July 31, 2012

He Did It!

Look what my awesome hubby bought his wifey!!!
A BEAUTIFUL and sleek iPhone 4S!!! I'm already so addicted--- I seriously cannot put the thing down! This equals checking Facebook, email, blogger etc every 2 seconds. Can I get an amen!?! I guess that means I'm apart of the Apple cult now;)
I love the entire phone but I'm IN LOVE with the camera. It's so much better then my previous phone. That old thing was so slow and the lens was super scratched. It made for horrible pictures! Not to mention the iPhone 4S has really zippy shudder speed; WAY quicker then the old phone. Perfect for catching those quick baby moments that I was always missing with my Android.
I know I'm behind the curve when it comes to owning an iPhone. It seems like everyone I know has one, or has owned one at some point. I mean, I finally got on board with Apple's phone numer 4 and they're already anticipating the release of number 5 sometime 2013! But better late then never! However, I cannot believe it took me this long. The phone is really so well made, so smooth in transitioning from task to task and it's just pretty to look at! Lol. Not to mention the talk to text feature is KINDA handy and really spot on. I never liked it on my Andriod because "it" chose when or when not to work. 
So now that I made the switch from Android to Apple. Give a girl a "HI-YO" and tell me--- 
What are y'alls favorite apps?

July 30, 2012

6 Months!!! (Almost)

I've been a horrible mom when it comes to monthly baby updates. I did one when Sugarcube was a month old but nothing since! Awesome.

 So, because I see monthly updates every time I log into my reader, making me feel like I've failed my daughter somehow, I've been motivated to finally publish a Sugarcube update! So here goes...This is going to be a huge Instagram tribute by the way;)

Sugarcube, you'll be a whole 6 months old on August 12, 2012 and seriously, I can't get over that! That's half a year old baby girl! Half a year that just vanished--- Where did the time go? Gosh, you'll be taking your first steps and saying Mommy and Daddy before I know whats up!  

You are seriously the cutest baby I've ever met (yes, I'm bias. But you really are adorable)  Your smile is just THE BEST and I'm always doing uber silly things to make you grin and recently, giggle as well!

Even at almost 6 months old, you have such a zest for life; always looking so excited, intelligent and curious-- You make new baby sounds everyday that are just, so fun and adorable! Mostly, they're high pitched squeals, which makes me laugh, but sometimes I hear the makings of a word, or start of a word in there too! I know it's WAY too early for that but all the books we read, makes me think that you're getting something out of it:)

The older you get, daddy's convinced you'll keep my blue eyes, however you're reddish hair is turning more blond these days, taking on a strawberry blond look. Which is so beautiful on you're adorable sweet head:) Regardless of your final hair color, you have tons of it still, that keeps getting thicker and is showing a bit of a wave now. LOVE! This means mama can start using the 100+ bows your Aunt A passed down to you;)

You were taken off breast milk at 3.5 months, which broke your mama's heart, but that hasn't seemed to stop your growth and your still a healthy little nibblet! You eat every 3-4 hours,  usually 4-5 ounces a feeding. The dramatic switch to formula was a lot harder on Mommy then you. However, you spit up more now and have troubles with constipation:(

 You now weigh 13 lbs baby girl and are 24 inches long! Mommy can definitely feel the difference when she's handling your baby carrier:) She knew you were getting taller too because one minute, you're having a hard time reaching the floor of your exasaucer and the next, you have both feet flat and are bouncing to your hearts desire!

You've been sleeping through the night since 2.5 months, which was by far, OKAY WITH ME! You're such an awesome baby:) You typically sleep 9-10 hours with a bedtime of 8:00 pm and you take 2-3 good naps a day.

Recently though, you've been having troubles with teething. Mommy wasn't sure at first, but she thought maybe your first tooth was a molar. Everyone kept telling her that's so uncommon and that she was probably wrong. But nope! It's now popping through your gums and causing you a great deal of pain:( So sorry little one!

