September 23, 2011

Stop Being A Turd Nugget

So the conversation of cloth diapers came up yesterday, after R had returned from work. Well it wasn't a conversation really. More like me trying to converse and him just saying "no." It really was funny to think back on and it was even funny in the moment. There was just such HORROR in the mans eyes as I was explaining how it all worked!

You see, I had found these ADORABLE cloth diapers called gdiapers online. Here is my argument, see below...

Am I right or am I right! Are those not the cutest? Gone are the days of pins and pricks ladies! I remember my mother, God bless her, using those old fashioned cloth diapers on me and I remember them being so ugly and uncomfortable. Especially with those crinkly plastic covers that you put over the cloth once you were done pinning. Yes, I do remember back that far:) Gdiapers are cute, comfortable, reduce the risk of diaper rash and they even offer a disposable insert that is biodegradable and flushes down the toilet, if you don't want to mess with the cloth ummmm, mess. Can we say earth friendly too!

And, did you know that the disposable diapers you buy in the store take 500 YEARS to break down to become earth friendly? That means, the very first disposable diaper to ever be placed on a sweet little baby's buns is still floating out there somewhere, gross...

I wanted to give these a shot, not only, because it would save us boo-koo bucks but it's earth friendly and they're ADORABLE! However, it takes husband and wife to make this work. The husbands complaints where these.

"So our washer and dryer is going to smell like turd nuggets!?" I of course said no because you wash the majority of the ummmm, mess off the cloth before placing it in the washer.

"So I have to hand wash a dirty turd nugget diaper!? I'm not washing a poopie diaper! No!"

"No! You just rinse it off under the faucet or in the toilet while flushing, no hand action involved and then place it in a soapy wet bucket until laundry day."

"So we're going to have a nasty bucket full of floating turd nuggets hanging out in the house stinking it up!? No babe!"

I proceeded to tell him about the 500 year bit and the pile of nasty diapers still out there in the world trying to "become" good. He responds with a smile "And we'll keep adding to that pile." I gave up at that point. Even though I had one last argument. The fact that it has the first letter of our last name on the them! Sigh...You win some, you loose some!

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  1. Go baby "g" diapers!!! Tell him its different when its ur own kiddo's turd nuggets! LMAO Keep fightin the earth-friendly baby fight sista! <3


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