September 28, 2011

Baby, I Get A "Kick" Outta you

It's that time again! This is me at 17 weeks and feeling great!

Sorry about the little sliver of undies in this one, but I didn't feel like taking the picture all over again:)

I went to my first midwife appointment yesterday and I'm so glad I decided to take this opportunity! I am in there with 5 other couples, where we sit in a circle and learn together about becoming first time moms and dads! They give out a lot of information to ease your overly worrisome and curious mind, which I am so glad for because I like to know everything about everything, ha!

So baby is the size of an onion today! It seems like it's taken forever to get this far. If you remember, we found out about our pregnancy when I was just a mere 3.5 weeks along! We are almost at the half way point, 20 weeks and I couldn't be happier:) says, "Try not to get freaked out by the numbers on your scale. At 17 weeks, baby’s working on getting stronger, and your body’s working on getting bigger. That means putting on some pounds and -- we hate to break it to you -- getting some stretch marks."

Well I agree with the poundage...I really hate that I don't know what my pre-pregnancy weight was. Our scale had broke down 2 months before and I never took the time to replace it or weigh myself elsewhere after we found out:( My first weigh in was at 13 weeks, ekk!

I stole this list from another blog because it covers all the bases! Here goes...

Weight gain/loss: This month I am up by 3 pounds. If I had to guess, I would say I've gained a total of 10 pounds so far. That's about average I'm told.

Exercise: I could do a lot better here. But as my energy is coming back, I am getting out more with my 2 dogs, walking them, playing tug and using our treadmill. I like to crank the incline up to 10 and use it as if I were climbing a steep hill. I think this really makes good use of my 45 minutes on there and I'm definitely panting at the end!

Body Changes: The belly is getting hard and really baring down on my bladder! I wake up every 2 hours just to empty the darn thing. I'm noticing more "love" in my arms and ta ta's:)

Gender: We still haven't found out but its looking like we might know sooner then October 31st! I'll keep you posted:)

Movement: The movement and kicks are getting stronger but I don't feel them everyday yet. At my midwife appointment yesterday, they checked for the heartbeat. The doctor responded with, "there's your baby's heartbeat and................... that's the sound of him beating the crap out of your tummy." HAHAHA! I loved hearing it:)

Sleep: I still sleep well but I'm interrupted a lot with going to the potty.

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if Baby "G" is a boy or girl!

Cravings: Nothing too terrible but I'm in love with the deli in our local grocery store. They have the best bread ever! My favorite sandwich is roast beef with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers and light chipotle sauce, YUM!

Symptoms: Nothing too mention really. I tossed my cookies for the first time since week 11 last night. I thought I was going into preterm labor! I woke up at around 1:10 am with awful back pains that were wrapping around to my belly button, but just on my right side...If that doesn't scare you at 17 weeks I'm not sure what would! I think baby just didn't like my dinner choice; white pizza with garlic olive oil rub, tomatoes, spinach and prosciutto. It was tasty but I think I'll stay away from that until the baby's born.

Best moment this week: Hubby's folks gave us a VERY generous budget, as a baby gift, to furnish most of our nursery! Their flying in for Christmas and by then, R will have the office cleaned out. Once they get here, we're planning to make a day of it, getting the nursery ready for baby. Music to my ears!

I'm off to get some exercise and enjoy this rain free day!

September 23, 2011

Stop Being A Turd Nugget

So the conversation of cloth diapers came up yesterday, after R had returned from work. Well it wasn't a conversation really. More like me trying to converse and him just saying "no." It really was funny to think back on and it was even funny in the moment. There was just such HORROR in the mans eyes as I was explaining how it all worked!

You see, I had found these ADORABLE cloth diapers called gdiapers online. Here is my argument, see below...

Am I right or am I right! Are those not the cutest? Gone are the days of pins and pricks ladies! I remember my mother, God bless her, using those old fashioned cloth diapers on me and I remember them being so ugly and uncomfortable. Especially with those crinkly plastic covers that you put over the cloth once you were done pinning. Yes, I do remember back that far:) Gdiapers are cute, comfortable, reduce the risk of diaper rash and they even offer a disposable insert that is biodegradable and flushes down the toilet, if you don't want to mess with the cloth ummmm, mess. Can we say earth friendly too!

And, did you know that the disposable diapers you buy in the store take 500 YEARS to break down to become earth friendly? That means, the very first disposable diaper to ever be placed on a sweet little baby's buns is still floating out there somewhere, gross...

I wanted to give these a shot, not only, because it would save us boo-koo bucks but it's earth friendly and they're ADORABLE! However, it takes husband and wife to make this work. The husbands complaints where these.

"So our washer and dryer is going to smell like turd nuggets!?" I of course said no because you wash the majority of the ummmm, mess off the cloth before placing it in the washer.

"So I have to hand wash a dirty turd nugget diaper!? I'm not washing a poopie diaper! No!"

"No! You just rinse it off under the faucet or in the toilet while flushing, no hand action involved and then place it in a soapy wet bucket until laundry day."

"So we're going to have a nasty bucket full of floating turd nuggets hanging out in the house stinking it up!? No babe!"

I proceeded to tell him about the 500 year bit and the pile of nasty diapers still out there in the world trying to "become" good. He responds with a smile "And we'll keep adding to that pile." I gave up at that point. Even though I had one last argument. The fact that it has the first letter of our last name on the them! Sigh...You win some, you loose some!

September 14, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I haven't updated my belly shot since week 11! For some reason I was thinking I had done a 13 week update...Shrugs... Mommy's been really bad Baby "G" but I'm finally back and this is me at 15 weeks! I don't think much has changed since 11 weeks, except you're definitely bigger and my belly has gotten MUCH harder!

I think I just look pudgy from the front but as soon as I turn sideways, you can definitely see the POP out.

I've hit some pretty big mile stones this week. Three days ago I actually felt you move! I know the doctors say its too early but mommy knows her Baby;) You didn't actually touch my belly from the inside, like most people experience, but I experienced the sensation of you moving. It felt like a little ball doing a REALLY fast somersault in there and it was the coolest thing! I was talking to daddy when it happened; he saw the expression on my face and immediately asked if it was the baby moving. I must have looked really surprised!

In addition, I have A LOT more of my energy back and I couldn't be happier! I've gone the past two days with no naps and have kept myself pretty busy.

I made it to my first doctors appointment last month which I couldn't have been happier about. R went with me and we got to hear Baby's heart beat! I guess your a one fetus show Baby "G" because your heartbeat was the only one we heard. So no twins for us! The doctor found your thumping ticker IMMEDIATELY! Daddy says the Doppler barely touched mommy's stomach when it came across loud and clear. We were grinning from ear to ear, listening, knowing you're such a strong baby. The doctor was surprised she found it so suddenly! Afterwards I went through all the yucky stuff like giving my weight in blood and all those exams. I guess everything is looking good because mommy hasn't heard anything back from those tests. See, I'm healthy and strong too baby!

My last update, you were the size of a lime Baby "G!"

4 weeks later and at 15 weeks, you're the size of a navel orange! says you're moving like crazy in there and your legs are finally longer than your arms! You have all working joints now too:) I'm looking forward to week 16 because you'll finally be able to hear the sound of mommy and daddy talking; how cool!

In other news, I'll be flying home to Tennessee early October to visit family before this baby arrives and before I'm restricted from flying. I'm so excited for this visit. Sure, I saw everyone 2 months ago but I was really disappointed at my energy and excitement level back then. I was so miserable with all day sickness. I didn't feel like I got a really good visit in. My family all understood, but still. This one is going to be WAY better. I am my old happy self again:)

Until next time!