March 31, 2009

Well I'm No Jackie Joyner Kersee!

Well tomorrow is definitely going to be a rest day from running...As much as I hate to break my streak, (two days, ha ha) today's run did my legs in and they need a rest...When I get inspired and motivated about something I just want to keep going and going until I reach my goal, but I've talked to myself about this and keep telling myself that this isn't a race, that I'm not competing with anyone here and that I need to listen to my body each day; Decide whats best for it rather then getting mad that I'm not JACKIE JOYNER KERSEE ALREADY:p I'm just super pumped about this and can't wait to say that I can run five miles without stopping! I've set a goal for myself to try and be ready to run my first 5k in three months time. I think that's pretty realistic, don't you? I felt good on my run today, my lungs didn't hurt as much this time around although my legs were feeling it a bit more...I woke up this morning a tad sore but not enough that it hurt so I figured, why not! Tomorrow I'm gonna be lucky if I can even walk, I can already see'll just take the time to do some fat burning on the treadmill instead...
So now that I finally have the motivation and WANT to be successful at this I've been talking so much smack its not even funny! lol...I have a co worker who I love to banter back and forth with. He's just such an easy target! Well today we got into it about who could run the fastest ( my momma can beat your momma kind of banter:p) and I told him that I could run so fast that doors rattled as I passed by....AHHHH HA HA HA HA! Now he's challenged me to a sprinting'll just have to sabotage him with his favorites: girl scout cookies and sugary lemonade!

March 30, 2009

One Mile Baby!

One mile baby! This is me right after my run today:)
I was all hyped up here after listening to Burn it to the ground by Nickelback on my fast sprint back to the apartment! I've decided to start running on a regular basis and actually set goals for myself instead of just running when I feel like it:) Story of most of our lives, I know! I know one mile isn't crap compared to most of you but considering the last mile I ran, by the end I felt like I was breathing through one of those coffee straws and could barely see straight....yeah... Must be in better shape this time around cause I sailed through that mile! Now tomorrow might be a different story.....Errrrrr....
Boom Bam Baby! These are the new kicks that I bought today before my run! I have to thank Megan over at Army Alaska Life for turning me onto this brand of running shoes...After some deep research to find the style that fit me best I purchased the Mizuno Wave Creation 10 at Hibbett Sports and am thus licensed to create WAVES! Ha Ha...lame but I'm excited:p See my kitty Peanut in the back drop? He can never be in a room that your not...He's like my little growth!

And Again! No I'm not doing the can can:p

A better view; me looking down at my feet! I will keep ya'll posted on my success!

March 29, 2009

The Walk Of Shame...

Okay, so hearing about other peoples most embarrassing moments are always fun until the day you realize you finally have one of your own...Mine involves two of my sisters and of course myself:) The three of us had made a packed for years that we would never tell a soul of this particular moment but, I don't know, as the years pass it gets funnier and funnier and definitely a story that should be told because, after all, WHO DOES THIS!

So this takes place during my 14th year and the later part of our (traveling) days. We had already, sort of, made a home in Tennessee but my dad started getting itchy feet again so away we went. He had decided that Texas was our destination and that we were going there to sell Christmas trees for the season. Phew, at least we were going to return! So, after the season of lights and neatly wrapped gifts had ended, we found ourselves in a tight spot as the two guys running the operation never ponied up the cash that was promised. We ended up having to stay in El Paso for an additional four months before we could finally make our way back to the South.It was our third day on the road, headed back, and we were (still) in the state of wide open spaces. God, I thought that we were never gonna to get outta there! We had been stopping off at truck stops at night because hotels and camp grounds cost too much money. So there I was in our cramped fifteen passenger van, listening to the hum of tractor trailers for the third night in a row, while trying to find some resemblance of the word called sleep. I was finally dozing off in the most awkward position when I feel myself being poked. I open my eyes and see two of my sisters motioning for me to quietly step outside. Once outside and a good ten feet from the van I ask them what they want. They both had this sheepish smile on their faces while motioning with their eyes for me to look down, so I did. Okay, why did they both have what appeared to be baby bumps protruding from their over sized sweatshirts? Simultaneously they start pulling out, what looked to be, walmarts entire hygiene department right along with two fluffy towels. I instantly knew what they were up to. My oldest sister M was a huge hygiene nut who couldn't stand going one day without at least two showers and the fact that we'd gone three days without one was driving her up the wall! "Noway you guys!" They didn't give me much of a chance before M starts to convince me that this was a truck stop and people clean up in the bathrooms all the time. Plus we were only going to wash our hair, it wasn't like we were going to strip down and get naked...I thought this over for a minutes and decided that I was feeling pretty gross and having my hair clean might just make tomorrows drive a bit better...So off we trotted...

