they do this at PT, run HARD for 30 seconds then walk for 60 and do this about 4 times...Then you up this to HARD running for 60 seconds and walk 120 once you've become bored with the previous...Starting tomorrow I'm going to try this as my speed is starting to slip as well...AHHH! I feel like all my hard work is going down the drain right now:( I will wait to hear back from you all, then try and formulate a plan...Also, any suggestions on why my hip flexors are getting so friggin tight? ( in case your not sure of what I'm referring to: the muscles that connect your lower half to your thighs...Right there where you bend when you squat or sit... Its making it really hard to complete my miles at a decent pace when these hurt so bad...Do I need to be stretching my stride out more as it might be cramping at my snail slow pace? I'm confused! Help! No seriously, HELP!


  1. hi becca!
    so what a major hubby just told me like 2 days ago about the 60/120's!!! im not brave enough to try them yet though. i run at least a mile every stuck too b/c i was doing 2 miles but have only been doing 1 a day now. i feel the same my progress is not happening. i stop and think though and when i was doing 2 miles i was running at 5 mph and that was pushing it. now im doing 1 mile but in 9-11 minutes. is that progress? i think so. i dont really have any helpful advice, but id say just stick with it.....some running is better then nothing. improvement will come in time!!! oh and thanks for the comment about hailey :)

  2. Hey! thanks for reaching out to me, don't even worry I read every single one of my comments and if you ask for an email you got it.

    A running plan for me is I MAKE myself run four days a week, this means I get three days off. no matter if those three days in a row, two days in a row and one later, or off on the weekends whatever I decide. I give myself these days mostly for myself to do whatever I want.

    Those give me enough days to recover and do whatever I want. While training I ran more during the weeks and one long run on the weekends, while taking days off around then since I couldn't walk.. ha ha but it gets better. It stinks to be in a rut, I was like that a while ago and it's seriously hard to get out of but once you do, you'll feel much better. Just try to stick to a schedule and increase your speed and stamina at your own pace.

    Remind yourself, it's all about YOU! It's all about making yourself feel better. Take one mile a a time and try to enjoy it. Sometimes I try to distract myself with the surroundings, the sidewalk cracks, people around me anything to keep me going just a little bit farther. :) if you need anymore ideas, just email me @ :) Hope that was helpful sorry I just rambled on! :)

  3. I wish I could help you. I try to avoid exercise at all costs! lol!

  4. I found my running plans just by typing something like "beginning runner" into google. I run 4 days a week but not really on a set schedule. I schedule my workouts weekly...but they change every week....does that make sense?? :)

    I was doing an 8 week interval program of running and walking and ended last week with four days of 30 minutes runs. Now I'm doing another 8 week program that is more about mileage than time spent running.

    Look around the internet for running plans and you are sure to find something that fits your schedule.

  5. As a former college athlete I can say your husband is right. You do need to mix it up. Sprint conditioning would really help with lung capacity. The other thing is to cross train. So run one day, and then the next day bike, or play ultimate frisbee or something. Also, do you have a running partner? A lot of times that can help push you to go further. Good luck!!!!

  6. A) you are doing great so do not forget that... remember when you couldn't run a mile all the way through without stopping? Now look at you!

    B) "The Wife"'s comment cracks me up

    C) Like your husband said, try mixing it up. Sounds like your muscles have gotten too comfortable and they are not being pushed enough. Try to run for 5 minutes past your breaking point when you do run. If you push yourself a little more your body will start to accept that push.

    D) STRETCH. A good one for your hip fluxors is standing on your left leg, put your right foot on your left knee and sit back (if you were sitting, it would look like you were a guy crossing your legs) don't let your knee go over your toe and make sure you are sitting back to where your left knee is at 90 degrees. You will feel the stretch from your back all the way down to your knee. I hope that helps.

    HANG IN THERE! You are amazing!

  7. Oh honey... I wish I had something helpful to add, but as you already now I avoiding running for exercise at all costs! One thing I can say is be careful taking advice from the hubs, before you know it he'll have you ruck'ed up and at PT with his Joe's! slippery slope I tell ya!


  8. Wish I could help, but I have zero discipline on the exercise front. I just walk because I love it and my mind floats away and I feel like I've done at least one healthy thing for myself that day. I admire your determination, though! I'm sure you'll find a plan that works well for you.

  9. I think you are doing amazing. I run the same distance lol.

    Since R&R and my surgery I have been horrible with keeping up but I make myself run on a normal schedule atleast 3 to 4 days a week no matter how far I go although I try to push harder. I work out two other days and have one rest period. You can do it! :)

  10. Hey, I just happened across your blog coincidentally and I have a couple of thoughts...

    1. Stretching is definitely important, but so is strength conditioning. Try doing some lunges on you off days, both as a stretch and as a muscle builder - here's one example I found online

    2. Do you listen to music as you run? Some times this can be a good motivator. Actually this is my area of expertise (although I was a personal trainer at one time btw.) Anyway I just wrote a blog about using songs to mark speed intervals. Songs are usually about 3 min so it would be a longer interval than you're talking about but it would still have the same helpful effect on your endurance.

    Check out some of my stuff:

    3. Have at least one run a week where you don't worry about your speed. Try to run comfortably slow (so you could have a conversation while running) and focus on breathing and enjoying be out and doing something active :) Run at a pace you can sustain for a long time (taking walk breaks if necessary) set a distance goal of 3 or 5 miles and you'll be able to burst that 2 mile plateau no problem!

    Keep at it. Running is definitely a hobby worth holding onto!

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love how yours is laid out! Don't give up on your running. 2 miles is better than NO miles! ;)

  12. I'm not a runner...AT ALL, so the fact that you can do 2 miles impresses the hell out of me. Sorry I can't offer any advice to help you out, but good luck. I hope you're able to get to where you want to be with running :)


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