June 23, 2009

A Puppy Post!

First, I wanted to thank ALL of you for commenting on my job dilemma. Everyone was so sweet and supportive. I think I have decided to look, like you all have advised, but also put even more effort into learning my s***, if you know what I mean...I haven't actually heard those words of being "let go" from my DM. That was just my manager speculating, so until I get the word from the big guy, I am going to just keep trying my hardest and hope that it'll be good enough!
Secondly, many of you have asked numerous times about Bella, since I've gotten her, so I've decided to make this post about my little urinating angel:)
Four days after we adopted Bella I, with leash in hand, took her to the leasing office and with the payment of $250 and an agreement of a $10 puppy rent every month, Bella Bell became a legit resident of these Georgia grounds! Now she can legally poop and pee:) She has settled in nicely all except her wishy washy dedication to peeing outside. She has stopped waking me up four times during the course of the night and backed it off to two, phew! I was a little worried that she would interfere with Robert's much needed sleep, but that has since vanished. He sleeps so hard that he never hears me get up with her. I broke her habit of wanting to play in the wee hours of the morning each time we came back in from peeing, because momma wasn't all about that! She is such a diva! The little thing just lays out flat every time we're on her two mile walk and she gets tired:p I notice dead weight on the leash and naturally look behind me only to see Bella being dragged along with her two front legs under her belly and her hind legs stretched right out! I guess that is her way of protesting? Lol...She refuses to walk on the hot pavement, and will not poop in public areas...Sighs...However, she brings a lot of joy to my life and also has calmed our devil cat WAY down. I guess he was craving someone to play with and boy does he have it! Bella never leaves him alone:p She is so full of energy and very loving. She absolutely LOVES people and other dogs. Although, today when I had her out, one tried to attack her! She yelped and ran behind my legs. I was angry at the dogs owner for allowing his dog that close knowing he was not friendly....RWAR! Momma bear coming out here:p So not wanting to make this post any longer, enjoy the pictures below:)

Getting her to take pictures with me IN them is rough...Here she is trying to get at my glasses:)
I'm so smart. Put a doggy bone in the shot and she's occupied enough for me to get a flash in!
"Ummm, no I wasn't just chewing on your decorative pillows, I SWEAR!"
" And no, I wasn't just chewing on the cat, phsssh."
Obviously mommy never taught this baby girl to chew with her mouth shut:p

Have a great rest of the evening everyone!
P.s. I took my running outdoors and made it 2.75 miles! Not anything near what I ran on the tread, but definitely an improvment:)


  1. 2.75 miles is great, way to go!!!

  2. So cute!! And congrats on 2.75 miles!

  3. I am obsessed with her! How freakin' cute! :) and nice job on the 2.75 miles! :)

  4. YOUR little Bella baby is just to cute! GREAT pictures and congrats on a good run!

  5. She is so cute! Congrats on your run!

  6. Ahhh I've been dying for some Bella pics. She is just too cute! I love that one of her and the kitty together. Bella looks guilty as sin.. in such an adorable way ;)

  7. Bella is a-dor-able! Sorry I've been not commenting on blogs for a few days - it was a looooong weekend and I'm still catching up:-)

  8. Oh my gosh, I just love Bella! She's so stinkin cute!

    Congrats on the 2.75, that's awesome girl!!!

  9. She is SO CUTE!!!! My dog used to always walk on the grass instead of the pavement as well :) Crazies....

    Congrats on your outdoor mileage!! You rock!

  10. Yay! Bella is pretty much adorable haha :)

  11. Oh my gosh - I am coming to take your dog from you! Too precious!! Congrats on the running! I ran for 2.83 yesterday in 102 heat and I don't believe I will be doing that again.. it was horrible!!

  12. Like mother... like daughter... Both just beautiful!!! =)


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