June 28, 2011

Week 4 &First Belly Shot!

This is me at 4 weeks Baby "G"

These blurry pictures are a lot of what I felt this morning while taking them; blurry eyed and not quite a wake. It doesn't help that my camera lens is all scratched from rumbling around in my over stuffed purse. I over slept for work today for the first time in YEARS! Hence the crazy hair:) Today marks 4 weeks though so I wanted to get this shot in before the bloating set in, Ha!

July 13th is our first doctors appointment! I am super excited to talk with them and ask them all sorts of questions. I have no clue as to what I'm doing Baby "G" so maybe these guys will help. I've been taking my vitamins ever since we found out and drinking SOOOO much water. Mommy needs to start using her coca butter though! This, in theory, will give me stretchy skin for you to grow sweety pea!

Symptoms: SO MANY! Tired, bloated, Crazy hungry, Short but painful headaches, Sore throat & runny nose, Sore ta ta's, Moody, Backaches, SUPER shortness of breath and can't forget the constant going to the bathroom:) No morning sickness though, yay!

Craving: Anything fried and heavy! I have been doing well with my eating for the past few days though. Not giving into those bad but oh so good cravings...

Exercise: Nothing too pa-dow right now.I work a lot at my current job. It doesn't really leave time to workout or build any sort of schedule. My last day is July 9th, so in 1 week 3 days that'll all change! Gotta keep Baby "G" and I healthy!

So far I feel really great! I know what you're thinking, "How could that be with all of those symptoms!" I actually enjoy them, it tells me I'm definitely pregnant and that my body's doing what it needs to, in order for the baby to stick!

P.S According to Thebump.com you are the size of a poppyseed Baby "G!" I can't believe you are that small but having such HUGE effects on mommy:)

June 27, 2011

One Lucky "Swimmer"

All last week I had been feeling very strange. Super tired at work. HUNGRY beyond anything I've ever experienced. Nauseous when I fed that hunger. Super edgy and really irritated at the constant trips to the potty all day and all night! I wrote this off to being stressed with my job ending and our PCS to Ft. Lewis. In addition Aunt Flo should be arriving soon; that explained the sore ta-ta's!

On Friday, June 24, 2011, I knew something wasn't right because the sore ta-ta's had gone away and yet there was no surprise visit from my monthly buddy. Now I was wondering!

I woke up at 6:20 am to get ready. R was graduating his last cycle of soldiers. He had been named Drill Sgt. of the cycle so I wasn't going to miss watching him get recognized for his hard work and caring efforts towards these young soldiers. Not to mention I was getting flowers too...Who doesn't like that! I had one pregnancy test left from a scare we had last year and decided, what the heck...

I knew it was too early to test but I thought to myself--- hubby and I HAD been talking about trying for a baby in the near future and on a whim, decided we'd leave it in the big guys hands and quit trying to stop a pregnancy...However, I was nowhere NEAR ovulation when this happened and it kinda takes an egg to make a baby....But what if?

I unwrapped that bad boy with a vengeance thinking the entire time about all the strange symptoms I'd been having. I don't know about you, but I HATE that 3 minute wait once you've tinkled on the stick...I couldn't help but stare at it, my eyes crossing and manifesting fake lines the entire time. It hadn't been two minutes before I got this!

The line was so faint though; I thought I was imagining it...After R's graduation, I swung by our nearest Rite-aid and bought a digital test. Those are supposed to tell it like it is:) Lord, I never thought that ticking time clock was EVER going to disappear! But it finally did and I got this!!!!

I'm going to be a MOMMA!!!

The doctors confirmed it today. I am 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant; due on March 7, 2011! That is a good month before daddy will deploy. The ironic thing is, the day after I posted on here about baby fever, we conceived. How wonderful and bizarre!

Letter From Mommy

Dear Baby "G"

You certainly gave mommy a shock on June 24, 2011, the day I found out you were hiding in my belly! You are only 3 weeks and 5 days but already I'm protecting you and you don't even know it! See daddy's trying to nickname you "Al-g." Short for alien and our last name which starts with a "G." I refuse to call you that Baby "G." Mommy's looking out!

You must have really wanted us for parents Baby "G" because you came to us on our very first try!

You gave me those 2 beautiful pink lines at 6:20 am on a Friday morning. I know this because I was getting ready to watch daddy graduate his last cycle of soldiers. Daddy works for the U.S Army Baby "G." He's a pretty big deal to us and we're so proud of him:) He was so happy when I finally told him about you ! He was on the phone all night sharing your existence with EVERYONE; Your grampa's and gramma's and aunties and uncles. You have a really large family Baby "G" all to love on you and make you giggle and laugh!

Some women don't get pregnancy symptoms in as little as 3 weeks but Mommy has! You make me very hungry and tired and I use the bathroom a lot! I'm hoping these strong symptoms mean your a healthy baby and this will be a strong pregnancy. I am craving fried pickles 24/7 and have eaten breakfast food 3 times in 2 days! Mommy never does that Baby "G." I like variety and change so I definitely know you're helping me with my food choices:) Lets just try to make better decisions then oil soaked food and syrup on our eggs, potatoes, bacon and anything else we eat, mmmk?



June 9, 2011

A cloud of change and BABY FEVER!

The husband and I have officially went from--roommate status to married couple status, YAY! R is no longer a drill sergeant, currently in school finishing up his E-7 promotion & getting ready for this PCS coming up oh so fast! I have only FIVE short weeks of work left and then it's off to Tennessee to visit family one more time before there's a bajillion states between them and I---For those who didn't know, we are currently stationed at Ft. Benning so visiting family isn't as road painful as it will be once we move.

Leaving here is going to be bitter sweet! This has been my home for almost 3 years and the place where R and I first met! We have A LOT of good memories here as well as some of our favorite eatery's, parks and hangouts...I'm excited for the change in scenery and life style as well as climate, haha, but now we have a very BIG new town to navigate to make home. Also moving 2 large dogs and a cat could be interesting when this is the only home they've known.

In bigger news, I've thankfully hit a mile stone I never thought I'd reach---Used to be that I had to have change and that next place, but being married has somehow changed that...I'm thinking more long term now---Wanting a house of my own. Wanting to buy furniture that will stay in the same living room until I decide it needs to go...I am even getting BABY FEVER! However R and I are not in the right place to be trying those pipes...Or maybe we are? He's deploying next spring *insert sad face here* By the time we reach Washington he'll be leaving in 7-8 months for a year...We have discussed the baby thing and I think we've settled on a time frame but keeping that hush hush for now:)

I'm really excited for the unexpected switch. I used to think I was defective; a natural born gypsy. Definitely someone who would never be settled. The first time I heard Zac Brown's song, Colder Weather I cried because it fit all too well. I figured life would always be about rambling for me---But turns out people just need time to mature and grow--Thinking long term finally feels wonderful and there is definitely a sense of peace I have found in that...

I'd be excited that it's Thursday if I had this weekend off, but I don't--However, I can be excited for all of you who do! Happy Thursday everyone!