June 30, 2009

A Step Towards A Better Me...

Lately I've been feeling overly stimulated by the Internet. I mean, do I honestly NEED a Myspace, Facebook, Blogger blog and 2 Email accounts, on top of already being a member of three forums that I post on, right long with being a subscriber to the Ft. Benning Army Wives Meetup Group (which I do think is necessary;p) WOAH! Now that I type this out, I realize why I am feeling exhausted by it all! As a result, I have been left feeling like it has been hindering me from enjoying more of the life that I have in front of me right now. I spend WAY too much time on these sites and its making me feel....Well OVERLY STIMULATED and guilty about how I'm spending my days...I've been neglecting a lot of the chores here around the house and even my own health because of it. I'd rather be on here then in the kitchen whipping up a balanced breakfast to get me through the hard work day. Its keeping me tense and stressed because I never catch up on my "to do's" while I'm on here...Well, after a long talk with the hubby last night, I made the decision to de-clutter my cyber space life and for a start, I deleted two of these accounts today; Myspace and Facebook..For those of you who were on those accounts, I do apologize but it was necessary to my sanity! I am keeping only 1 Email account (the one on here) my blogger page and the Ft. Benning Army Wives Group, seeing as it gets me away from my computer and out into the living:p It truly was a God send! Well, now that I have this off my chest, I feel better! The plan now is to slow things down and just go back to the simple things in life. i.e, my running, spending time with my hunny, walking my dog and not worrying that I need to reply to an email so she needs to hurry up and do #1&2. Nope, I got Bella to enjoy her and so I am going to enjoy her! I'm going to window shop, just because its relaxing and fun...And use that beautiful pool of ours to soak up the wonderful relaxing sun...Ahhhh...Its been 15 minutes since I deleted those accounts and I'm already feeling some of the stress of keeping it up, going away...

How about y'all? Do you ever get this way, where you have too much and just need to take a break? If so, what did you do about it?

June 28, 2009

A Quicky...HA HA!

A VERY quick post to say "I PROMISE" once I get home from work tonight, that my rear will be on this computer catching up on ya'll until I've read every fab, funny, wonderful word you've written in the past few days and comment! Work is kicking my butt right now and I'm working some weird hours so I feel like I haven't had as much time to read! ARGH....Maybe I should quit and just blog 24/7:p Sounds good to me! Also, to my new followers, I vow to hop on over to your lovely blogs and finally comment and become a follower as well! Thanks for all your comments yesterday and excitment for Rob and I:) We're stoked! I'm out...Kickin rocks yo! My hubby uses this one all the time when he means to say "and I was outta there," I just find it funny, so that ones for you babe!

June 27, 2009

Something Unexpected!

First, I would like to say "HEY" to all of my newest followers! I don't know if I'm just more interesting this week but after I lost those 2 followers last week, I regained 6! So can't wait to get to know ya'll better and feel free to say hello at anytime:) I love hearing from you all!

A short running update would be that, I've decided a run is not in my cards today:( On Friday I ran longer yet, and finished with 3.25 miles outside! However, this increased milage, every other day, isn't boding well for my muscle recovery, so we wait until Sunday! Tomorrow will be the weeks end for my running log and will read that I put in just over 9 miles.. THATS a HUGE increase from what I WAS running, anywhere from 3.5 to 5 miles a week. Not bad legs!

In another part of my world, I don't know how it happened, but R and I are getting a three day off together the weekend of the 4th! We are both so excited. The husby said last night that, that is the only thing keeping him going at this point:( Poor guy is soooo sooo tired and really needs a break...Besides lots of sleep for him, snuggle time for me and his First Sergeant's wedding on Sunday, I'm not sure what else to do that weekend. It was so unexpected...I was thinking maybe a day at the water park or even a small trip to Six Flags over Georgia? At any rate, he texted me while at work last night with this good news and I went from being really tired, to giddier then a school girl:p Its all I can think about, Ha!

I'm off to catch up on everyone's fab blogs! Have a great weekend chica's:)

June 25, 2009

Jury Duty Fraud!

