April 30, 2009

My life sized red pen

I am a terrible speller and I admit it, but that does not stop me from writing! So the hubby reads my blog about every few days and I know that a lot of you ladies have husbands that do the same too, but do they whip out that dreaded red pen everytime you misspell something? Well my hubby does:p Just now, infact, he was catching up on my blog and started laughing....Apparently I misspelled follower as (fallower) and also stated in a different post that they sang credence in the Army rather then (cadence)...HA HA! I say this all in good humor because, as I stated above, I know I'm terrible with grammer and spelling, but thats okay because (weather, ha ha) or not I spell something incorrectly or word something the wrong way, I still get my point across and thats what this whole blogging thing is about, right? Now, don't get me wrong, once my attention is brought to an error I immediately fix it and try to remember how its done for future occurrences. There is a huge difference between being (challenged) yet rising to the occasion, and being challenged yet doing nothing to improve yourself in that challenge. I use the word "challenge" here because this applies to ALL taxing situations in life and not just in my little world of grammer mishaps...However, this last sentance strongly begs for a soap box and a much longer post so we shall end here:p

April 29, 2009

Its good to be a girl

Ahhhh, I just love that fresh showered feeling! Not only does it mark the start of a beautiful day but it also puts me in a really good mood. Some of you earlier followers, who have been reading my blog, know the extreme I will go to, to be clean:p The only reason I have is that I love all things smelly and whats more, I'm a girl and its legeal to use all things smelly:p I mean we have hundreds of choices for body washes, shampoos, lotions, hair creams, purfumes and more! I am totally one of those girls who get lost in the hygiene and makeup isle for hours...Nooooooo lie:) Not sure if the hubby has been able to attest to this yet, but if not, then soon. Some of my favorite scents are hands down: warm vanilla, cucumber and melon, citrus scents that just make you feel like its summer and I love love love anything with hybiscus; it just makes what ever creamy goodness its in sound so romantic and exotic...I'm sold at first whif:p Ahhhh, its good to be a girl...(insert deep breath and content smile here)...

April 28, 2009

The verdict...

I am beat! I had so much fun during the graduation and then the trip to Tennessee but I am definitely in need of some down time:p We got up super early on Sunday and drove to see my family where we spent the day just catching up with everyone. We ate breakfast at my sister Autumn's house and then had a grillout during the evening at Angel's place (another sister)...Robert and I, of course, had to be on the computer at about 4:30 because the auction for his mustang was ending at 5:00...Gosh, those were some intense minutes but we won the car!!! There was one bidder that waited until the last five seconds to place his final bid, however it was 450.00 shy of what our max was, so the clock ran out and we are now proud owners of a 1967 mustang fastback! I will post pictures as soon as we get the car; Gotta get some of Roberts (little boy who got his dream) smile in there too:p

On another note, I took my running outside yesterday on a one mile track back home. I went with my sister Mary and Robert and I was rather disappointed that I wasn't able to run my two miles:( Infact I only ran .75 miles so not even one! I know I could have gone further but Mary is new at this running thing too so we had to stop twice in that .75 miles and so I just kinda got lazy I guess...Maybe thats not the right word for it...I guess I just couldn't get focused with having to stop? Yeah, we'll go with that:p It was good though, because it made me see were I need to improve. I definitely was running faster and harder out there which made it rough to finish. Next time I need to focus more on slowing it down and keeping my breathing steady. It also really clearified that I need to work harder on getting my incline up higher so the road doesn't fatigue me as badly. I've got a lot of studying to do:p Robert was noticing how hard I am on my knees when I run because I come straight down on my heel. He says the impact is going straight up my leg and into my knees...If I keep that up he says I should be expecting shin splints knocking down my door any day:p Do any of you runners have ideas to help me take some of the impact off my knees?

So I am off to the gym to try harder and improve:p This whole outside experience has only made me that much more determined! Hope you all had a great tuesday!

April 25, 2009

On the road again...

Just letting you all know that, at the last minute, hubby and I decided to take a road trip to Tennessee! We're headed out in the morning at 5:00 a.m so most likely by the time ya'll read this we'll already be on the road. We have several reasons for going: one, to visit my family seeing as this might be the last time they'll get to see Robert for a very long time ( he's going to be a very busy boy starting the 3rd of May). Secondly, its my dads 72nd birthday on monday so thought it would be cool to spend it with him. Also, depending on what happens with Roberts mustang ( auction ends tomorrow at 6:00 p.m) we'd be close enough to drive and pick it up instead of having it shipped. Please cross your fingers for us, we're still in the lead! Robert is trying so hard not to get overly excited; we all know how Ebay works, you can loose your item at the very last second! Pray that doesn't happen girls:) We're only staying Sunday and then driving back Monday, so again, a very short trip, but it'll be good to see the fam! Once again, I'm going to have catch up reading to do when I get back! My hubby told me today that I'm addicted to ya'll and blogging...I have to say thats true:p Running update is that I ran 2 miles again yesterday! I'm happy that I'm not loosing ground but not so happy that there was a four day gap in between my last run and yesterdays run:( Work, Roberts graduation and other stuff had just gotten in the way...Once I get back from Tennesse its back to every other day and thats final! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

April 24, 2009

We're famous!!