Once inside the bathroom, we had noticed that the place was pretty dead, which could work against us seeing as there was no customers to keep the night shift busy...I don't remember who's idea this next part was but all I know is M and I decided pretty quickly that washing our hair in the sinks would have been ideal but not smart if we didn't want to get caught. So you might already have guessed it, but I took stall number one, M took stall number two however my other sister in crime refused to oblige stall number three...We fought with her for a few minutes then gave up, realizing we were wasting time, so we just crossed our hearts and hoped to die that we wouldn't get caught! All I can say is a girls need to be clean over rode our sanity and brought us to the edge of insanity. There M and I were staring down at that porcelain throne ready AND WILLING to give ourselves, not one, but many swirlys sin pursuit of clean hair...Things were going pretty good other then the fact that I had hair down to my butt and every time I flushed for clean water my hair would be sucked down the hole! Well I was through with the shampoo part when all of a sudden I hear the bathroom door open...OH MY GOD was my only thought. The chorus of mine and M's flushing had come to a complete stop. It felt like I was going to explode with horror because out at the sink, there was my other sister, A with her leg hiked up just scrubbing away! I thought maybe my sister had pulled it off because the lady used the toilet, washed her hands then left the bathroom without saying a word...Immediately I started flushing the toilet with a vengeance as I had gooey conditioner all in my hair and needed to get it out ASAP! It was too late though, the manager cracked open the door and said in her most professional voice, "Ladies, please put your clothes back on and exit the building and do not come back, this is not a washing facility." I WAS MORTIFIED and started hyperventilating! How did I ever let myself be talked into this insanity! I had sticky conditioner in my hair, piled high on top of my head; M didn't look any better, she hadn't even gotten past the shampooing stage and A had only gotten through one shaved leg. "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!" I screamed, "Holy shit! Their going to kick us off the lot and dads going to be kill us!" M takes charge of the situation, tells us that we are going to walk out there with our heads held high, say good evening to the employees and exit the building as we were told. So that's exactly what we did; M with her foamy beehive, I dripping sticky liquid and A still hiding the hygiene department under her shirt, all file out of that restroom to complete our walk of shame. The looks we got from the entire staff, as they lined up so we had to walk past each one, could have killed. All I wanted to do was bust into tears. That was when we made the promise to never tell a soul! What fun is a most a embarrassing moment though if it never gets told:)

I'd really love to hear some of your most embarrassing moments....Ya know, so I don't feel so alone? lol-night everyone!

My Zen And His Chaos

Well it is now 5:05 pm and I consider my weekend to be officially over. R just finished packing his bag, so after a goodbye kiss and a quick love tap, he hit the road headed back to South Carolina:( I know that I technically still have several hours before the new week starts but for some reason, every time we say our goodbyes, around this time, it feels so over. I guess he just really (makes) my weekends, as it should be! We had a great day and a half; its always wonderful waking up to him on Saturday and Sunday mornings...Although I hate having to work while he's in town, especially since its such a short time that he's here. Okay, so I didn't (really) get a weekend off but it always feels like I do when he's here:p
This morning we ate breakfast together, just grinning at one another from across our short dining room table. We both have come to the conclusion that he is my (Zen) and I am his (Chaos) is extremely steadfast and I greatly resemble a tornado, or at least it feels like a tornado from his shoes:) Over our three months of marriage it has been fun calculating all of our differences. R and I used to think we were so much a like, in fact, before we started dating during the time he was pursuing me, I even had thoughts that maybe we were TOO much a like for a working relationship. We soon found out that we have A LOT of differences but we're alike in the areas that count. Here are some of the silly things we have discovered about one another!