Hello ladies! Here is an e-mail that my MIL sent me today and please read it! This is some scary stuff... I wanted to do my part in spreading the news, resulting in protecting all you bloggie buddies out there:) I had never heard of this before but I could see where a lot of people would fall for it! I'm also posting links at the bottom for you to do your own research on it!

This has been verified by the FBI (their link is also included below). Please pass this on to everyone in your email address book. It is spreading fast so be prepared should you get this call. Most of us take those summonses for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty, that a new and ominous kind of fraud has surfaced.

The caller claims to be a jury coordinator. If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant. Give out any of this information and bingo; your identity was just stolen.

The fraud has been reported so far in 11 states, including Oklahoma , Illinois , and Colorado . This (swindle) is particularly insidious because they use intimidation over the phone to try to bully people into giving information by pretending they are with the court system. The FBI and the federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their web sites, warning consumers about the fraud.

June 24, 2009


NO I'm not pregnant and yes I'm evil for sorta luring you onto this post with that one word:p However! One week ago I got an excited text from my beautiful/sexy sister Autumn Rose...She is pregnant with her second baby! She's the sultry one between me and my sister Angel Grace;) Autumn and I have been besties for years. However, we had a love hate relationship growing up but was always one anothers accomplice in crime:p Point in case, when I was 5 and she was 6, candy had become our obsession. My brother, Sean, had brought home bubble gum tape from school one day. That night, while everyone lay sleeping, there was Autumn and I chewing the hell outta that gum, but not so much that the sugar would all be gone. See our plan was to chew it just enough to get our sugar fix, then take it to the kitchen, get mom's rolling pin out and re-shape the gum to fit back in to its little pink case. We were even smart enough to add flour to get the white power look you always see with this gum:p
Needless to say, Sean found us out and we were punished by staying in our room and not being allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Audd's and I got into a cat fight that morning over who's idea it was and ended up biting one another out of frustration; then we got spanked for behaving so:p Ahhhh, memories!

Me and two of my beautiful sister's!

This is Matthew, Autumn's little boy and my God son! Gosh, I love this kid to pieces! Isn't this picture just precious! Matt loves to help his momma in the kitchen so Autumn thought it'd be cute to make him a chefs hat and just let him go:) I hope I'm as good of a mom as she is someday. I'm so excited to for them and the new addition! I hope its a girl because she is going to be so beautiful, just like her brother, mother and father:) Matt and his really sweet dad Javier during Christmas....That look says it all, he knows hes cute:pThis was Matt's one year old birthday present and he was having a blast!
On a side note, you get what you pay for I guess...My new power cord crapped out on me yesterday so, you guessed it, I am once again bloggging from the cave...Sigh

June 23, 2009

A Puppy Post!

First, I wanted to thank ALL of you for commenting on my job dilemma. Everyone was so sweet and supportive. I think I have decided to look, like you all have advised, but also put even more effort into learning my s***, if you know what I mean...I haven't actually heard those words of being "let go" from my DM. That was just my manager speculating, so until I get the word from the big guy, I am going to just keep trying my hardest and hope that it'll be good enough!
Secondly, many of you have asked numerous times about Bella, since I've gotten her, so I've decided to make this post about my little urinating angel:)
Four days after we adopted Bella I, with leash in hand, took her to the leasing office and with the payment of $250 and an agreement of a $10 puppy rent every month, Bella Bell became a legit resident of these Georgia grounds! Now she can legally poop and pee:) She has settled in nicely all except her wishy washy dedication to peeing outside. She has stopped waking me up four times during the course of the night and backed it off to two, phew! I was a little worried that she would interfere with Robert's much needed sleep, but that has since vanished. He sleeps so hard that he never hears me get up with her. I broke her habit of wanting to play in the wee hours of the morning each time we came back in from peeing, because momma wasn't all about that! She is such a diva! The little thing just lays out flat every time we're on her two mile walk and she gets tired:p I notice dead weight on the leash and naturally look behind me only to see Bella being dragged along with her two front legs under her belly and her hind legs stretched right out! I guess that is her way of protesting? Lol...She refuses to walk on the hot pavement, and will not poop in public areas...Sighs...However, she brings a lot of joy to my life and also has calmed our devil cat WAY down. I guess he was craving someone to play with and boy does he have it! Bella never leaves him alone:p She is so full of energy and very loving. She absolutely LOVES people and other dogs. Although, today when I had her out, one tried to attack her! She yelped and ran behind my legs. I was angry at the dogs owner for allowing his dog that close knowing he was not friendly....RWAR! Momma bear coming out here:p So not wanting to make this post any longer, enjoy the pictures below:)

