March 29, 2009

My Zen And His Chaos

Well it is now 5:05 pm and I consider my weekend to be officially over. R just finished packing his bag, so after a goodbye kiss and a quick love tap, he hit the road headed back to South Carolina:( I know that I technically still have several hours before the new week starts but for some reason, every time we say our goodbyes, around this time, it feels so over. I guess he just really (makes) my weekends, as it should be! We had a great day and a half; its always wonderful waking up to him on Saturday and Sunday mornings...Although I hate having to work while he's in town, especially since its such a short time that he's here. Okay, so I didn't (really) get a weekend off but it always feels like I do when he's here:p
This morning we ate breakfast together, just grinning at one another from across our short dining room table. We both have come to the conclusion that he is my (Zen) and I am his (Chaos) is extremely steadfast and I greatly resemble a tornado, or at least it feels like a tornado from his shoes:) Over our three months of marriage it has been fun calculating all of our differences. R and I used to think we were so much a like, in fact, before we started dating during the time he was pursuing me, I even had thoughts that maybe we were TOO much a like for a working relationship. We soon found out that we have A LOT of differences but we're alike in the areas that count. Here are some of the silly things we have discovered about one another!

R: For the most part, he cannot stay up past 9:30.
Me: I flip a switch at 9:30 and want to play!

R: He has a uniformed way of loading the dishwasher, the same way, EVERY TIME! this is a mystery to me...
Me: He says that when I load the dishwasher, it looks like it threw up:p

R: He thinks the kitchen cabinets are not meant to store food, only the pantry is for such things...Wha?
Me: I think the kitchen drawers are not meant for his military gear and instead meant for separating your cooking utensils.

R: He is such a stop watch when it comes to his daily routine, meaning that he does the same thing, at the same time, every morning before work and he doesn't deter from it! Now that takes talent in my book:p
Me: I am a lover of all things random! I'm always trying to find new ways home, changing my perfume monthly, I can't stand eating the same foods day in and day out, I just love being unpredictable!

R: He loves cats.
Me: I love Dogs.

R: He thinks the bar stool sitting at our bar area (is) where his motorcycle jacket and helmet belongs.
Me: I think that everything should have a place out of sight.

R: He thinks the parking meter sitting in our foyer is cool...
Me: I think it has no purpose other then a place to hang his Dr. Pepper hat.

R: He doesn't understand why his big fat red Folgers canister isn't allowed to just hang out on the counter.
Me: I don't understand why its such a big deal to pull it from the cabinet every morning.

R: When he goes shopping, he shops for one meal at a time. He says he can't think that far ahead:p
Me: I shop for ten meals at a time and say "baby, that's okay, I can."

R: He says I came into his life and threatened all things normal.
Me: I say he came into my life and became my calm.

So as you can see we are very healthy newly weds; definitely not without our differences:p We certainly balance each other out, so anyone looking in would see a strong steady flow between us with the right amount of pop and pizazz along the way! I hope that this post has brought a smile to all your faces as I know it has mine and just maybe brought back your own little differences so you can smile yet again


  1. Ah, I remember that first month or so of being married! James and I did live together before we got married and boy we did learn a few things about each other! But he went to Iraq so soon after we got married (two months later) that it seems like we were in the 'honeymoon' phase for a long long time! Six years later things just keep getting better!

  2. James and I are very different in some ways and very much the same in some ways. But man I am very very girly and random. He is very methodical and does things in a routine (maybe the army in him). But he loves that I change my hair so often, wear bright colors, and add life to his life. I think thats why we match so much!

  3. I'm more like you!! LOVE dogs. and LOVE spontaneity!

    I'm sorry he's on his way back :( but at least you got an awesome weekend out of it!!

    How much longer until you see him again?? (Forgive me I'm new to your blog!)

  4. Keith tends to cram his gear into kitchen drawers too. We have at least three "junk" drawers that I keep intending to clean out and never get around to.

    I have many unfinished stories myself and who knows, this one may end up the same way. I just try and chip away at it whenever I can.

  5. My husband and I completely weigh each other out! But we have so much in common. We like to do all of the same things. I'm definitely chaos and he's zen!

    Glad to hear that you had a great weekend with your husband!

  6. I think many of the things you do may be because of they way we were raised. His orderliness may come from his upbringing but also because of his military background.

  7. This made me smile! I love reading stuff like this. The Foldgers canister on the counter struck a nerve with me. I completely agree! Once you make your coffee..what's so hard about putting it back in the cabinet?!?! Silly boys.


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