March 29, 2009

The Walk Of Shame...

Okay, so hearing about other peoples most embarrassing moments are always fun until the day you realize you finally have one of your own...Mine involves two of my sisters and of course myself:) The three of us had made a packed for years that we would never tell a soul of this particular moment but, I don't know, as the years pass it gets funnier and funnier and definitely a story that should be told because, after all, WHO DOES THIS!

So this takes place during my 14th year and the later part of our (traveling) days. We had already, sort of, made a home in Tennessee but my dad started getting itchy feet again so away we went. He had decided that Texas was our destination and that we were going there to sell Christmas trees for the season. Phew, at least we were going to return! So, after the season of lights and neatly wrapped gifts had ended, we found ourselves in a tight spot as the two guys running the operation never ponied up the cash that was promised. We ended up having to stay in El Paso for an additional four months before we could finally make our way back to the South.It was our third day on the road, headed back, and we were (still) in the state of wide open spaces. God, I thought that we were never gonna to get outta there! We had been stopping off at truck stops at night because hotels and camp grounds cost too much money. So there I was in our cramped fifteen passenger van, listening to the hum of tractor trailers for the third night in a row, while trying to find some resemblance of the word called sleep. I was finally dozing off in the most awkward position when I feel myself being poked. I open my eyes and see two of my sisters motioning for me to quietly step outside. Once outside and a good ten feet from the van I ask them what they want. They both had this sheepish smile on their faces while motioning with their eyes for me to look down, so I did. Okay, why did they both have what appeared to be baby bumps protruding from their over sized sweatshirts? Simultaneously they start pulling out, what looked to be, walmarts entire hygiene department right along with two fluffy towels. I instantly knew what they were up to. My oldest sister M was a huge hygiene nut who couldn't stand going one day without at least two showers and the fact that we'd gone three days without one was driving her up the wall! "Noway you guys!" They didn't give me much of a chance before M starts to convince me that this was a truck stop and people clean up in the bathrooms all the time. Plus we were only going to wash our hair, it wasn't like we were going to strip down and get naked...I thought this over for a minutes and decided that I was feeling pretty gross and having my hair clean might just make tomorrows drive a bit better...So off we trotted...

Once inside the bathroom, we had noticed that the place was pretty dead, which could work against us seeing as there was no customers to keep the night shift busy...I don't remember who's idea this next part was but all I know is M and I decided pretty quickly that washing our hair in the sinks would have been ideal but not smart if we didn't want to get caught. So you might already have guessed it, but I took stall number one, M took stall number two however my other sister in crime refused to oblige stall number three...We fought with her for a few minutes then gave up, realizing we were wasting time, so we just crossed our hearts and hoped to die that we wouldn't get caught! All I can say is a girls need to be clean over rode our sanity and brought us to the edge of insanity. There M and I were staring down at that porcelain throne ready AND WILLING to give ourselves, not one, but many swirlys sin pursuit of clean hair...Things were going pretty good other then the fact that I had hair down to my butt and every time I flushed for clean water my hair would be sucked down the hole! Well I was through with the shampoo part when all of a sudden I hear the bathroom door open...OH MY GOD was my only thought. The chorus of mine and M's flushing had come to a complete stop. It felt like I was going to explode with horror because out at the sink, there was my other sister, A with her leg hiked up just scrubbing away! I thought maybe my sister had pulled it off because the lady used the toilet, washed her hands then left the bathroom without saying a word...Immediately I started flushing the toilet with a vengeance as I had gooey conditioner all in my hair and needed to get it out ASAP! It was too late though, the manager cracked open the door and said in her most professional voice, "Ladies, please put your clothes back on and exit the building and do not come back, this is not a washing facility." I WAS MORTIFIED and started hyperventilating! How did I ever let myself be talked into this insanity! I had sticky conditioner in my hair, piled high on top of my head; M didn't look any better, she hadn't even gotten past the shampooing stage and A had only gotten through one shaved leg. "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!" I screamed, "Holy shit! Their going to kick us off the lot and dads going to be kill us!" M takes charge of the situation, tells us that we are going to walk out there with our heads held high, say good evening to the employees and exit the building as we were told. So that's exactly what we did; M with her foamy beehive, I dripping sticky liquid and A still hiding the hygiene department under her shirt, all file out of that restroom to complete our walk of shame. The looks we got from the entire staff, as they lined up so we had to walk past each one, could have killed. All I wanted to do was bust into tears. That was when we made the promise to never tell a soul! What fun is a most a embarrassing moment though if it never gets told:)

I'd really love to hear some of your most embarrassing moments....Ya know, so I don't feel so alone? lol-night everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh! How embarrassing! I can't believe you guys did that! Too funny......You can't blame a girl for wanting clean hair ;)

  2. Im so glad I did not go on that trip with you guys and stayed in TN.


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