Getting her to take pictures with me IN them is rough...Here she is trying to get at my glasses:)
I'm so smart. Put a doggy bone in the shot and she's occupied enough for me to get a flash in!
"Ummm, no I wasn't just chewing on your decorative pillows, I SWEAR!"
" And no, I wasn't just chewing on the cat, phsssh."
Obviously mommy never taught this baby girl to chew with her mouth shut:p

Have a great rest of the evening everyone!
P.s. I took my running outdoors and made it 2.75 miles! Not anything near what I ran on the tread, but definitely an improvment:)

June 22, 2009

I'm Going To Be Fired?!?

Well today ended up NOT being a run day:p I am taking another day to rest up the legs from that 4 miles on Saturday. I had every intention to run this morning but the legs are humming with that sore but good feeling. I already knew I wasn't going to be able to make it far so, instead, I took Bella on a 2 mile walk...I was so proud of her; she did a 15 minute mile! Hee Hee:)

On another note, I'm feeling a little lost today...I haven't posted anything about this particular event, just because it gets me down and worried, but maybe talking it out will help?

Things have been heating up at work and not in a good way...1.5 weeks ago our district manager (M) starts breathing down our necks about the fact that our percentages in reserves are really low...I'm not just talking about our store alone, its the entire district that is struggling...(A), my manager, comes to me last Wednesday after a "come to Jesus" meeting with (M) and gives me some disturbing news. (M) is singling out the employees that are not preforming with these reserves and (A) feels like those individuals will loose their jobs over it...Come again? WHAT! I am one of those individuals peoples! I talked to (A) about it. He knows the reason I'm not getting as many, as the others, is due to my lack of gaming knowledge. So here is my beef, why then was I ever hired! (M) and (A) knew that I had no knowledge in games when they gave me the job and there for had to know that I would struggle harder then the rest. I just don't know what to do ladies...I've had thoughts of finding other work, but am afraid that it'll take me ANOTHER 1.5 months just to do that...I've already settled in here and gotten over some huge hurdles...I'm not a quitter and I guess this just feels like I'm quitting...But do I stick around long enough to get fired? I've never been fired before and the thought of that just makes me want to bawl:(


June 20, 2009

4 MILES!!!

I cannot believe that I just ran 4 MILES tonight! How did I do that? Considering that I was struggling for even 2.25 miles just days ago? Well, it was 100 degrees out today and way to hot to run outside so I did something I haven't done in a while and took my running to the treadmill! I can't tell you how encouraging this is to me. A little over a month ago I could barely do 2 miles on the tread, no joke! I've been struggling for 2 miles outdoors for so long now that I wasn't seeing how much running outdoors is doing for me, SERIOUSLY! On top of this all, I wasn't even dying by the end. I felt like I had exerted a lot of good energy but that I could have done more. I didn't however, because of my dang hip flexors. I have found a cure for this though. I was searching the web a few weeks back when I stumbled onto an article where they showed you a few good stretches for that area, and it works! So monday is another run day, outside this time, and I am now going to push for 3 miles because if I can do 4 on the tread then I don't see why I couldn't do 3:) I really needed this boost, ladies. I was starting to flounder a bit due to my lack of progress, but in reality I've been making progress by leaps and bounds! Hell yeah, I'M BACK!

June 19, 2009

Creepy Finds...