We're in a magazine!!! This is coming from a girl who has never been published once! Not even when I was a baby...Ya know, when you're a baby and you get your picture in the local paper and your usually jazzed up in your best looking new born outfit:p Ya, not even then...lol...So I was really excited when I opened up my first edition of Military Spouse magazine and saw this picture of Robert and I on our wedding day there! I found this magazine through my sister and subscribed to it after getting on their website and thinking it was pretty neat! The editor had posted a comment about wanting pictures of military newly weds and so naturally I sent some in! I never imagined that our pictures would be picked and had actually forgotten about it, until yesterday! Who else thinks this is pretty neat:p Also, do any of you read Mil Spouse?

Just thought I'd throw this in there; its another video I captured at Roberts graduation...I liked what they had to say and the way they say it, with such pride....Kind of gives me the chills:)

April 23, 2009

Graduation and home sweet home!

So, I am happy to post that the hubby and I are happy and HOME! It feels so strange but so good all at the same time. I got to thinking on the drive home that today has been the first FULL day that we've spent together in nine weeks! Every weekend he came home I always had to work so we never got more then five or so hours together...Well this week we have tomorrow and Sunday/Monday all to ourselves! Woo Hoo! I'm going to be sooo spoiled by tuesday:) But am going to soak in every bit that I can because when he reports for duty this will all change:( So I've posted what little material I did get from the graduation...That whole trip happened so freakin fast! I got in last night late, got very little sleep, up at 6:00 am for the graduation and then was on the road again by noon...I barely had time to blink let alone take pictures! Lol...I did flip out though because I thought I had charged my camera battery before leaving but apparently, Peanut, our cat knocked it off while I was at work and so it didn't have much juice. The hubs took me to a building with an outlet so I could at least get enough:) So here is what I got!

"Yes Drill Sgt., I'll do anything you say Drill Sgt." Winks at that handsome man in the photo:p

This was the ONLY photo I got with me in it!!! And this was AFTER we finally made it home:p Which is a shame because I had a banging outfit on:p My hot black vest that I love, a pink shirt, matching earrings and bracelet, dark jeans, studded black belt with a hot belt buckle and black high heels...I was proud of myself seeing as I had planned for the dress but then had to switch that at the last moment! Ekkk! Although good thing I didn't wear the dress because another wife there was wearing the EXACT same one.....yeah....That ia always AKWARD!! lol...

This is the hubby waiting for the ceremony to start! He was telling me, at this moment, that I had my first real look at the Army, "Hurry up and wait." HA HA! We had been sitting there for a good forty minutes at this point.

So I was going to post the video where they recieve their hats individually but thought better of it as they give out each soldiers name and rank...A definite no no in cyber space:p So instead, here is a video I captured of the ending where they are singing their cadence and all filing out...Robert is at the far end where you can't see him but once he steps into the lense my eye is on him the whole way up the ramp until he disappears:p Its not hard to figure out which one he is...lol...

Well the hubby has fallen asleep here on the couch waiting for me to finish so we could go to bed together so I should probably wake him and head that way...I hope you all have had a great few days! I tried to catch up on all of your posts but DANG you all had a lot to write while I was away:p I will catch up tomorrow for sure....Missed you all and will post again tomorrow about something I am excited about but didn't want to make this post longer....I'll give you a hint, the hubs and I are famous! So be looking for that post! Night ya'll:)

April 21, 2009

Last post...

So this is my last post for the next day or so as I leave striaght from work headed to South Carolina tomorrow! I am so excited about Robert's graduation and him coming home, in case you all haven't noticed:p I found the perfect little dress for it too when my hubby busted that bubble a few hours ago...Apparently they are not graduating in their class A's and are instead going in their ACU's...WHA? This makes no sense to me but oh well...I was kind of upset that I wouldn't get to wear the dress I had picked AND accessorized for the occassion! I just felt odd wearing a fitted dress with sexy black heels when all he was going to be in was his uniform. The hubs sensed that I was feeling down about it so he came up with the perfect idea! We're going to have professional pictures taken with him in is class A's and me in my dress when we get back...He's such a sweety:) I'll be sure to post those pictures when we get them!

I should definitely think about getting off here and start packing soon; Tomorrow is going to come early as I'm opening the store so I can be off by 5:00...Uggg, am I the only one who hates to pack? Even when its for something exciting? Lol...I'll catch ya'll later but am bringing my laptop with me so I can at least keep up with everyone while I'm there...WHAT, I'm addicted:p


April 20, 2009

Say what! And I missed it!

Ummm, so apparently there was a tornado that tore up down town Columbus last night (about 4 miles from my house) and I didn't know a thing about it...WHA! I mean if I even get a whif of one lurking near by I go into complete freak mode and stare at the T.V all night feeling like my heart is going to burst from fear, waiting for the sirens or the news that it has past, or something!....So what was I doing last night? Ohhhhh, I was sitting in our living room staring, instead, at blogger happy as a bug in a rug:p I looked up at one point and saw some lightning but continued on with my reading, then the lights started to flicker, but it wasn't that sever out so I ignored it, then the sirens went off, but I ignored that too because they go off every Saturday night just to do checks; I thought that was what they were up to. So I didn't even pay attention to the guy who came across the loud speaker, obviously NOT, saying "This is a test. I repeat, this is a test." I only found out about it when I woke up this morning to a text my hubby sent asking me if I was okay, then telling me that there were tornados that touched down last night....Gosh, I must be slipping:p No one was hurt but a bunch of down town is all jacked up to where streets have totally been shut down...Have I mentioned how much I hate tornados! It was probably a good thing I didn't know; Being all alone, I probably would have hyperventilated to death!