R: For the most part, he cannot stay up past 9:30.
Me: I flip a switch at 9:30 and want to play!

R: He has a uniformed way of loading the dishwasher, the same way, EVERY TIME! this is a mystery to me...
Me: He says that when I load the dishwasher, it looks like it threw up:p

R: He thinks the kitchen cabinets are not meant to store food, only the pantry is for such things...Wha?
Me: I think the kitchen drawers are not meant for his military gear and instead meant for separating your cooking utensils.

R: He is such a stop watch when it comes to his daily routine, meaning that he does the same thing, at the same time, every morning before work and he doesn't deter from it! Now that takes talent in my book:p
Me: I am a lover of all things random! I'm always trying to find new ways home, changing my perfume monthly, I can't stand eating the same foods day in and day out, I just love being unpredictable!

R: He loves cats.
Me: I love Dogs.

R: He thinks the bar stool sitting at our bar area (is) where his motorcycle jacket and helmet belongs.
Me: I think that everything should have a place out of sight.

R: He thinks the parking meter sitting in our foyer is cool...
Me: I think it has no purpose other then a place to hang his Dr. Pepper hat.

R: He doesn't understand why his big fat red Folgers canister isn't allowed to just hang out on the counter.
Me: I don't understand why its such a big deal to pull it from the cabinet every morning.

R: When he goes shopping, he shops for one meal at a time. He says he can't think that far ahead:p
Me: I shop for ten meals at a time and say "baby, that's okay, I can."

R: He says I came into his life and threatened all things normal.
Me: I say he came into my life and became my calm.

So as you can see we are very healthy newly weds; definitely not without our differences:p We certainly balance each other out, so anyone looking in would see a strong steady flow between us with the right amount of pop and pizazz along the way! I hope that this post has brought a smile to all your faces as I know it has mine and just maybe brought back your own little differences so you can smile yet again

March 27, 2009

The Here And Now

Hello everyone! Wow, I was blown away by all the comments on my last post:p However, NOT ONE OF YOU denied me being strange:p Thanks a lot chicks:p We're still cool figured I'd take today and blog a bit about my present life, seeing as I haven't been doing much of that! I know a few of you have asked to read more on my current situation, so here goes!

After R and I married back in December, (I) moved to Georgia where the hubs had already been living for the past year and a half. Apparently there are some of you who have been here at one time or are headed this way soon. There's: Megan over in Army, Alaska, Life who lived here before their move, Sarah over at Dance Shoes and Combat Boots who is stationed here for just a minute, pssssst... she is hiding her dog in a carpet bag:p and An American in Italy whom I regret to say her name I do not know, but I have looked, I swear:p Just nice knowing that I'm not alone down here and that there have been others!

Moving on, today is mine and R's three month mark! I never used to be one of those girls that kept track of how many months or weeks you had been dating but for some reason its important to me now...I'm sure y'all (Mrs.) don't judge me:p Some of you have asked about whether or not R is deployed like many of yours are. My answer is no, however he is away from me and has been for six weeks now. He came down on Drill Sgt. orders not long before we were engaged and had to to leave for South Carolina to complete the training four weeks after our wedding. I am fortunate that he gets to drive down most weekends though to visit. In fact he is coming in tonight so I've been racing around the house shining faucets and chasing after the dust bunnies:p I won't be experiencing the the many moves that I hear are so frequent in the military, anytime soon, due to his current orders. So it looks like we'll be here for at least 2.5 years if not longer. They're already talking about extending his contract for another year, boo!

After looking non stop for 1.5 months I finally got a job working as an assistant manager. I have very little higher education underneath me so this was a good find! I had plans of returning to school last fall but then R proposed so it has been put on hold. I will definitely be returning for my degree in early childhood education K-6th though. Gosh, I feel like I'm boring y'all all ready:p I'd share my peanuts to get you through the misery but...