So I was cleaning my house at 2:00 a.m. thursday morning and, while doing so, I found the words and images for my next post. please refrain from laughing over my early morning house work All I can say about the pictures below is, "Lord help the stupid fool who ever trys and breaks into this particualr apartment." Please enjoy while I show you the creepy things this Army wife gets to dust and clean around:)

This is an IED *explosive which can still explode* that Robert brought back from Iraq with him, I'm sure...He has another one on the shelf below this one. I'm almost positive he had them positioned as book ends before we got married...

From the words of Crocodile Dundee "Now thats a knife!" I mean, what am I going to do with that? Filet a steak?

Now this I can get excited about! I frequently run around the apartment with this massive samuri sword all the while yipping and pipping like Zena the Warrior Princess...You don't even want to see me in that leather getup:p

And yes, the husby's nightstand...All that edgy metal and there stands one of my purfume bottles:p Oh and his nose hair pluckers; now thats good for an eye gouge aye?

But wait! He does have a soft side...This is "Fred" the bear he sent me from Iraq with, not one but, TWO vases of fresh flowers...His redeeming qualities:p

So whats the verdict? Is he weird or does your husbands bestow these little gifts into your cleaning as well?

June 17, 2009

Blast From The Past; Livin That Country Song...

I've been reminiscing a lot about my childhood lately; Remembering the days before, yet leading up to my life altering and impending Amish makeover...These were some good years...I think its only as an adult that I can finally appreciate what I had growing up; An easier life with less stress where my only worries were whats for dinner? and do I really have to take that nap? I realize that this doesn't apply to everyone out there, and it certainly doesn't apply to every moment of my young life, and that's okay. It just makes the times that it does apply, that much sweeter to remember...So I hope you don't mind while I take us back to what this life of little worry looked like 19 years ago...

I'm the one with the widows peek snorting water out of my nose:p

This was me! Non matching shoe laces, hideous pants and all but life was good while holding that lollipop:p

I was 6 and living in probably the smallest town known to man somewhere in the heart of Pennsylvania. Our town had one main road with no stop lights, a post office and one tiny gas station. "It's a good place to raise a family," I'd hear my dad say growing up, all the while knowing he wanted to be anywhere but there...Now that I think about it, he was right...Glen Hope is the sort of place famous country singers write songs about. It's that slow town where everyone knows your name and where Mr. and Mrs. Pearl, on those hot summer days, give Popsicles out to all the neighboring children. It is full of first of the month church potlucks, American flags and grandma and grandpa in their rockers watching the world pass by. You couldn't walk down a street or side walk without seeing the childhood games of Tic Tac Toe and Hop Scotch drawn out in squirrely chalk...Between that and the jump ropes every kid owned, life didn't get much better...Summer was my favorite time of year. It was full of frequent trips to the local swimming hole, later bedtimes due to longer days, The smells of Grandad grilling while we played Kick The Can and caught fire flies by the jar. Running bare footed, I would eat my weight in watermelon while taking special care to also raid my grandma's berry bushes every chance I got:p This was the age of jelly shoes, penny candy and a time where EVERYONE drank Pepsi out of a can. During those years, kids didn't play video games or spend hours upon hours watching T.V. Nope, mom and dad booted their butts outside and used catch phrases like "Go get the stink blown off of you." My own mother used this one a lot! These are just a few of the happy memories I have. I've always appreciated that I have them, but lately I've been acknowleding them more then normal. It could be that I've finally realized I'm getting older and older and further away form theses memories. Or it could be all the recent stress development at work doing it...Either way, thank you for letting me share:) Writing about those days do a lot for my in ability to relax, Ha! What about ya'll? I'd love to hear what you remember being great as a kid:)

A must edit: Two nights in a row I've been accosted by ugly little creatures of this earth! Last night I was out walking Bella when her and I was attacked by a very white and very hyper bat, EKK! While just now I was out, yet again, walking my puppy and as soon as my feet hit the sidewalk across the street from our apartment, fifteen humungo flying cockroaches started running at my feet! NOT really liking Georgia at night right now...