On a happier note! I just got the best wife award of the year, or at least from my hubby anyhow...He has always had a dream of owning a 1967 mustang shelby fastback and found the perfect one on Ebay last night...If you're not sure what kind of a car that is, its Elenore off of Gone In Sixty Seconds, however he had been dreaming about that car even before Elenore, lol...We've been talking about this for a good three months now and have decided that if he really wants to do this, then we need to do it when we're young and before the kids arrive...This car costs a lot in case you didn't know! So the one he found last night is actually a steal at 33,000 and so he bid on it! He is, as of right now, the top dog and leading the pack; I really hope it stays that way! I told him if we get it that, thats one hell of a graduation gift:p I'll keep ya'll posted on whether or not we get it! I think the auction ends on Saturday so I should have good or bad news to blog about then:p Good night ladies, this tired girl is off to la la land:)

April 19, 2009


HELL TO THE YEAH!!!! Excuse me while I laugh out loud and do a victory dance here!!!! Let me back up and say, for some of you readers, I know you've been tracking right along with me on my running success I started three weeks ago. A week back I posted that I wanted to hit my 1.5 mile mark this week but guess freakin what! Tonight I ran the furtherest at a whooping 2 (couldn't have felt greater) miles! I was shocked to say the least....My last run was on Thursday where I ran 1.70 miles but that was even rough by the end so tonight when I got on the tread I was hoping to make it right around there again, but when I hit the 1.75 mile mark I was still feeling great so I pushed for that last quater of a mile...After all, thats what its about right! I feel great, my legs are tight, I actually broke a good sweat and I just downed a glass of chocolate milk. I have to give a shout out to d.a.r on that one. We've been e-mailing back and forth as shes been giving me tips and pointers on making this more of a success. She told me about drinking chocolate milk afterwards...Apparently it has a lot of good protein to help your muscle recovery; Do you see me complaining here:) I was thinking it would eventually come down to those nasty protein drinks or something...Gosh, if someone had told me I would have an excuse to drink chocolate milk after running, I might have made olympic gold medalist by now! Lol...k not really, but yeah:p
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! Robert was in town again but sadly we didn't get to spend much time together:( I couldn't stay down too long about it though, knowing that in two days I get to drive to South Carolina to see him graduate! So most likely I won't be posting on here for those few days; at least until (WE) get back:) Thank you all for you wonderful compliments and comments on my last post...You're all too kind:p I think I told JLC that everytime I look at my eyes I just see an everyday blue, but when you have to live with them everyday they're just not that exciting:p Especially when allergies get the better of me and they're red from inching....uggg...Last thing and I'll shut up for the evening. I've noticed that when you girls post about another blog site you somehow find a way to get their blog name in there as a clickable URL...How do you do this? I mention ya'll alot in my blog and I would love to be able to send people to your sites easier via this way...Okay, I'm off to catch up on all of your lovely blogs and my favorite part, commenting! Caio...

EDIT: Thanks to lola and d.a.r I now know how to hyper-link! Woo hoo, thanks girls, you've made my night;)

April 16, 2009

Do I have hair?

So I got to thinking about the fact that in ALL my pictures on here I am always wearing my hair up and It kinda looks like I don't have hair...So here is a picture showing that I do, in fact, have hair:p This was taken a few weeks back while my sisters were in town...My kitty doesn't look too thrilled does he, HA! Please excuse my bushy eyebrows (or brow rather), they are in need of a good waxing! Note to self: more head hair in pictures and less eyebrow hair:p

Tag You're it!

So I was tagged by Stephanie over at Adventures of Jon And Steph. This is my first blogger game EVER so I'm really excited to play:p Thanks Steph!!! Apparently this is the deal, Mention the person(s) that tagged you. Complete the lists of 8's. Tag 8 of your wonderful blogging buddies then go tell them you have tagged them. Here are my list of 8's...

8 Things I look forward to:

#1. Robert's return from the three months he has spent in South Carolina...

#2. Hitting my five mile mark as a runner!! (big one there)

#3. Our 1st. year anniversary on 12/27/2009! We are planning a ski trip to Gatlinburg, TN up in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, Yay!

#4. Driving to SC on Wednesday night, after work, to see Robert graduate Drill School the fallowing morning!

#5. My birthday on November 6th because a little birdy is dropping the hint that I want the Garmin 405... To track the crazy miles I'll be putting in by then:p

#6. Hearing from all you ladies every day and reading about your day...Checking Blogger is like the first site I go to when getting on, anymore:)

#7. Seeing where life has taken Robert and I ten years from now...The experiences we'll have had, and maybe even have already met our future children:p

#8. Summer time for sure...I love being outdoors...I usually carry this ridiculous smile on my face during warm summer days...(Takes a deep nasal breath...AHHHHHHHH!)

