March 13, 2012

1 Month

Please shed a tear with me as I type "My Sugarcube is one month old!" Call me bias but isn't she just Gorg!

story time with mommy

In addition to being a month old, she's also taking pictures with her eyes wide open now!!! Everything about her is changing so fast and I don't think I'm ready for it...Sigh...

I love just watching her sleep
But she is doing wonderful and growing like a weed! So I guess that means I'm doing something right:)
I'm also super proud to say that we made it a whole month breastfeeding! I was completely prepared to exclusively pump and bottle feed if things went south, which I had convinced myself it would. But nope! I bonded with it right a way, after Sugarcube got over her sucking issues that is, and we've been trucking right a long ever since.

 I'm so glad I made the decision to at least give it a try because it's been a wonderful experience. I thank God for that huge blessing--- Sugarcube LOVES to nurse and it makes me feel extra good inside knowing that I'm doing the best for her that I can...I'm not talking negatively AT ALL about formula fed babies here. Baby girl would have been rockin the formula if this hadn't panned out! I'm just personally glad that it worked out for us and that we didn't have to spend bukoo bucks on that over priced cows milk. My husband and I do not have a money tree growing out back, ya know!

Other than rockin the BF'ing scene, Sugarcube and I are just hanging out, bonding and I'M trying to glimpse some form of a daily pattern so I can plan errands, etc.
So far, it's hit or miss---Some days I get a lot done because she's on a (eat every 2.5 hours, change diaper, sleep schedule) but most days I do a whole lot of nothing because she cluster feeds a lot and LOVES to be held close...I don't mind most days--- except when self imposed pressure gets the better of me. You know those days where laundry is PILING high, the dust in your house could be seen from a satellite in space and a home cooked meal hasn't hit your table for days...Yeah, those are the days where I might have whined just a little about not getting anything done;)

In other news, we're moving!!! I wish we were moving to another duty station. Particularly a duty station with lots of sunshine but no...We are moving to another house! Our current land lady is wanting to put this house on the market this Spring so we're trying to be out by April 1st. Doesn't leave much time! We knew about the eviction---I was trying to do the right thing when we got here last August, informing our future landlord of R's deployment taking place, like now, resulting in a 9 month lease... However, he got moved to a different unit when we arrived so that deployment was pushed off towards this fall...So the lease is ending and we're moving--- And then we're moving again once he does deploy but that's a post for another time.
  I have a few homes we're looking at. The one is just PERFECT so we'll see if we get it! This means I'll finally have an extra room for Sugarcubes nursery!!! What plans I have already:) Can't wait to post details and pictures!

Tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday but I won't be weighing in. I did TERRIBLE this week. I'll be the first to admit it...I had way too many sweet things and not enough exercise. Kind of really disappointed in myself:( However, R and I have been talking. We both have fitness and weight goals right now so we are going to get tough and help one another out! Right after I get cleared for regular exercise, in less than 2 weeks, I'm bringing P90X back baby!!! I used to do this program back in Georgia and LOVED it; it's a smoker! Just what I need:)
So instead of weighing in tomorrow, tomorrow I'm starting over! Don't you just hate the initial uphill struggle of weight loss...Once I have a good 2 weeks under my belt, I'm a golden goose! But until then, everyday, potential failure is lurking---

 I'm really sorry for the lack of commenting these days...I'm still adjusting and probably will be for sometime---Just know that I do read about your lives as much as I can and for those that still comment on my blog, I read each and every comment! I might not be replying personally through email as much but know that I cherish you taking the time to respond through encouraging, kind words!!!

P.S So excited for Jenn, Bonnie, Sarah, and Roxy's little bundles to arrive! Looking everyday for those baby updates:)


  1. She is such a cutie! =) I'm glad breastfeeding worked out for you and your baby girl. I really want to breastfeed too. Don't worry too much about trying to lose weight. Once your doctor gives you the green light to workout then you can bring sexy back! =)

  2. Wowzers I can't believe it's already been a month either! Seems like I was just reading that you went into labor! Crazy how fast time flies! She is SUPER cute and yes, you are doing everything right!!

    I'm so so SO glad that breastfeeding is going well for y'all. A big stressor eliminated! :D

    Don't you worry about the weight. I know everyone says, "It took nine months to put on, it's gonna take nine months to take off." And unfortunately, I am here to confirm your fears that yes, that is true. :) Except in the cases of celebrities, but they have access to night nurses and chefs and personal trainers, so we won't count them. That's not "real." You're gonna be a skinny minny in no time at all, I can tell- especially once you get the ok from the doc to start running again! :D

  3. Oh my goodness, she IS gorgeous! Yay for one month! Try not to give yourself a hard time, you've got a little princess you're taking care of! Laundry will always be there :) (Not sure if that's encouraging or depressing...but I think you know what I mean...)

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  5. How can she be a month old already! She's adorable.

    Glad to hear you two are doing well!


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