I fill my days with work, going to the gym, swimming when its nice, walking, hating on my cat and of course lots and lots of Internet QT to keep up with family from all over. I have many little idiosyncrasies that is the making of me. I've seen y'all write posts on little random facts about yourselves so maybe I should do the same:p I need to hit the shower and go to the store. There is no food for the poor hubby to eat and when he gets hungry, I will catch you chica's later! Happy Friday!

March 26, 2009

Where Are My Clothes!

 I think I've finally realized and accepted something about myself; That I am utterly and COMPLETELY different then most I meet in my life...Its kind of awkward and sometimes even embarrassing sharing stories from my past because they're too far out there that people cannot relate. Oh, these people are fascinated but I still feel like they look at me and think I belong in a time capsule? Maybe that's not the right analogy but you get my meaning...So, I am going to go out on a limb here to share some short versions of myself...I guess I just want confirmation that I am not from space and my home is not Jupiter:) Here we go...

1) Well at least I can say I lead a pretty normal life, up until the year I turned eight...This was a huge year of change for me. I remember it started with a name change, but not just any name change. I went from the name Becca to the name Josh however, not legally so I don't go by the anymore:) Two minutes after my mom tells me that I will no longer be known as Becca she hands me this white folded up piece of cloth...hmmm...I stared at it for a minute then looked up at her with even more confusion as I start to unfold what I was holding. It was a bonnet...Yes, a bonnet...My parents had become really fascinated with the Amish way of living and decided that we were going to adopt this life style as a family. They had apparently tried joining a community but was denied as both my parents were divorcees and this was looked down upon. So there I am holding this thing that I didn't know what to do with and not really liking the fact that they just took my name from me. Talk about identity crisis! So as I'm trying to figure this all out my oldest sister, D, comes stomping down the hall yelling at mom, "where are my clothes!" Okay, so wait, what do you mean were are your clothes, I thought...I made my way into the room that I shared with four of my other siblings and found that my parents had paid the community to sow three dresses a piece for each child with matching aprons and of course, the most important accessory, bonnets...If you thought an eight year old took this bad, imagine my sister D who had just started going to high school three days prior...The kids were so mean, but I realize now it was just because they didn't understand. The positive side to this was that you really knew your friends by the ones who stuck with you vs. the ones who mocked you. Okay, so that was the mini version, so onto the next!

2) So I was trying, best as I could, to settle into our new way of life, yadda yadda...Six months into it my dad and mom tells us that we are going to move away from the only home we knew. It was a small town in PA where my grandparents lived and, for the most part, we were all happy there. I know when I think about moving I thought you usually had to have a destination in mind, but apparently that wasn't my dads idea of moving...My dad was such a nomad and is to this day...I swear I'll write another blog about that man because his life is fascinating...Anyhow, He decides that he cannot stay in that one horse town another minute and packs his family of ten up in a fifteen passenger van. I seriously had doubts that van could even make it down our drive let alone make it to the state line. So with fifty dollars in his pocket, us kids say our teary goodbyes and hit the road. Okay, imagine this, TEN PEOPLE, one guinea pig and two large dogs with all our gear sandwiched into this van...I think anyone could have handled that for a few states until you got to your destination however we did it that way for three solid years!!! No home really, stopping off in towns long enough to make the next tank of gas and there we'd go again...Are you mind boggled yet?

Well just wait because it gets crazier! I promise to post some more tomorrow because there are tons of other crazy situations we've found ourselves in to blog about! I guess this is where I should type, TO BE CONTINUED...Don't you just hate when they do that! lol...

My Daily Horror Movie...EKKKK!

I thought this was super cute and so true! We have a bathroom that makes me feel like I'm in a horror movie every time I strip to take a shower. Our seven foot counter has a mirror from top to bottom plastered behind the entire length and it even continues down behind the toilet! But then, if you look to the right, the wall behind our garden style tub has yet another mirror from top to bottom on it! Hiding from all of my imperfections is simply not achievable:) Two of my sisters came to visit last week and even they would shut their eyes while undressing and fumbled their way to the shower door:p

March 25, 2009

Stop Shakin The Milkshake!