A month ago, you decided your thumb was more interesting then a paci. Which I'm semi okay with. It works wonders for when your sleeping or feeling fussy but your paci would fall out all the time and you couldn't find it. Now, you just deposit that little thumb between those gooey gums and we're golden! It might be somewhat of an issue when you're ready to be weaned... But for now, it's adorable and it melts your mama's heart!

It seemed like you developed a case of miss grabby hands over night, so now you reach for, and grab everything; including your tiny toes which you're trying SO HARD to place in your mouth. You've almost got it too!

With all that grabbing, came a VERY focused interest in food too. So it's only a matter of time before we introduce flavor into your little world Sugarcube! Last week we tried you on a sliced orange while out for lunch at mommy's favorite Thai restaurant. You LOVED it and kept reaching for more!

You've also become really good at rolling over, both ways! However, this new found skill allows you to sham on your afternoon naps;) Mommy will think your sleeping, because you're being SO QUIET, when in fact my dear, you're upstairs chewing on your blanket, touching your bumper and discovering your tiny toes. It makes me smile every time, but when you get cranky from the lack of sleep, that doesn't make mama smile so much:)

As far as daddy goes, he's the coolest in your book. You love bath time with him because he has a  really neat, completely water proof case on his iPhone where he'll play music, like Josh Turner and sing to you while you splash and play. You love it! Sometimes he'll even let you chew on his phone, which puts him next to milk and your new found love of oranges;) Which also equals, the coolest---

In fact, pretty much anything to do with daddy, you love:) Especially snuggle time in the mornings. Or snuggle time, anytime of the day! He takes you for walks, rides in his big truck and protects you from mommy's playful spankings;)  

In return, you wear his hat while he's at work. Just to keep it safe until he gets home!

In short baby girl. Your mommy and daddy love you so much; you've become our world! We're having a blast watching you grow while you discover this big exciting world. I have a feeling the next few months is going to fly by, with all the neat new things you'll have learned and will be doing! Take time to slow down though and give your parents a cuddle or two. We miss that, ya know!    

July 22, 2012

Baby Love Meets Baby Scare!

I've been a terrible blogger for over a month-- bad Becca! But it hasn't been wasted. I've spent the past 2 months working on a much healthier me and I'm so happy with the results!

Take a look!


Pretty awesome if you ask me and I couldn't be happier. I've lost 18 lbs since May 24th! I still have a lot of work to do; another 21 lbs before I reach my 126 lb frame and size 4 jeans but I know I can do it!

 I've been half assing my eating and workouts for a few weeks now (ever since the hubby got home) and I haven't had any losses to report so I need to crank this puppy into high gear again! I really want this weight gone by my birthday which is November 6th. If I keep this pace up ( well not the past 2 weeks pace, lol) I could possibly loose the last of this baby love by October!

Here's to hoping, riding on the wings of hard work and determination:)

Speaking of baby love... Yeah

Not a fun week for this mama! We had our first pregnancy scare which was VERY scary. We all know I just gave birth 5 months ago, ekk! (I promise I'm working on a Sugarcube update) And that my husband is deploying in the very near future. I hate even typing that. So living 3,000 miles from home, my live in sister moving to Vegas in September and that leaving me with very little support and help--- The thought of another baby on the way was VERY sobering.

This post is not meant to hurt or offend any awesome ladies out there having trouble getting pregnant or just not being able to have babies. Seriously. It's just not a good time for us. Had we been pregnant, I would have welcomed the little angel with eager arms and nothing short of heart bursting love. But I'm really glad God has different plans for us right now.

I had a really hard pregnancy, physically and emotionally. I'm not looking forward to having another one like it so soon, without the support of my husband and, or family close by. I would also be starting this pregnancy 20+ lbs heavier which doesn't sit well with me. Obviously I could work hard to not gain much, but still. Not to mention just the financial side of having another child!

We completely plan to have another baby. R and I both want that little bubba running around, terrorizing his big sister;) And if baby #2 ends up being another girl--- Well, we might just try for baby # 3! We plan to try again, shortly after R returns from his tour, sometime mid 2013.


So what about you? What are y'alls thoughts on baby number 2 or 3? Would a baby scare be good news or bad timing or just not in your immediate plans?