June 16, 2009

The Blogger's Fear...

Sadly, I've lost two followers in the past five days....This has been the first time I've experienced what I believe you would agree is "the blogger's fear". I knew my time would come but dang, it makes you stop and think...Could it be that I've been MIA and they thought I was giving up? This makes me sad, but I realize people drop blogs for many reasons and the fact that I've dropped blogs before, I can only expect it to happen to me as well! SO, to my two previous followers "I'm sorry you had to go, for whatever reason, but no hard feelings and I hope you return from time to time and say hello!"

On another note, my power cord arrived yesterday in the mail and is now feeding life to the love of my life my blogging machine! Ahhhh, it feels so good to be back in my over stuffed, chair facing our french doors, looking into the heavily wooded trees out back...Something about staring out a window when writing, just inspires and motivates me. So what special place motivates you and gets the creative juices flowing?

June 15, 2009

I'm back with the running report!

I know I've been neglecting my blog for five days now but I'm back! I just got caught up on most of your blogs and commented so I feel like I'm back in the loop:p I'm still publishing from inside the cave but hopefully my power cord shows up in the mail today!

Gosh, I've been gone for so long that there's so much I need to write about...Certainly not all in one post though..I won't do that to you very sweet blogger buddies. You have other blogs outside of mine, I realize:p

Seeing as I have no cute pictures of Bella at the moment, I will wait on that particular blog and tell you, instead, of my running progress!!! I know some of you have been waiting on this so here goes...For the past three weeks I have been testing out a different approach to becoming faster and running longer. I got this advise from many of you as well as a running forum, so figured I'd give it a try! The run/wall approach really does work, it just takes dedication and time. The past three weeks have been full of ups and downs for me. I did well my first week, but then my second week I faltered. I got a new puppy and allowed that to get in the way of my running. Four days I skipped! That's three runs I missed and boy could I feel it when I finally got back out there. I ran diligently every other day for three runs in a row, but then...Let me explain, my husband and I have been on completely different shifts all week. Five days we went with out really speaking, eating dinner together, kissing, holding his hand, or hugging...So on the sixth day I was supposed to run but I worked a day shift that day and was going to get to spend the evening with him. Do you blame me? You could say maybe that I'm just not that dedicated, I guess, but I like to think other wise... So, I'll save you the details of each day this past three weeks and say that I've noticed progress in my speed and have figured out the key as to why I'm still at two miles....Ehhhh hmmmm! I stop at 2 miles:p So, silly and obvious I know, but hey...Today I figured this out...I was out running and noticed that I have extremely sore legs on my first mile, but then my second mile the legs warm up and my stride gets bigger, meaning I run it faster: 10:00 minute mile! Once I got back to my finishing point I felt like I could do more, but didn't...I needed to get back to the house and get ready for work ect...So the reasons for my delayed progress is due to many things: bad time management is one. I need to allow myself more time to do the 2 miles and then some. Allowing the "every days" to get in the way of my running/progress...A bad habit I'm going to break! It simply boils down to me pushing myself...Its that simple folks, THE END! Not exactly the progress you or I were wanting to hear, I know....BUT I have noticed improvement and will stick with it...I now know my enemy!

*to the following bloggers: High Heels & Combat Boots and More Then and Army Wife I swear I'm not ignoring your blogs, I'm just having a really hard time viewing your pages! High Heels, sometimes I can get on your's but More Then An Army Wife, I haven't been able to access your's in weeks! I keep trying though!

June 12, 2009

Why Becca!

