September 14, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I haven't updated my belly shot since week 11! For some reason I was thinking I had done a 13 week update...Shrugs... Mommy's been really bad Baby "G" but I'm finally back and this is me at 15 weeks! I don't think much has changed since 11 weeks, except you're definitely bigger and my belly has gotten MUCH harder!

I think I just look pudgy from the front but as soon as I turn sideways, you can definitely see the POP out.

I've hit some pretty big mile stones this week. Three days ago I actually felt you move! I know the doctors say its too early but mommy knows her Baby;) You didn't actually touch my belly from the inside, like most people experience, but I experienced the sensation of you moving. It felt like a little ball doing a REALLY fast somersault in there and it was the coolest thing! I was talking to daddy when it happened; he saw the expression on my face and immediately asked if it was the baby moving. I must have looked really surprised!

In addition, I have A LOT more of my energy back and I couldn't be happier! I've gone the past two days with no naps and have kept myself pretty busy.

I made it to my first doctors appointment last month which I couldn't have been happier about. R went with me and we got to hear Baby's heart beat! I guess your a one fetus show Baby "G" because your heartbeat was the only one we heard. So no twins for us! The doctor found your thumping ticker IMMEDIATELY! Daddy says the Doppler barely touched mommy's stomach when it came across loud and clear. We were grinning from ear to ear, listening, knowing you're such a strong baby. The doctor was surprised she found it so suddenly! Afterwards I went through all the yucky stuff like giving my weight in blood and all those exams. I guess everything is looking good because mommy hasn't heard anything back from those tests. See, I'm healthy and strong too baby!

My last update, you were the size of a lime Baby "G!"

4 weeks later and at 15 weeks, you're the size of a navel orange! says you're moving like crazy in there and your legs are finally longer than your arms! You have all working joints now too:) I'm looking forward to week 16 because you'll finally be able to hear the sound of mommy and daddy talking; how cool!

In other news, I'll be flying home to Tennessee early October to visit family before this baby arrives and before I'm restricted from flying. I'm so excited for this visit. Sure, I saw everyone 2 months ago but I was really disappointed at my energy and excitement level back then. I was so miserable with all day sickness. I didn't feel like I got a really good visit in. My family all understood, but still. This one is going to be WAY better. I am my old happy self again:)

Until next time!

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