8 Things I did Yesterday:

#1. Went to work from 2:00 til midnight working on getting our inventory preped for the next day (which was sooooo a distaster in case you were wondering) I'll blog about it later, because after all, who does this!

#2. Opened the french doors in our living room to let the nice breeze in and just took a snooze in our big comfy chair...

#3. Worked on getting some bills paid.

#4. Took a late movie back to red box (oops)...

#5. Talked to my sister Mouse and wished her a Happy Birthday.

#6. Started to clean the apartment for when Robert gets in tomorrow night.

#7. Went to Wal-Mart looking for my favorite eye shadow of all time, which they have been out of for an entire month! errr....

#8. Shopped online to find a dress for Roberts graduation....No luck:(

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

#1. Grow out my nails for one...Gaw, it was such a bad habit I picked up and when I stopped I weakend them to the point where they just refuse to grow and break instead...sniff sniff...

#2. loose the extra five pounds I've been carry around...I blame it on Robert because its really true, when you get into a relationship, alot of it is based around food and you just gain weight...It sucks but its so fun while your doing it! Some of that I have to blame on my birth control though too...grins...

#3. Travel as much as I wanted to!!! I would be all over the place...You'd never be able to pin this girl down:p

#4. Meet some really solid girls where I live and build lasting friendships, preferably military wives/girlfriends...Thats something I plan to work hard on this year...I really miss just being able to take off with a group of girls to go get coffee, or something, and just chatter:)

#5. Spell...I've always been a terrible speller and wish I was better at it...My younger sister, Mouse, she has always been so good at it and growing up I never thought it was fair...She was younger and I was older so there for I was supposed to be better at everything thing then her, right? lol...

#6. Write a book!! Gosh I can't tell you how many times I've started one but then have quit...I guess I just haven't found the story line that really motivates me yet...It would be a romance of course:)

#7. Send my Da back to Ireland where he was born and put them up in a nice little cottage there...My dad has lived a very full and adventerous life but Ireland is truly where his heart lyes...Everytime he hears songs/sees pictures/movies of his country he gets all misty eyed...Maybe someday Da...

#8. Speak a second language! I tried French for a while when I was 16 and my Da tried to teach us kids Gaelic when we were young but all I can do now is count from 1-10:p
A haon (ah-haun)
a dó (ah doe)
a trí (ah tra)
a ceathair (ah catergh)
a cúig (ah kooig)
a a sé (ah sha)
a seacht (ah shoft)
a hocht (ah hooft)
a naoi (ah nay)
a deich (ah de)

Still got it, hee hee:p

8 Shows I Watch:

These are shows I watch when I have time but I, by no means, am a loyal fallower:p

#1. Army Wives
#2. Americas next top model
#3. Srubs (hilerous)
#4. Etreme Makeover
#5. Desperate Housewives
#6. Nanny 911
#7. Lost
#8. CSI Miami

Thanks again Steph and so now comes the really fun part, getting to tag other bloggy buddies:p I apologize but I do not know how to post peoples links on here then attach it to their blog name, however you can find them on my fallow list or the blogs I read! Anyone that knows how to do this, I would love to know! These are in no particular order, BTW:)
Samantha, over at A Day In This Army Wife's Life
Jennifer, over at Crazy Shananigans
More The An (Army) Wife,
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d.a.r, over at Another Day In Paradise
Abbie, over at Satisfy My Soul
Jessica, over at Southern Yankee
Lola, over at Not All Those Who Wonder Are Lost
Thanks for reading guys and I hope I haven't picked anyone who has already been tagged...EKKK!

April 15, 2009

Yes, PLEASE Cry For Me Argentina...

Ugggh, its inventory day at work and I'm really dreading it...This eventually came around with every retail/sales jobs I've held in the past but I hated it every time then too:p Although this time I am working ten hours straight tonight......blech....I have definitely worked more then this in one day but it feels different this time around seeing as I go in at 2:00 p.m today and won't get home until 12:30 a.m, but then have to be BACK at work by 6:30 a.m that same morning to start the inventory process. Thats like what, four hours of sleep...hssssss....Not to mention that our district manager AND regional manager are going to be there scanning right along side of me...A lot of big wigs in such a small store, makes me nervous....shudders...Good thing I'm told that Mike, the district manager likes me already, as he was the final decision maker on giving me the job...Now all I have to do is win over the regional manager:p

On a more positive note, EIGHT DAYS!!! Eight days until I head straight from work to Ft, Jackson, SC where I'll be watching R graduate Drill school the very next day!!! ( insert the, I'm so excited I could pee my pants dance here) Last weekend was a hard one for us both. The closer it gets to him returning home the harder it is to wait and let him leave each weekend!!! You'd think it be the other way around...Shrugs...Maybe its also because for the past two weekends, he's been leaving more and more of his stuff here at the apartment, so I'm getting to see more of him around the place now...Kind of solidifys his coming home that much more:)

Yesterday, it really it me though, about how hard its going to be not seeing him much in a week even though we're in the same town/bed every night. I guess I just had a (holy crap! this really is gonna be tough) moment...My first REAL one yet, I think:p But we all have them at some point right? I'm still sticking to my thoughts on this though... Might not have mentioned them yet, so here it is...I'd rather be only seeing him a few hours a week and know he's safe in my bed everynight, then have him in the sandbox and be out of my mind with worry for his safe return each and everyday...That thought is so sobering and completely snaps me out of any pity party I might be having!! It even worked yesterday during my holy crap moment:p I will definitely keep ya'll posted on our journey through the life of a drill Sgt. and his wife. I'm sure there'll be plenty of stupid/funny stories to share about antics the privates pull during basic...I know R has already shared a few with me and they're hilarious...Maybe I'll divulge next time:p Hope everyone has a wonder wednesday! I will post again tomorrow but most likely not until I've had a few hours of sleep:p I am one devoted blogger yo...peace-

April 14, 2009

The Reasons I Run!!!

