April 2, 2009


I'M SO EXCITED! I get to run tomorrow!!!! My muscles have healed enough to where I should be good for another mile run or so...I'm taking Samantha's advise over at A day in the life of an Army wife's blog and drinking plenty of water tonight...Would make sense that well lubricated muscle's tend to work better:p I'm anxious to see if the mile feels easier and if it does, I'm going to do a victory dance and then run another half a mile:p Seriously though, any advise from you more advanced runners would be so appreciated as I'm completely serious about making this a passion...I am already falling in love with my progress and the idea of running races!

So some of you might remember the post I wrote about on my eyes and going to the doctor...Well yeah, I kinda sorta backed out of that appointment last Friday and never went...I have this large tendency of making at least three appointments and backing out before I'll actually go. This morning I made appointment number two:p I spent a lot of time in the hospital during the ages three and six, so much that I just hate spending even more time in them...At least that's what I tell myself and everyone who asks:p So, today I think it finally hit me how important going is... I've had major eye strain all day with dizziness that's making me nauseous; Every time I look at something new its ALWAYS blurry until my eyes have the chance to focus on the subject...So this might be my first time ever of not canceling three times before I go!!!

It is 11:30 p.m. and the mint chocolate chip ice cream sitting in my freezer is calling to me! Is it true what they say about not eating after 9:00? I've aways wondered because I do this a lot seeing as I work nights and am starving when I get home, however it doesn't seem to bother my weight much...Could be my metabolism at this point, so maybe the chocolaty mint chips need to wait for the morning as you know what thy say, indulging when your young bites you when your old! I certainly don't want, ekk ekk ekk (insert stabbing knife here) to happen to me:p So before I decide this particular pain is worth the pleasure, Goodnight to you ladies and I will see your beautiful faces in the morning!!!


  1. I am a slave to anything involving mint chocolate chip! :)

    My only advice about getting started with running is to follow the "10% rule" -- take your total mileage for the week, and add it up. The next week, you shouldn't do more than 10% of your mileage for the first week.

    For example -- last week, I ran 11 miles during the week. 10% is 1.1miles. So this week, I shouldn't exceed 12.1. It reminds you to go slowly but surely! :)

  2. Get your frickin' eyes checked!

  3. I 2nd High heels! And thanks for the shout out!! ;-)

  4. Definitely get your eyes check silly girl!!!

    And way to go on the running, keep it up ;)


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