March 24, 2012

Momma and Sugarcube Update

Things are FINALLY starting to feel normal around here...I'm just a few days away from preforming heavy sweat sessions again  (Thank you Lord!) Although I did cheat and pull my Brazilian Butt Lift program out just last night. It's pretty intense with lots of lunges, squats and cardio. So in other words, it pretty much broke me off!! I woke up absolutely paralyzed for Sugarcubes 4:00 a.m feeding this morning, wishing like hell I had a wet nurse at my disposal right about then, haha!

But the good news is--- I've lost 4 lbs in 6 days ♥  I'll take some more of that, please! The method behind my success has been tanking up on proteins, veggies, fruits and water; limiting my sugars, fats and carbs...Add that with a smidgen of exercise and viola!

Hubby and I have a hot date coming up, on the 30th---SO READY to spend an evening out; just the two of us!!! You might remember me talking about the pending military ball...That's our hot date!! I've been running around like a mad woman trying to get ready for this thing...And let me tell you, I'm going all out! I have a gorgeous dress that fits this chubby voluptuous post pregnancy body well, sparkly accessories and sexy shoes. I'm getting my hair cut and styled, a pedi and eyebrows waxed. I've also visited Saphora a thousand times replacing my makeup for the absolute perfect evening look...  

This is called "the red carpet look" and apparently Carrie Underwood wore this exact makeup at one point. I know I look NOTHING like Carrie Underwood on the red carpet, but I say...Not bad for a makeup armature!!!

Something else making me smile these days...We found a house! It's so much bigger than our rental right now with a much friendlier neighborhood for dogs and walking/running...Excited!! I'll be sure to post pictures once we move in, which won't be until the middle of April---So looking forward to all of that square footage and finally having an extra room for Sugarcube and her nursery!!

Speaking of my baby--- and because she is so cute and I love taking pictures of her!!!!

Here she is in her very first bow...I think she was about to rip it off; if only she had the hand coordination for that, haha! Alyssa is just perfect and such a sweet baby. She is staying awake more through the day and starting to "coo." I love those quick smiles she gives, although I'm told they are not actual smiles...They're still adorable, however! She HATES having her diaper changed and screams bloody murder (most of the time) until you replace it, making her cute baby bunz warm once more:)

Notice the cloth diapers--- We've been a successful cloth diapering family for roughly a month!! I really don't understand what the big deal is with cloth diapering...It's really not that hard, expect for the extra laundry...I LOVE the Flip system on her...She started to get a small diaper rash in her disposables during the weeks where I was waiting her the umbilical cord to fall of. Once I switched her to these, it was gone in LESS than a day! I love that we tried this and that it's working for our family ♥

Other things I've noticed about our little niblett---She is SOOOOO impatient when it comes to being hungry; spooling into a frenzy until you feed her. * side note: I was driving and almost home when I realized this. I don't allow my daughter to scream from hunger on purpose* On the flip side of my previous sentence, she can be screaming so hard, yet once you give her the boob, she latches and acts as if she was never upset... It makes me chuckle:) 

Baby girl also LOVES baths; this makes me happy because I love giving them to her!

And one last picture, just because I think it's adorable...She was totally mean muggin her Momma! I kinda went camera crazy that day, so it was warrented;)

What cute baby denims and what a cute face!!

Okay. I lied. One LAST picture. But only because it is precious and I forgot I had this one!

The End!

Baby girl has woke from nap so we're going to eat and play!!!

March 13, 2012

1 Month

Please shed a tear with me as I type "My Sugarcube is one month old!" Call me bias but isn't she just Gorg!

story time with mommy

In addition to being a month old, she's also taking pictures with her eyes wide open now!!! Everything about her is changing so fast and I don't think I'm ready for it...Sigh...

I love just watching her sleep
But she is doing wonderful and growing like a weed! So I guess that means I'm doing something right:)
I'm also super proud to say that we made it a whole month breastfeeding! I was completely prepared to exclusively pump and bottle feed if things went south, which I had convinced myself it would. But nope! I bonded with it right a way, after Sugarcube got over her sucking issues that is, and we've been trucking right a long ever since.

 I'm so glad I made the decision to at least give it a try because it's been a wonderful experience. I thank God for that huge blessing--- Sugarcube LOVES to nurse and it makes me feel extra good inside knowing that I'm doing the best for her that I can...I'm not talking negatively AT ALL about formula fed babies here. Baby girl would have been rockin the formula if this hadn't panned out! I'm just personally glad that it worked out for us and that we didn't have to spend bukoo bucks on that over priced cows milk. My husband and I do not have a money tree growing out back, ya know!