So I'm really confused here...Is it just because I work in a gaming store where men are over populated, or is it the fact that I live in a military town where men are over populated? Here's my confusion, I have been dealing with being hit on a lot here lately and I don't mean like a few times a week, I mean like three and four times a day! The part that is really making me mad is that I'm married and most of these men are military!!! Isn't military men supposed to be, oh I don't know, honorable? Even though honor is one of the things that they are supposed to be about that doesn't stop them from coming up to me and saying , TO MY FACE "By the way, I'm single..." Or, I really like this one, "that's a beautiful ring by the way. Just checking here, is that a complete wedding set or are you just engaged?" Whats really disturbing is when their walking towards me and I say, "Hi, how are y'all?" and they never look at my face but instead look me up and down and reply with, "How you doin?" in a really suggestive manner. Or when I say "if there's anything I can do for y'all just let me know" and they actually reply back with, "Oh honey, there is plenty you can do for me" RWAR!!!! I mean come on! I'm really stuck here because I don't know how to react to that as I am in my work place and I'm there to be pleasant and helpful...I hate it when they continue to ask me and only me for help when there are three other game advisors just standing by, then continue to look deeply into my eyes as if there trying to feed me some important brain wave message...Double RWAR! Being new in this job, I don't want to rock the boat, but I love being married to my husband and I find it so disrespectful being oogled like this when I know that they know I'm married...I mean I talk about my husband all the time at work...Anyone could look at me and know I'm happily married just from my radiant glow:) I don't hide this stuff from R because I wouldn't want him to hide that kind of attention from me, so when I do tell him I try to make jokes of it....Like every time I have to tell him about the newest episode I'll fallow up with that song from, gosh, whats her face....Well the one that sings "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard:p" Of course I'm laughing hysterically while shaking my bon bon the whole time because that song is so ridiculous...This last time he fires back with, " WELL STOP SHAKIN THE MILKSHAKE!" Then we both fall on the floor in fits of giggles because, I don't know, it was just funny the way he said it! Anyway, I was just wanting y'all take on that...Do you think its the fact that their military and women just should fall at their feet or the fact that their just men and I'm working in a mans world? Any suggestions on how to handle these remarks would be great! By the way, thank you for all your comments! I'm really starting to feel like I'm apart of the cool peoples crowd and that makes me feel cool:p Night everyone!

Mystery Solved

So I've been dealing with a mystery for sometime now... About a year ago I started experiencing a lot of light handedness, feelings of fainting, dizziness and my vision blurring. It got really scary when these attacks would hit me while I was driving; mostly when I was really tired or driving at night. The road would feel like it just slipped out from under me and I was about to crash because I couldn't bring my lane back into focus. When it started happening I immediately went into detective mode and started the process of elimination by trying different things to see if it helped. The first thing I started monitoring was my eating habits and throwing a few vitamins into my daily routine. I am embarrassed to say that I used to have an eating disorder of a sort. I considered myself boarder line anorexic from the age of thirteen to seventeen. I say borderline because I had the mind set of an anorexic girl but I never could get my body looking like I wanted. I was never happy...But then maybe that just means I was full blown because that's what they all think:p Anyhow, I no longer starve myself but those five years created some really bad eating habits so I have to watch myself. When I get into a busy part of my life, I will just stop eating, but not really meaning to; I would just rather sleep, get things done, and whatever else over eating...Well I quickly found out that the problem wasn't my eating because I was still having the attacks.
The next thing I looked into was my water intake...I am horrible about this ladies, but I have gotten better ever since R and I married...He is a huge H20 nut and swears by the stuff:p His mom apparently instilled that into him and his sister growing up...So the first thing I did was start chugging bottles of water and Gatorade and kept this up for a good three weeks...I hated that I ran to the restroom every ten minutes but that was better then the attacks if this was the problem...Was I dehydrated? No, that wasn't the problem either...So instead of going to the doctor like most I just gave up and tried to live with these waves of scariness...Well its been, like I said, about a year sense it all started and I think I have finally solved the mystery. Yesterday, while I was sitting at the food court on my thirty minute lunch, I was staring off into the distance at one of the shopping stores, one that had a huge blue lite up sign that shouldn't have been that hard to read, but there I was staring at it fighting to see it clearly...I thought to myself, wow, when did my eye sight start getting so bad? I went back to work and again noticed it, I was across the store doing some work when one of my co-workers started talking to me, I looked up to acknowledge that I heard him and realized that his face was all blurry and he had grown a third eyeball! That's when all of this confusion about my attacks started to make sense! I think I need glasses:p I immediately text my husband and told him what I had realized, so we are headed to the doctor this weekend to check things out...He wants to start with a doctor first just to make sure there's nothing else wrong, but I definitely think its just my eyes...I'll keep y'all posted. Also, I wasn't sure, but for all you military ladies, do you know if our medical covers vision too? I only know about medical and dental...