So not ever, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would become a runner at some point in life. However, here I am at 24 years of age loving each completed week of running where I become more and more crazy about it and want to see myself succeed! My only complaint is I cannot stand the days I have to rest and wish I could run farther/longer:p I know it doesn't look like I'm making that much progress but my hubby informed me last week that the distance from our gym to our apartment was NOT in fact a quater of a mile... So when I was posting that I ran 1.25 miles that first week, it was a lie:( I was only running like 1.10 and I was bummed, BUT, I am now ACTUALLY running 1.25 miles, and how do I know this? Because I'm running it on the treadmill:p Phew, felt good to get that off my chest! So I feel like I am making progress and tacking on extra steps each week...Next week I hope to build myself to 1.5 miles so wish me luck! By the way, I absolutely have no idea what I'm doing here. As far as knowing if I'm pushing too hard, not hard enough, should I be running everyday even though I'm really sore, will that eventually stop to where I can run everyday? How do I build my speed, or should I just be concentrating on on getting my miles built then work on speed...It all makes my head spin...Any advise ladies? Also, does running lean your lower half out or will I always be bottom heavy unless I do extra stuff? I don't want to build massive leg muscles like Arnold, instead I want to achive lean muscles...What has been ya'lls experience with your body changing with running?

So I've been doing even more thinking about this whole running thing and my reasons for sticking with it...I wanted to write them out for my own clarificaition and thought you might like to know them as well:p

#1 I'm making this up as I go, so bare with me:p

#2 The biggest REAL reason is that I have always admired hard core runners and their discipline; Its alway looked like such an achivment that I would have loved to gain! Everytime I'd get a small motivational bug under my butt I would go with it, but then quit like three days into it...Each time I would feel like the biggest looser/quiter. Everytime that would solidify it (that much more) that I didn't have what it took; the discipline, motivation, desire....errr....Kinda of made me look at myself in a not so good light...Bottom line, I felt lazy...I want to prove to myself that I can do this and I'm not lazy; That I do have motivation, discipline and desire and I can be that hard core runner I always admired!

#3 I want to achive a healthier way of life through my running. I know that when I work hard towards a better body then I'm more conscience of what I put in my body. Adapting to this life style of running will only help me stay phiscally healthier and I'm down with that!

#4 This one ties into the above reason and I know you know it was coming, I want to finally think I look good when I peek at myself below the belt line:p I have always had issues with my backside and thighs and HATE looking at them...I hate being in a swim suit because of this and I would love to not feel that way anymore... So I'm finally taking charge of how I feel about myself and saying "no more," no more will I just sit around hating how I look while doing nothing about it and no more will I waste another day thinking poorly of myself because of it. I want to tone up so I can finally walk confidently in a swim suit, or shorts and know that I'm not being stared at for my jiggly rear and thighs but that I look good and maybe inspire others as well...I know when I see a girl that looks like she works out I get that motivational bug EVERYTIME to start working out more too:p

#5 ummmm, so maybe a little of this is so I can eat (some) bad stuff and not feel guilty for it:p I just cannot seem to stay away from the chips...If I could change one thing about myself I would change that...To have the control to look at all of those beautifully, air filled, colored bags and just say, "your not worth it Mr. Lays and I am so over you," ahhhhh, that felt good actually...Maybe I'll take a spin to wal-mart and go have a chat with him now:p

#6 A really exciting reason of mine is so that my hubby and I can be active together...I never ran with R because I knew that he'd either A. smoke my jiggly ass, or B. slow down for me and not get the workout that he needed...He's really active and I want to be able to keep up. Call me crazy but when I see Military wives/girlfriends/fiences trying to keep pace with their hunny's it makes me smile...I think it shows them that we take their careers serious and want to support them by also staying fit, like they have to do on a daily basis...Also, I know it means a lot to R that I'm doing this because its just one more thing we can do together as a couple:)

Well thank you for reading, as this was my first time voicing why I run...It felt good to finally realize why I'm doing this. I'm sure my reasons will change or develop more over time but for now, this is where I stand! Really looking forward to all of your comments/suggestions/advise on any part of this post:)

April 13, 2009

Feeling A Bit Stalked...Should I Be?

Okay ladies, I've got a question....I've been getting really creeped out by a certian somebody that visits my page...I found this no name on my sitemeter sometime ago and have since found out that he/she stays on my blog constantly! I went into some of your sitemeters to do an investigation and have realized that Rogers.com is on your's as well, but that it doesn't display how long he/she is staying...On mine they on there day after day, for hours upon hours!!! Its starting to creep me out but I wanted to see what ya'll thought...Is this Rogers.com a partner with sitemeter and they infact do the monitering? It links back to a cable/internet company in Ontario, Canada.....Hmmmm...Should I be worried or what?