Now why did I have to go and do that...PMS is getting the better of me today and as if the feeling of wanting to bust out in tears isn't bad enough, I willing sit my rear in front of the t.v and proceed to watch the tear jerker Pearl Harbor...What can I say; I'm a glutton for punishment! I watched this movie way back and I swore then, that I'd never step within ten feet of that movie ever again...Well imagine the degree of emotion I faced watching it this time around, being married to a military man....ARGH! I swear I cried like five times today over it...Being married to Robert, this stuff hits a little too close to home now...NEVER AGAIN! Oh wait, there playing it back to back great... On a side note, I about crapped my pants when Robert told me he volunteered for grenade duty the other day, GASP! "Yeah yeah yeah!" He tells me. "I made things go boom!" The part that got me was that, not only did he carry one in each hand, but they also strapped him down with four more across his vest! What a ticking time bomb...I know their trained in that kind of stuff but I've always been scared of grenades and the thought of my hunny being strapped to FOUR just makes my heart stop. Yes I know, he's been to Iraq and he's been to Afghanistan and has faced more threatening objects, but come on, I'm his wife and I worry:p

Yesterday I went out to fix my power cord problem and in one way I failed, but in another I succeeded! I had sort of priced these things on the Internet two days ago and got a general idea of how much they cost. So I was greatly surprised when Wal-Mart was selling them for $40.00 more dollars then what I had seen...I then drove to Best Buy thinking that they might be cheaper due to their larger selection of all things PC, WRONG! Best Buy does not have the "best buys." A whooping $120.00 bucks! Frustrated, because I'm a cheapo, I head home and immediately begin to search the Internet, yet again, for a reasonable power cord and SCORED! I ordered it yesterday for $22.00 with shipping and handling included! I expect it to be here in the next three days...Don't you just love it when you feel like you've cheated retail:p So for another few days I'll have to put up with my Love's loud, awkward keyboard inside this cave:)

I promise to post about Bella soon! I have kinds of questions for you pet owners. I just don't want to make this post longer...Also, I PROMISE to post about my running trial here soon but I think I'll wait until I get my laptop up and running again:p Happy Friday everyone! I'm off give Bella another shot at watering the grass:p

June 10, 2009

Strange For Me But...

I haven't felt like blogging for the past few days and I'm blaming it on the keyboard:p My laptop's power cord went out four days ago, so that machine is deader then a door nail! I' m now forced to use the hubby's desktop tucked away in a little room off the living room. I hate being in here; don't ask me why! I guess its because I like to be out in the open where I can see everything. I feel like my vision is in a cage here:p Also, his keyboard is so loud and awkard... I mean you can hear me pounding away all the way from our bathroom! I just don't like it...So for the past few days I've been doing nothing but reading everyones posts:p Tomorrow, I plan to fix this inconvience, and go buy a power cord. So no fear, I will be back to my blogging ways shortly!

I seriously am craving some late night Sonic...AHHH! I could say I took the dog for a walk right?

June 8, 2009

Fun While It Lasted...

Today is the last of my, I hate to see you go, three day weekend:( Its been fun and relaxing. Last evening, Robert, Bella and I headed to my running spot for some grilled steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cobb and watermelon...Mmm mmm good! It would have been more enjoyable if the nats and skeeters hadn't been so driven. Afterwards, we took Bella on her first walk outside of the apartment grounds. She is sooooo people and dog friendly. It cracks me up, but we're trying to break her of the running full speed ahead thing because its cute and fun when she's a puppy but not so fun when they she gets older and heavier and their nails become sharper and more menacing:p But, as promised, this isn't going to be yet another puppy post!

I went and met up with some more of the same Army wives at Starbucks today. It was nice to see them again and there were more this time! I couldn't stay long though. I had let Bella roam inside the apartment while I was out; testing how long she could hold it/not chew on things. She did good, but then I was only gone for an hour....Not much of a test I realize:p I wished I could have stayed longer to chat with the ones I hadn't met. I hope they didn't think me rude because I basically drank a coffee and ran!

I hate to report that, ever since I got Bella, my running has taken a back seat...However, I did get out of that seat yesterday. I put Bella in the bathroom with water, food and her kennel, shut the door and made myself go. The reason I haven't run is not from the lack of want. I just feel guilty locking her in a room so I find reasons not to, like not running...I've made up my mind to stop this bad behavior though, SO today was a rest day and its back on the trail again tomorrow! As a result, I am going to have to push back my "progress" post with the run/walk thing because of my four day break:( Bad Becca! I feel like such a back slider, but that face! Lol...Well I need to get off here and go get on YouTube...E3 was on this past week and I need to attempt to watch some of it. It is all about future big game releases and sneek peeks. This is where you get a lot of your information that gets customers to reserve games. This is something we're graded on, so I need to buckle down and just watch it so I too can get lots of reserves! Hope everyone had a great Monday!