March 24, 2009

How We Met...

So here it is, I really cannot wait to have kids, just for the purpose of telling the story of how we met!?! "Of course I'm bias, but I think our story is just so unique and romantically satisfying to hear! Its full of all the good stuff from: first attraction to passion, to love, then eventually loosing touch. That usually happens when two people are right but its the wrong time...Don't worry though, this story like all satisfying love stories, ends well:)

It all started with that first step, boarding a flight to Anchorage, Alaska in 2003. I was in the midst of a really exciting time of my life! Freshly eighteen, out on my own for the first time, moving 3,000 miles from home to spend 12 months living and volunteering in this gorgeous state. My time there will forever be remembered as a magical, because it was the year I met him!

On February 2, 2003 I boarded my first flight bound for Alaska, a place I definitely never saw myself moving to, at eighteen years of age! I will always remember Alaska as a magical place...It was well into the summer of that year before I met him...You thought he was going to be one of my house mates, right? lol...Well please read on because this story is is full of unexpected twists and turns... I remember I was in a military chat room on yahoo, bored and wanting to talk...And there he was, a beautifully lite yellow smiley face smiling back at me...POP! He messaged me... Although I swear to this day that my mouse was hovering over his chat button to do the same. We quickly discovered that there was an attraction, however both he and I were involved with other people; He was stationed in Fairbanks and I was in Anchorage... Let me just say that we did not go to these chat rooms looking for this, but it happened...Wow...Now what? We talked, respectfully, for another two weeks, when it hit me that I had found the most amazing man I would ever met. This whole time he had thought I was paralyzed and in a wheel chair but continued to talk to me and show me such kindness, and yes like I said, there was that attraction....I couldn't believe it, most men wouldn't have given me the time of day had they thought I was disabled...I was speechless....I countered with the reply, "what made you think that?" My yahoo profile said abit about me which read that I had been hit by a car twice that year and had attended a wheel chair race just a few weeks ago. I had been hit yes, but not severely hurt and the wheel chair race was an event coordinated by the company I volunteered at for that year. It was a race for people with disabilities going from Fairbanks to Anchorage. The funny part is that he put 2 and 2 together and realized that we had met before this..."what?" I said..."well not officially" he said, " but I've seen you..." I couldn't believe it and I wanted to know more...He told me he had seen me on the side of the road while he was passing by on his motorcycle. I thought to myself, he had to of seen me while I was in Fairbanks working the wheelchair race... Apparently I had been wearing the exact same clothes that day as the picture on my yahoo profile; The only one he had seen of me yet, it was then that he realized he was chatting with the girl he saw only weeks before on the side of the road...This is getting crazier and crazier I thought...I couldn't stop the attraction I had for him and neither could he...So what did I do...I pulled the plug, told him that I liked him but didn't want to hurt the man I was currently with and he understood; he felt the same, so we parted our ways...