April 12, 2009

I'm Back!!! A Wonderfully Spent Weekend...

So R got Guitar Hero Metallica for his birthday, instead of the truck floor mats, and I presented it to him in this charming camo birthday/easter basket:p I didn't want to fill it with candy as thats his biggest weakness so I put his favorite drink, Dr. Pepper, jerky and a few Biscoti Turtle Truffle bars in it accompanied with four plastic eggs filled with sweet notes and a card...I was proud of it:p
The hubs after cracking his fingers, waiting for Guitar Hero Metallica to load:p

Seeing as I had to work Saturday we managed to get a late birthday dinner in and here it is; his favorite, Outback Steak House with wine...We ended up pooring the wine out and going to a red wine called Sangria (so good its dangerous) He called in the order just past 8:00 and I picked it up on my way home along with his large birthday cookie I orderd on my lunch break...He thought that was just great and polished the rest off before leaving today:p

My hubby in his suit! We did it up right last night:)

And finally, today on our walk/hike at a local park...It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend; note our incredibably toothy smiles, ha ha! I think this might be a good place to start running outside too!
So yeah, this is where I have disapeared to for the past two days! Enjoying my hunny while he was in town and celebrating his birthday TOGETHER; something we had yet to be able to do! Today was so gorgeous and the perfect day to get out...Everyone was enjoying their Easter and I loved seeing it. I hope all of you had wonderful times with your families, hunting for eggs, eating good food and sneeking candy on the side:p One of my favorite movies is on (The Sound of Music) so excuse me while I end here and watch as I get that silly, happy feeling at seeing films that nobody makes anymore...I know I'm not the only one but I absolutely love classic films!!! P.S I ran another 1.25 miles today! Slowly but surely...

April 9, 2009

Me IN My New Frames, As Promised:)

Well, as promised, this is me in my new specks! Wow, what a difference ladies; I can see so clearly now:) I'll be looking at anything/everything and pull my glasses down to see the difference without them and woaha, it is ten times more burry...No wonder I was feeling like my head was being messed with all the time! I seriousy don't think the eye doctor new what she was talking about when she said I didn't need them all the time. Unless dealing with blurry vision everyday is considered alright just as long as you can see it fairly well...hmmm...

Update On My Running And A Confession...

So now that I've been running steady for two weeks I do have a question, so I'll just dive right in here. About four days after I started running I started noticing that I've been getting this weezing sensation during the day or at night but its not consistent, just comes and goes...This bothers me just a bit because I used to have a death threatening case of asthma when I was younger, from ages 3-6. I was always in the hospital for it and would have to stay for months at a time...But thats another story...I was just wondering if its possible to get asthma back after all this time? I mean I grew out of it when I was ten and haven't had a problem since. My mother in-law has told me that you can get it back while my husband tells me that there is also a thing known as runners asthma? What are your thoughts?

I'm really excited because this is the LONGEST I've ever went, continuing to run and not giving up. Some progress I've noticed is that my quads are looking stronger and that I'm not out of breath by the end, although I am breathing pretty hard:p I felt like it was getting harder and harder with each run, that first week, but now its starting to level out. Today is my rest day seeing as I ran yesterday, but starting tomorrow I'm going to start pushing myself a little more.

I do have a confession to make, however. This whole time I have been running on a tredmill...I have looked into running forums and alot of the hard core runners do not consider this running:( My reasons, right now, for using the tredmill is that I know how much distance I'm running and that is whats keeping me motivated. I don't have one of those nice little Garmin watches yet so that I can keep track of my milage. In addition, I haven't found any nice places to run either. We live in a really busy area of Columbus,GA and I just do not feel comfortable running in all that traffic, at this point. I was hit twice by two different cars in Alaska so I'm alittle road shy now:p I do realize that running on pavement is completely different then a tredmill, I have done it:p To make up for some of my guilt I've been setting my incline to 20 percent so that its like I am running up hills and such that you meet outside:p Any thoughts?

I have a butt load of stuff to do today, it being my day off and all:p Finish up birthday shopping for the hubs, clean the house from top to bottom, get my hair cut, dispose of our cat, jk:p and I've even been contimplating starting the tanning bed seeing as we have them in our apartment complex. I just have such a hard time getting color and so I get depressed and usually end up giving up. I have alot of Irish running through my veins so that means I acquire freakles on a daily basis and burn easily:p Argh...Caio!