June 7, 2009

Our Little Army Brat

Here she is everyone! Bella looking all innocent and cute for her first photo shoot:p
Our little Army brat racked out after some hard play time.
I finally got her home around 12:30 yesterday. for those of you wondering, yes she is not the one I had picked orginally in the photos below. I got there and just really took to this one so my mind was made up:p It was kind of an emotional parting for the really sweet fellow Army wife, that took Bella and her sisters in after they had been left on the side of the road...Don't you just hate that! I mean how hard is it to take them to a pound where they would most definitely find a home....Rwar....Amanda has gotten really attached to them all in the five days since she picked them up. Little did I know that Bella was her favorite. I felt bad, but she did keep stating that she couldn't keep them nor would her husband let her so I gingerly took Bella out of her arms, thanked her and assured her that Bella had a good solid home now. My knew puppy was shaking on the drive home until I allowed her to crawl into my lap and fall a sleep. Once we got through the door, it was game on with our feisty cat peanut the entire day. They are still trying to figure out one another's play styles:p Last night was kind of rough just because Amanda had wormed them all and so Bella has had the runs since yesterday and even into today. I hope it ends soon because shes not able to hold it and I haven't always been able to catch her before she goes. However, she is proving to be a very smart little girl! She's already doing fabulous on the leash, take baths rather well, sits when I tell her to and also comes when I call...I am thankful but we will see how long this keeps up:p This was just going to be something short to let you all know she made it home and I promise this will be my last complete puppy post for a bit. I realize my last three has been nothing but that:p What are ya'll doing this weekend? Robert and I are supposed to be going out to grill but we'll see. He's down working on the Stang and you know how that goes:p Happy Sunday everyone!

June 5, 2009

Noon tomorrow!

Bella (on the left) playing with her sister

Tomorrow, at noon sharp, I am going to become a proud momma! We're bringing home a little girl and we've decided to name her Bella however Robert is going to call her bell. And the answer is, "no, we are not naming her after the girl in Twilight!" I got that like three times today:p I'm so flippin excited! Robert totally shocked me by agreeing to this. I had been thinking about it all last night and this morning. Finally, at about 10:30 a.m, I texted him and he replies back with "Hmmmm...If you really want this puppy love, then go get her. I love you, MWAH!" I was sitting there thinking that was way to easy ....As I was texting him further, asking him if he was for real, my phone lite up saying "my baby" so I answered... Apparently he wasn't too shocked by the text because he had read my post this morning :p Immediately, after we hung up, I called the girl with the puppies and she agreed to meet with me tomorrow! YAY! I have to admit, after talking to her, I bailed on my run, grabbed my keys and headed straight to petsmart for some puppy fun:p I tried to keep myself from going over board and felt like I did a good job, for the most part...Lets see, she needed: food, bowls, a stylish leash and collar, toys (I kept it to a minimum) puppy treats, rawhide sticks, girly shampoo and conditioner, pee pads and a kennel...I'm all set! I came home and had an hour before work so I set out her bowls, put up the kennel and unwrapped her mini tennis balls...They're so cute:p The only problem is peanut, our cat, thinks the kennel, new water feeder and mini tennis balls are his...Lol...He's been playing inside that thing with those balls all day and now refuses to use his OWN water feeder...Lordy...*rolls eyeballs*

I will definitely post pictures tomorrow of our newest addition in her new home:p Goodnight everyone! I am off to try and get some sleep...

June 4, 2009

Look at that face!