That year ended as I found myself, once again, on a flight home bound for Nashville, TN...Over the next 3 years I sent him the occasional hello, merry Christmas and he did the same, but no conversation ever emerged from it. We never forgot one another, not once...I would talk about the amazing guy I had found to my sisters on our girls night outings and he would talk to his friends about the girl he let go all those years ago...It was after I had been with my boyfriend, off and on, for four years that I finally woke up and wanted to cry! I had spent four years on a man that didn't love me and lost the only man that ever really did. I had to find him...

I knew that he was pretty computer savvy and the age of Myspace had just taken off, so I typed in the email address I remembered him having, praying to God that it was still active and I would see his face smiling back at me. So with a deep breath, here we go I thought...CLICK...My heart about leaped out of my throat...There he was with that perfect smile holding a fishing pole over looking a lake...Next deep breath, is he single? The page couldn't have scrolled fast enough if it tried. I finally found it, relationship status...SINGLE! It was then that I read something that made my heart leap into my chest, once again; He was over in Iraq fighting the war...I instantly sent off one of the first, of many, myspace messages that would re-kindle our friendship...But it wasn't home free from here; my ex seemed to aways get in the way and why I let him is beyond me. My only reason is that a religious leader insisted to me that my ex was the one God had intended for my life....I am religious and I believe that God plans people for your life so I was torn...I respected this leader very much....It was in fact my sister Mary who was then, and is now, a minister....Wow...I didn't want to be responsible for messing up three people's lives. Should I fallow my heart and go after the man I love?

It was yet another year of heart ache for us both as I struggled with my head vs. my heart... Robert had already come home from Iraq and continued to fight so hard for my heart...He was a true solider in those long hard months, fighting for what he believed in...US...The big thing was, we hadn't even met yet! Holding onto the idea of one another for four years without one physical meeting, who does that really? I finally came to the conclusion that God wasn't a God of confusion and heart ache and that he wanted to see me happy...I had enough of this roller coaster and this book was coming to a COMPLETE end...On September 9, 2007 I drove to Columbus, GA where he relocated so we could be together. It was finally our chance to shine after four years. Four years later ladies! The meeting was wonderful and exciting and everything, NO EVEN BETTER then we had hoped...He proposed one year later, we had a three month engagement and finally said those two magical words, "I do." becoming Mrs. G.I Joe forever and always...

March 23, 2009

Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

Okay, for one, that is not my scary hair in the picture and for two, at that very moment I was thinking, holy crap! I paid seventy bucks just to have the turd nuggets scared out of me! So you have to picture this to really appreciate the experience...There we were, me and two of my sisters, in the hills of Georgia on a real live safari! You were encouraged to rent one of their vans that was painted up like a zebra gone wrong just to remain inconspicuous....riiiiiiiiight...Then why did we buy bags of food just to have our location compromised as very large animals came stampeding towards us! The bad part is this heap of junk could barely do 10 mph so out running those long sticky tongues seemed out of the question...Our only saving grace would be the glass windows...The three of us grabbed our crank shafts, staring down our predators with determined eyes...You could almost hear the na na na na na wa wa waaaa western melody float by as we prepared to roll those windows up at mock seven speed... I heard Angel scream first, then Mary then I! Each van had every single window pryed from its body to make this once in a life time experience even better! Oh boy, the minute we crossed over that cattle guard and into the wilds of Africa it was a constant terror...Over the hills and through the woods we puttered screaming WHY WHY WHY! Luckily the ligars, tigers, lions and Rhinos were behind fences, but everything else considered us fair game...

My very first post.

Gosh, what do you say in your first introduction when there's so much you could say:p I've been known to write lengthy blogs as I have a writers heart so we'll try to keep this short. I just keep reminding myself of what Mrs. Waintrub would tell me in English 101" don't loss your readers in everything you could write Becca, write only what needs to be said." So here is what I need to say...I NEVER AGREED WITH THAT! lol...As long as it was interesting and not flat, why the heck not? Maybe its just because I love to read, period...So here is my promise to you, although I am very random and long winded, I will strive to keep your reading on the fast track and hopefully pain free! By the way, I love this vest and would recommend it to anyone as an everyday accessory!