April 7, 2009

Love That Guy!!! A.K.A My Brother:)

So this is my brother and my sister who was pregnant at the time. Incase your wondering, they're bumpin baby bellies:p This was my sisters baby shower and yes those are the balloons we used for decoration under their shirts...I love my life!
Okay, so I didn't have just a solo pic of my younger brother but this is him! He has such a great sense of humor and is just so cool all the time! You honestly could hate him because he's so cool and makes it look so easy:p As a sister I love the bantering back and forth that we often do:p Yesterday I texted him about my glasses and told him I now have designer coach frames. He replies back with "how much did that set R back, HA HA?" I told him the amount, 334.00 and he writes back, "thats my little gold digger!" By the way, he's single for all you non married, non engagged ladies out there:p (wiggles eyebrows) He'd kill me if he knew I was (figuritively speaking) auctioning him off on blogger.com, BWAH HA HA! The other day I hijacked his myspace account and replaced his serene mountain scene with that of two puppy hound dogs and changed his favorite rocker song out to, "You Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog" by the famous Elvis Presley:p He texted me the next day and says "Becca you little shit! LMAO! I'll get you for this!" Ahhhh sibling rivalry....He has this really slow southern way about himself...He talks like he's in no hurry and hardly nothing life throws at him can rattle the guy. He makes light over serious things that happens on the job (like almost digging too far down into the ground and hitting an electrical wire strong enough to send him to the next life...Yeah I wanted to shake him for just laughing about it. He gets pulled over for speeding alot and when the cop asks him why he's in such a hurry he gives them that slow country smile and says "awwwwwwe officer, you know....Just tryin to get home to momma." LMAO...He's a bit of a devil too though. B works with heavy equipment and LOVES anything to do with Cat, John Deere ect...Well there is this field of nothing but dirt and big pieces of machinery right near where he lives, so what does B do? He grabs a buddy and heads on over there at like 12:00 in the morning to play....(shakes head) The land and the (toys) are not his, keep in mind...He says that in this line of work contractors always leave keys in their equpiment, so he just jumps in the biggest one he can find and turns on those lights that is bright enough to light up a football field! Why to go if your trying to be inconspicuous! Well to make a long story short, they get caught by the owner... The man pulls a shot gun on them and has it dug right into my brothers stomach and says "what the hell do you boys think your doin out here!" B replies in his slow country way "awwwwwwwe sir, just movin alittle dirt" AHHHHHH HA HA HA HA! His response was too funny to even think about scolding him at the time! Gosh I love that guy:p Well not really sure why I decided to blog JUST about my brother when I have so many other siblings. All I can figure is I just really miss that guy right now!!! Wish you all had the opportunity to meet him, cause you'd end up loving him just as much as I do!
P.s. I just texted the bro and told him I was auctioning him off on blogger. He replies with " So, I'll expect my cut in the mail on friday" lol, aweful sure of himself that he'll even be bid on:p

April 6, 2009

My Fabulous New Frames!!!

So these are my new designer frames from Coach! I love the brown and light blue design on the inside:) kinda adds a girly touch I think.

So after my exam today I was told that I definitely needed glasses but they didn't recommend contacts at this point because I only need them while driving at night and when I feel like my eyes are getting tired, yadda yadda...I was actually suprised that my eyes weren't worse off then they say they are. So we'll try glasses seeing as their easier to put on and take off at this point:p I didn't think that I was going to look good in glasses at all, but I suprised myself! I really do look smarter and feel a tad bit sexier, ha ha! Gosh, they sure are expensive little pieces of plastic though or maybe it just feels like they are becuase I do not know good prices for such things, yet:p With lenses and frames, an extra exam for the testing of potential blindness, glare coating for the lenses AND a nifty little bottle of solution to clean my glare coated fabulous coach frames/lenses the total was 334.00...That feels like a lot to me but not sure if it is? Anyhow, I feel better that I went and now know that I don't have anything wrong with me, just a touch of old age and not so good (eye) genes:p I will be sure to take a picture and post it once I get them in! Thank you all so much for your input and advise!! It was a definite help and I now don't feel so scared about getting contacts once it comes to needing something more often in my day:p

April 5, 2009

Some Randomness And QUESTIONS!

Well crumb....Just got home from work and I'm starving so I decide to cook this wonderful gourmet meal of mac'n'cheese... I certainly must be tired because what do I do? I go to pour the noddles and then realize that I dumped all my cheesy powder in instead, turning the water a nice murky orange....Ugggg...Guess I'll have to settle for plain ol'noodles and butter....again...Oh yes, this has happened before...
Gosh, I think two days is a record for me not posting, so far and I've missed everyone! I'm definitely going to be catching up on y'all this week so be looking for my comments! I had a great weekend with my hubby although I had to work yet again...Sighs...and didn't get that much time with him...But at least I got some so I'm certainly not going to complain! Somewhat out of fear that I'd be B!&@# slapped by all you girls who's men are deployed and would kill for even an hour...My momma didn't raise no fool:p I had a split shift on Saturday so I went in at 9:00 am then left at 2:00 pm. only to return at 9:00 pm later in the even to work until closer to 1:00 am. We had a game day sale to prep for and we needed time that customers weren't in the store to do it...We normally don't work that late, thank God, However because of that shift Robert and I got to go see the new fast and furious movie together!!! Ohhhhh it felt so wonderful getting to just sit there with him and unwind! Ever notice that you can be completely happy doing whatever just as long as your together:) Anyhow, the show was great y'all. If your a fan of those movies you definitely NEED to watch this new one!!! I loved it because there was so much intrigue this time around. Granted there was intrigue in the others too, but this ones just different...Plus all the old actors are back! So just watch it:p
So a quick question for y'all would be, what should I decide on my eye doctors appointment tomorrow? I can't decide whether to get contacts or glasses and here is why. Glasses are too easy for me to lay down and loose while contacts, I'm scared, might irritate my eyes...I don't want to waste the money on contacts if I'm just going to hate how they feel and not use them anyhow, while I certainly don't want to loose my glasses ultimately wasting that money anyway......deep breath....Any thoughts? Contacts or glasses and why?
So ANOOOOOTHER question I have...There are four important birthdays coming up all in the space of three weeks from now, but the one I'm really having a hard time with is my hubby's birthday! It is this Friday... We've talked about what to get him and he just says that guys arn't that into romantic gifts and would rather practical gifts...Do you agree with this? his suggestions are either new floor mats for his truck or Guitar Hero Metallica...I really want to do something memorable for him because we've never been able to be together on his birthday, up until this year. He'll be driving in on Friday night so I think this calls for something special, don't you? Then comes the question of what I should do for him and when...Friday night won't work because he never arrives before midnight and I work this Saturday from 2:00 until close and then he leaves out again on Sunday around 2:00 pm. I thought maybe a nice picnic or something? Or is that cheesy...Any suggestions would be great! I'm so open for input at this time it'd be hilarious what I'd do for it:p Thanks y'all, in advance, for your wonderful ideas and comments!

