March 24, 2012

Momma and Sugarcube Update

Things are FINALLY starting to feel normal around here...I'm just a few days away from preforming heavy sweat sessions again  (Thank you Lord!) Although I did cheat and pull my Brazilian Butt Lift program out just last night. It's pretty intense with lots of lunges, squats and cardio. So in other words, it pretty much broke me off!! I woke up absolutely paralyzed for Sugarcubes 4:00 a.m feeding this morning, wishing like hell I had a wet nurse at my disposal right about then, haha!

But the good news is--- I've lost 4 lbs in 6 days ♥  I'll take some more of that, please! The method behind my success has been tanking up on proteins, veggies, fruits and water; limiting my sugars, fats and carbs...Add that with a smidgen of exercise and viola!

Hubby and I have a hot date coming up, on the 30th---SO READY to spend an evening out; just the two of us!!! You might remember me talking about the pending military ball...That's our hot date!! I've been running around like a mad woman trying to get ready for this thing...And let me tell you, I'm going all out! I have a gorgeous dress that fits this chubby voluptuous post pregnancy body well, sparkly accessories and sexy shoes. I'm getting my hair cut and styled, a pedi and eyebrows waxed. I've also visited Saphora a thousand times replacing my makeup for the absolute perfect evening look...  

This is called "the red carpet look" and apparently Carrie Underwood wore this exact makeup at one point. I know I look NOTHING like Carrie Underwood on the red carpet, but I say...Not bad for a makeup armature!!!

Something else making me smile these days...We found a house! It's so much bigger than our rental right now with a much friendlier neighborhood for dogs and walking/running...Excited!! I'll be sure to post pictures once we move in, which won't be until the middle of April---So looking forward to all of that square footage and finally having an extra room for Sugarcube and her nursery!!

Speaking of my baby--- and because she is so cute and I love taking pictures of her!!!!

Here she is in her very first bow...I think she was about to rip it off; if only she had the hand coordination for that, haha! Alyssa is just perfect and such a sweet baby. She is staying awake more through the day and starting to "coo." I love those quick smiles she gives, although I'm told they are not actual smiles...They're still adorable, however! She HATES having her diaper changed and screams bloody murder (most of the time) until you replace it, making her cute baby bunz warm once more:)

Notice the cloth diapers--- We've been a successful cloth diapering family for roughly a month!! I really don't understand what the big deal is with cloth diapering...It's really not that hard, expect for the extra laundry...I LOVE the Flip system on her...She started to get a small diaper rash in her disposables during the weeks where I was waiting her the umbilical cord to fall of. Once I switched her to these, it was gone in LESS than a day! I love that we tried this and that it's working for our family ♥

Other things I've noticed about our little niblett---She is SOOOOO impatient when it comes to being hungry; spooling into a frenzy until you feed her. * side note: I was driving and almost home when I realized this. I don't allow my daughter to scream from hunger on purpose* On the flip side of my previous sentence, she can be screaming so hard, yet once you give her the boob, she latches and acts as if she was never upset... It makes me chuckle:) 

Baby girl also LOVES baths; this makes me happy because I love giving them to her!

And one last picture, just because I think it's adorable...She was totally mean muggin her Momma! I kinda went camera crazy that day, so it was warrented;)

What cute baby denims and what a cute face!!

Okay. I lied. One LAST picture. But only because it is precious and I forgot I had this one!

The End!

Baby girl has woke from nap so we're going to eat and play!!!


  1. You're lookin' HOT woman! Great job with the makeup! :D

    And that baby- oh my goodness she's a cutie. I'm soooo happy that cloth diapers are working for y'all! (Is she wearing a bumGenius in the picture?) I said the same thing to Steve the other day- this is so EASY. Why didn't we start this sooner???

    Anyways, you look GREAT and I'm so glad that you and hubby get a date night out. :) Have FUN and be sure to post pictures of it all!

  2. Your daughter is so adorable with her cloth diapers! =) I can't wait to try out the gDiapers. I want to try the Flip system too since I like the hybrid diapers better than the pocket diapers. Looking good mama! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Wow look at you! :) Love the makeup!! :)

    And she is so stinking adorable, and so tiny next to your husband. So sweet.

  4. You look great! I love the makeup.

    And little Sugarcube is adorable!


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