Other than rockin the BF'ing scene, Sugarcube and I are just hanging out, bonding and I'M trying to glimpse some form of a daily pattern so I can plan errands, etc.
So far, it's hit or miss---Some days I get a lot done because she's on a (eat every 2.5 hours, change diaper, sleep schedule) but most days I do a whole lot of nothing because she cluster feeds a lot and LOVES to be held close...I don't mind most days--- except when self imposed pressure gets the better of me. You know those days where laundry is PILING high, the dust in your house could be seen from a satellite in space and a home cooked meal hasn't hit your table for days...Yeah, those are the days where I might have whined just a little about not getting anything done;)

In other news, we're moving!!! I wish we were moving to another duty station. Particularly a duty station with lots of sunshine but no...We are moving to another house! Our current land lady is wanting to put this house on the market this Spring so we're trying to be out by April 1st. Doesn't leave much time! We knew about the eviction---I was trying to do the right thing when we got here last August, informing our future landlord of R's deployment taking place, like now, resulting in a 9 month lease... However, he got moved to a different unit when we arrived so that deployment was pushed off towards this fall...So the lease is ending and we're moving--- And then we're moving again once he does deploy but that's a post for another time.
  I have a few homes we're looking at. The one is just PERFECT so we'll see if we get it! This means I'll finally have an extra room for Sugarcubes nursery!!! What plans I have already:) Can't wait to post details and pictures!

Tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday but I won't be weighing in. I did TERRIBLE this week. I'll be the first to admit it...I had way too many sweet things and not enough exercise. Kind of really disappointed in myself:( However, R and I have been talking. We both have fitness and weight goals right now so we are going to get tough and help one another out! Right after I get cleared for regular exercise, in less than 2 weeks, I'm bringing P90X back baby!!! I used to do this program back in Georgia and LOVED it; it's a smoker! Just what I need:)
So instead of weighing in tomorrow, tomorrow I'm starting over! Don't you just hate the initial uphill struggle of weight loss...Once I have a good 2 weeks under my belt, I'm a golden goose! But until then, everyday, potential failure is lurking---

 I'm really sorry for the lack of commenting these days...I'm still adjusting and probably will be for sometime---Just know that I do read about your lives as much as I can and for those that still comment on my blog, I read each and every comment! I might not be replying personally through email as much but know that I cherish you taking the time to respond through encouraging, kind words!!!

P.S So excited for Jenn, Bonnie, Sarah, and Roxy's little bundles to arrive! Looking everyday for those baby updates:)

March 7, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday!

This is going to be a short post because I MIGHT have another 20 minutes before Sugarcube wakes up. However, I wanted to be diligent and keep up with my "Weigh In Wednesday" posts!

I stepped on my shiny NEW scale this morning (not for the first time since delivery, yeah I cheated) and...It read 165.5 pounds....

I guess I'm okay with a 24 lb loss in 3+ weeks;)

Now the REAL work begins...This leaves me with 40 lbs to loose to get back to my comfortable weight of 126 lbs and 27 lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight of 138 lbs---

Those numbers scare me, frankly, but I can do this!!!

To kick start my weight loss journey---Friday I went and bought a new pair of running shoes (that ended up in a $25 parking ticket) but I scored some comfy sapatos!!!

I also upgraded my iPod to a pretty pink Nano with some bad ace tunes! This equals motivation and inspiration ♥
So now, I just have to wait another 3 weeks or less to really start using them i.e trading in the walking for running, yay!

The sad news is, while I'm breastfeeding, I'm not supposed to count calories or diet etc...I have to actually eat MORE which also scares the bejezsus outta me---That goes against everything we've been taught in how to loose weight! The key is eating healthy calories and EXERCISE!!! Also, I'm not supposed to loose more then 1.5 lbs a week..Anything more then that could effect my milk supply in a negative way...So it's looking like what everyone says is true---It took nine months to gain the weight so expect it to take nine months to loose the weight...Sigh...

Oh well!! I'm sure those nine months are going to just fly by with a little one to raise and chase around:) 

Okay, yup---I called it! Baby girl is screaming at me through the monitor so mommy duty calls!

P.S. These Wednesday weigh in's are for my own personal motivation, really. I realize it's not cutting edge material so you're not going to hurt my feelings if you want to skip these posts altogether:)

Until next week!  

March 3, 2012

It's Time---

Goodness, I can't believe that tomorrow our little girl will be 3 weeks old!

 This has made me realize, EVERY FLIPPIN DAY that time is FLYING by so fast--- Because of this rude (yes rude) awakening, I think it's time to start my "Weigh In Wednesday" posts!

Big Hooray!

 I admit that it would be all too easy to ignore these extra pounds for a little bit longer. Lets face it! Any new mom knows that having a newborn is time consuming enough, let alone adding exercise to your day...PHEW!


Waking up months from now, realizing I have a 2 year old and still look like I just gave birth doesn't sound too appealing---

So this Wednesday I will start my journey to losing this pregnancy weight. Kinda excited! I won't be able to kick it into high gear for another 3 weeks but I can definitely start in other areas;)

 On a side note: I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions regarding going to this military ball. I'm happy to announce that I've decided to go! Not only that, but the hubby and I are actually going to make it an over night, date night. Ekk!!! My sister is going to watch Sugarcube for us so I feel completely comfortable doing this.

This also really gives me something to focus on for weight loss. My goal is to loose 10 pounds by the time of the ball and I think I can do it!

Stay tuned and wish me luck y'all!