Lord help me but Katelyn over at Speaking Louder Then Before posted this pic on her meetup website today and I'm sweating bullets over here! As a lot of you know, I want a puppy so bad that I'd sell my left toe for one! The bad part is this puppy is homeless right along two others and their being given away...AHHHHHH, just rip my heart out here...I so wish we lived in a bigger place:( Either that or talk my hubby into letting me have it:p I've been really craving canine company and especially now that I run...I see so many pet owners out walking their dogs and I just want to be apart of the scene so badly...Grrrr...I'm sitting here silently sending brain waves to Robert right now...Its not working however because he just continues to kill things on the good ol' xb360...sighs...

June 3, 2009


3:45 should not even exist Robert's alarm goes off at 3:45 every morning and I am really starting to hate that thing! Not because it wakes me up but because this means its time for him to leave me and our warm comfortable bed. This morning, when it went off, I immediately snuggled close while wrapping my arms around his chest. I like to think he stayed in the bed 10 minutes longer just for my sake, sensing that I was missing him and didn't want him to go...Lately, I've been really craving some "us" time. Yesterday he was let go early (around 4:00) and surprised me at the food court. I was standing in line at Subway taking my break and this just made my entire night! Thirty whole minutes of just him and I, two subs and a coke...Ahhhh...We talked a bit when I told him that I've been wanting to go camping! Ladies I can't tell you how friggin wonderful that sounds right now! You would think after the three years of non stop travel and camping I did as a kid I would never want to see another fire pit or tent pole, but I'm genuinely craving this! The whole nine: two camp chairs staged around a lite campfire with our tent looming in the back drop. Us devouring sticky s'mores while listening to the crackle-pop of the wood burning, smoldering out the sound of crickets and bull frogs as it does...Am I crazy or does this sound good to anyone else? Of course, I don't know how well a campfire would go over in Georgia when its still 80 degrees in the evening...hmmmm...But you get the general idea! It is now almost 8:00 p.m and the hubs still isn't home....Grrrrr...I need to go for another run:p I can't wait to post in one more week on the results of my run/walk approach! Its already looking good but I don't want to spoil the ending and want to build suspense for everyone, so I'll wait and give you all the numbers on speed, distance and how it felt then...HA HA! Have a great evening everyone, I'm off to try and occupy myself until the man walks through that door...I'm sure I resemble a pathetic puppy right now:p

June 1, 2009

Flashback Monday!

I've seen some of you do Flashback Fridays but today is going to be Flashback Monday just so I can post about last week. Not a very big flashback, I know, but hey!

So we all read of my excitement over Friday when I went to Olive Garden with a group of Army Wives, BUT the very next day I did it again! This meeting I am really fond of because she is a fellow blogger/Army wife! That's right folks, I finally had the chance of meeting Jessica from Southern Yankee on Saturday night. This was a lot of fun and unexpected...Jessica was down visiting her husband this weekend and I knew it, but didn't think she'd have time to meet up. I mean its only a weekend and when you haven't seen your hunny in three weeks like her, "sorry Mrs. G.I. Joe, but you can wait!" Lol, been there, done that:p But turns out, her husband, Trey, had to be back on post by 6:00 p.m. so we had time for a meet up! It was so neat meeting one of the many people I read about on a daily basis. She and I both laughed about how we feel like we know ya'll already, because of blogger, but have never actually met...It definitely makes a face to face much more comfortable with tons of conversation possibilities:p This girl is so sweet and genuine. I absolutely loved chatting it up with her and in fact, hardly touched my dinner because I was yakking soooo much:p Hope we can do it again sometime! And girl, we are both bloggers...SHAME on us for not getting a picture of this! Lol...

Last night I totally meant to walk through the door, from work, and throw on my running shoes but I was greeted with a delicious aroma; Italian chicken that had been cooking in the crockpot for hours....Yummm! So I blame my fallout on the hubs:p He had this meal tender and ready when I arrived. It was too hard to fight! Oh, and then he sealed the deal with Heath Klondike Bars for dessert...Don't judge me:) However, take comfort in the fact that, as soon as I publish this, my happy self is going for that run! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Its gorgeous out today, so I'm glad we don't have windows at work; the sun won't be able to mock me from the other side:)