April 30, 2010

MilSpouse Blog Hop!!!

I found this Milspouse Blog Hop today over at Riding The Roller Coaster and thought What a neat idea! So here I am saying "hello and welcome!"

My name is Becca and I have been an Army wife for 16 months! My husband and I are currently stationed in the deep south, however I cannot wait for our first PCS to some place truly outdoorsy and grand! We have no children yet but I am a proud momma of two fur children, Bella our dog and Peanut our cat. I work for a very large gaming company as an assistant manager, but am going back to school in September for my bachelors in elementary education!

I love to laugh and be active and am, presently, in pursuit of the perfect butt;) I LOVE all things girlie that smell of either summer or warm vanilla! Flip flops ARE my shoe of choice 365 days of the year, without fail...I am addicted to all things directly and indirectly related to electronics i.e my cell phone, google search, Facebook, Ipod, spell check ect...I'm terrified of wasps and coach roaches. I HATE when its gorgeous outside but aunt flows comes to visit...Usually this means I am in a VERY unmotivated and sad mood. It makes no sense to waste such a beautiful day on being a debbie downer but stupid hormones say otherwise... I cannot tan to save my life but try every summer, ha!

My blog is very randomly written;) I blog about anything I want to really...I started it becuase I wanted to connect with fellow Army wives while my husband was a way and have done that, so score!!! I'm not the best bloggy buddy out there by any means of measure, meaning I don't always comment or I forget to click that follow button on a blog that's been following me, but beat me up enough and I promise I'll be "clicking" before long! I am still finding that balance between real life and being true to my lovely blog gals. I have to watch, because I can become really obsessed with staying connected and reading EVERYONE, EVERYDAY...When you have over 100 blogs, thats not really possible unless I want to be at my computer 24/7...In that case my husband might step in and do more then give me the evil eye!?!?

I love meeting new followers so don't be shy, say hello and thanks for stopping by!

April 26, 2010

Moment Of Insanity You Might Say...

Take a seat and stay a while because I have figured something huge out about myself, and when I say huge I mean huge! Also, do not judge me on how many times I use the word "struggle" in this post! You thought I was going to say huge, didn't you:p

I'll begin by saying that for the past few months, off and on, I have been in a bad place...Nothing deep, dark and scary, but bad none the less!

I've realized that since I got married in December 08', I've been feeling empty, lost and without purpose...To the point where I have gone into what I'm embarrassed to say depression...There really is no other word for it! I can't blame it on being pregnant and hormonal, because while I might be hormonal, I am certainly not pregnant. Nor can I say its from lack of sleep, even though I do not sleep well. I really cannot blame it on my job although it isn't helping the feelings of being stagnant...And it most definitely has nothing to do with my absolutely perfect, sweet and caring husband...Trust me, we are still "puke worthy" in love! In fact I think the former me, of three years ago, just threw up today watching us make kissie faces:p However, do not burn me at the stake for saying this, but it turns out being married isn't a fix for complete happiness...*gasp* I know...

Getting married I had no expectations that my husband would "complete me" and that I would no longer need to pursue inner joy. But then I'm asking myself why am I so surprised that I find I still have to work at it???

I stated above that this feeling started shortly after I got married, so I'm going to clear that up for you. This actually came to me yesterday while eating lunch with the man of my dreams:) Before I married R, I was a struggler. I struggled with most everything in my life from money to relationships to God and the list certainly goes on and on...I was raised Amish in a not so Amish friendly environment i.e the world outside of a community...I fought to graduate with even a GED when my mother, out of pure exhaustion and lack of time gave up on mine and my siblings home schooled education. We were given the books and supplies but ultimately it was up to us whether or not we used them. There was literally no consequence to being lazy in our studies. Doing such was only hurting us and no one else. This was all at the age eight. I was also in the work force at the age of 9, struggling along side my folks, trying to help make ends meet. So with all of this, why was I upset when my first taste of romance was five years of nothing but hard times?!?! I am positive I'm not the only sob story out there, even in just this blog realm:p I am only telling you this because it is so ironic...The reason I've been unhappy is because I no longer struggle! Being married has really made me realize that. *okay, you can throw one rock, but just one* The best way to explain it is I have had a life full of tremendous growth because of struggling and now that I'm married, now that I have someone to share my life with who makes life so easy, I feel there is no need to struggle and that makes me feel lost...I apparently don't know how to function without that element in my life! Sad huh??? Not really...I was constantly fulfilled because of life and how damn hard it could be...And I know that most people would praise the day it all ended, but not me... I recognize the value of life and its struggles too much...It truly is the direct link to inner joy...Be honest, we are all happy when we are growing in some way! It really sucks when your in the eye of your own personal storm, but the beauty you see when that storm clears is breath taking...Its earth shattering...You feel invincible...This is not to say that I want a big crappy pile of struggle on my door step in the morning, I just want to have something that requires a little work in my life again...