April 3, 2009

So Proud Of My Hubby!

R got his hat today! This is a really big deal and I am soooo proud of him! Everyone is telling him he looks like the poster boy for a drill Sgt's:p I'd say I agree with that! He passed his last PT test today and just finished his last written exam right before he called me, so everything from here is down hill! Now just waiting on when I get to drive up there to see him graduate and then bring him home!

April 2, 2009


I'M SO EXCITED! I get to run tomorrow!!!! My muscles have healed enough to where I should be good for another mile run or so...I'm taking Samantha's advise over at A day in the life of an Army wife's blog and drinking plenty of water tonight...Would make sense that well lubricated muscle's tend to work better:p I'm anxious to see if the mile feels easier and if it does, I'm going to do a victory dance and then run another half a mile:p Seriously though, any advise from you more advanced runners would be so appreciated as I'm completely serious about making this a passion...I am already falling in love with my progress and the idea of running races!

So some of you might remember the post I wrote about on my eyes and going to the doctor...Well yeah, I kinda sorta backed out of that appointment last Friday and never went...I have this large tendency of making at least three appointments and backing out before I'll actually go. This morning I made appointment number two:p I spent a lot of time in the hospital during the ages three and six, so much that I just hate spending even more time in them...At least that's what I tell myself and everyone who asks:p So, today I think it finally hit me how important going is... I've had major eye strain all day with dizziness that's making me nauseous; Every time I look at something new its ALWAYS blurry until my eyes have the chance to focus on the subject...So this might be my first time ever of not canceling three times before I go!!!

It is 11:30 p.m. and the mint chocolate chip ice cream sitting in my freezer is calling to me! Is it true what they say about not eating after 9:00? I've aways wondered because I do this a lot seeing as I work nights and am starving when I get home, however it doesn't seem to bother my weight much...Could be my metabolism at this point, so maybe the chocolaty mint chips need to wait for the morning as you know what thy say, indulging when your young bites you when your old! I certainly don't want, ekk ekk ekk (insert stabbing knife here) to happen to me:p So before I decide this particular pain is worth the pleasure, Goodnight to you ladies and I will see your beautiful faces in the morning!!!

April 1, 2009

His Voice...

BAM, CLASH, BOOOOM! Goes the thunder....

Its nights like these that I really wish my hubby was here...You know, those dark, rainy, scary bright lighting and loud thunder nights? Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this way during severe storms? I mean I'm sitting here in my living room, in a chair, that points right at our french doors and into those rumbling, grumbling thunder heads; The rain is so loud that I can barley think and the minute those huge lighting bolts hit, you could convince me its day! In addition, the wind it pushing the rain at such a speed that you'd swear lug nuts where raining down on us! And when the massive bright strikes hit it means I need to brace myself because soon comes the jaw rattling KA-LACK!
My husband knows how I get during bad storms, but he uses that voice of his, which is so utterly steady and soothing, to talk me into a state of calm; I actually end up falling a sleep! Oh girl, and when he sings...Well lets just say I have this love struck look plastered on my face that says "please don't stop" lol...Out of it all though the high winds is really what scares me the most...Sometime ago, while snuggled in his arms, a bad storm broke out early in the wee morning. The wind was stronger then I had ever experienced. Well no, I take that back, there was this wind storm while I was in Alaska which had 100 mph gusts ALL DAY LONG! But getting back where I left off...It started to get really bad out to where I couldn't decide if it was just wind or a tornado, yes that bad ladies...R knew I was scared because I started breathing hard and holding onto him even tighter then before, so he just started stroking my hair and talking to me about how the wind sounds like the ocean breaking and receding...It really does too! So he painted this picture for me (with his amazing voice:p) of us on a beach with our eyes shut, just holding one another listening to the waves crash and dance....sighs...I use those images every time now when the wind tries and get the better of me....I don't even think he knows how much I appreciated him doing that and how tightly I still hold onto his painting during storms...Hmmmm...Might have to share that with him this weekend:p So off to bed I go! Can't wait to dream about that tropical beach and my hunny holding me close...