June 9, 2011

A cloud of change and BABY FEVER!

The husband and I have officially went from--roommate status to married couple status, YAY! R is no longer a drill sergeant, currently in school finishing up his E-7 promotion & getting ready for this PCS coming up oh so fast! I have only FIVE short weeks of work left and then it's off to Tennessee to visit family one more time before there's a bajillion states between them and I---For those who didn't know, we are currently stationed at Ft. Benning so visiting family isn't as road painful as it will be once we move.

Leaving here is going to be bitter sweet! This has been my home for almost 3 years and the place where R and I first met! We have A LOT of good memories here as well as some of our favorite eatery's, parks and hangouts...I'm excited for the change in scenery and life style as well as climate, haha, but now we have a very BIG new town to navigate to make home. Also moving 2 large dogs and a cat could be interesting when this is the only home they've known.

In bigger news, I've thankfully hit a mile stone I never thought I'd reach---Used to be that I had to have change and that next place, but being married has somehow changed that...I'm thinking more long term now---Wanting a house of my own. Wanting to buy furniture that will stay in the same living room until I decide it needs to go...I am even getting BABY FEVER! However R and I are not in the right place to be trying those pipes...Or maybe we are? He's deploying next spring *insert sad face here* By the time we reach Washington he'll be leaving in 7-8 months for a year...We have discussed the baby thing and I think we've settled on a time frame but keeping that hush hush for now:)

I'm really excited for the unexpected switch. I used to think I was defective; a natural born gypsy. Definitely someone who would never be settled. The first time I heard Zac Brown's song, Colder Weather I cried because it fit all too well. I figured life would always be about rambling for me---But turns out people just need time to mature and grow--Thinking long term finally feels wonderful and there is definitely a sense of peace I have found in that...

I'd be excited that it's Thursday if I had this weekend off, but I don't--However, I can be excited for all of you who do! Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. I am new to your blog.. I know moving is a bitter sweet moment. But so exciting adventure. My husband was a Drill Sgt. At one point in his career, something he is glad he is done with. I hope you have a wonderful time in Tennessee


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