So how about it? I would love to hear about a personal struggle that made you a stronger person:) I mean, I just bared my soul and said that I would rather struggle then have a perfect life! Who does that???

April 19, 2010

I'm Back With A Vacation Re-cap!

You probably didn't even know I was gone, but its not your fault because who can keep up with my absenses vs. vacation...lol...However, I was on vacation and it was so major and relaxing! However, like with all things, it had to come to an end:( So we're back in Georgia doing our normal thing of work with play, when we can...

To re-cap about our 3 full days in Gatlinburg, we had BEAUTIFUL weather minus the crowds of tourists for spring break. Life couldn't have been sweeter! Our first night we just settled in, went to the grocery store for yummy snacks and make it up as we go meals, then hit the liquor store for some seductive tasting wine, Mmmm...That, paired with the hot tub and the fresh night mountain air, spelled heaven our first evening.

The first full day wasn't that eventful, but it was nice! We slept in until 10:00 then headed into a neighboring town to buy hubby's birthday gift; Verizon's new rugged phone the Brigade...I was able to upgrade the day before and decided on the Droid Eris. I couldn't be happier with my choice! But moving on...Traffic was INSANE the whole day so we didn't get to move around much. However, R and I decided that a day inside the cabin was fitting so that's exactly what we did! We had a pool table which was perfect. So with yummy sushi near by, cream soda in chilled glasses, and some good tunes on, we shot the breeze over several games of pool...Might I add that I won the very first game...Ha! My victory grin:)

The 2nd day, our big adventure was white water rafting! Neither R or I have been so this was something fun to share together for the first time. Take a look!

This was so much fun... We had class 3 and 4 rapids, but by the end we were craving bigger ones! This was a three hour activity that whipped my butt. All that beautiful sunshine and water sure made for a lazy me on the drive home...That evening we decided not to brave the local eatery's and grilled juicy steaks instead...Exhibit A-

Day 3 I was bound and determined to get out and do the tourist thing even though masses of people were out...Ripley's has taken over Gatlinburg with an aquarium, museum, 2 mini golf courses, a haunted house and a mirror maze. We did them all thanks to a very generous military discount of 80 percent! The haunted house was my first. I'm sure my husband was completely embarrassed as I squawked, squealed and screamed the entire way and I'm also sure that the kid in front of me wasn't appreciative of my fingers digging holes in his shoulders...What do you think?? Later, we drove the very steep 3 miles up to Ober Gatlinburg where we went ice skating, and ate a yummy lunch complete with the best tea I've had in years!

We also threw in some go-karting, home made fudge and the new movie "Clash Of The Titans" in there somewhere:) Not to mention, our last night I took the husband to a really nice steak dinner to celebrate his promotion. I about cried when our waiter told us that we had no check to pick up...Apparently the table next to us had paid our entire LARGE bill after over hearing R was in the military and the reason we were out for the evening...They never even said hello or made their selves known...So, to whoever you are, my husband and I felt your gesture and appreciation deep in our hearts and want to thank you!
Well, that about sums it up! I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter week as well and are enjoying this awesome weather!!! My next post will be all about my BIG news, I promise!

April 3, 2010

Huge Week For Us!

Big things poppin this week! Tomorrow we're off to the families for Easter Sunday, then headed to our *four night* home in the mountains!!! Ekk, can't wait! Also, getting my new phone on Monday before we head out for Gatlinburg...That way I have four hours to play with it:) Which one will I get???? Verizon's Palm Pixi or...
Verizon's Droid Eris!!! Only time will tell...

In other HUGE news, R got promoted!!! We found out yesterday...I am so proud of him y'all...Not being bias or anything, but he really deserved this for all the hard work he's put into these past two years...So big smiles and hugz to my hubby:) I think he also deserved a new truck which he got yesterday as well:) For some reason, I think he should name it ol' blue????
Have a great Easter Everyone! I'll be back on Saturday with pictures and fun happenings of our trip!