May 2, 2012

What A Month!

Oh my goodness, where does time go... This certainly isn't my first hiatus, nor will it be my last, but dang this past month if it hasn't been busy, busy, BUSY! A small recap---R and I attended my first military ball on March 30th and had a TOTAL BLAST!!! There's a few pictures below. R's best friend and brother from another mother came to visit from Vegas. We MOVED--- Yup, just 2 weekends ago we moved from our very tiny 1400 sqft home to a MUCH bigger and brighter 1900 sqft home, just a few miles down the street. I LOVE this new house; it was worth every grueling moment of sleep deprived sorting and packing:) Which means a baby nursery is under way! We've thrown multiple BBQ's. Celebrated R's birthday. Had date nights. Got word about R's deployment coming this fall, sigh...And of course baby girl has been in the middle of all this, so without any further delay....A baby update! 

Sugarcube has sailed past her 2 month mark ( panic panic) sitting at a comfortable 11 weeks. She had her 2 month well checkup on April 11th which went well. She is now 9 lbs 5 oz and  21.1 inches long putting her in the 60th percentile for her age. At her 2 week appointment she was only in the 19th percentile for height...She's a growin!!! She got only one vaccine this time (I opted out of the rest) but even just that one ticked her off to no end and broke my heart in between:(  

She is becoming such a little lady, showing mommy and daddy more personality everyday. She has finally gotten her night and days switched around (thank you Jesus) however, she has inherited her fathers love of 15 minute power naps, ick! So instead of a nice 2-3 hour nap during the day where mommy can sit down and blog, or get things done around the house like---- FINISHING HER NURSERY, I bob and weave in and out of our bedroom all day trying to get her cranky butt to sleep more. She doesn't want to participate but I love her to piece anyhow;) I am thankful that she's been sleeping a solid 6 hours a night for the past week though. Lets hope that sticks!

And because we finally have an extra room in this new house to give Sugarcube her own little space--- Here's a sneak peek of her nursery! Just because y'all are so FABULOUS!

That is 100% free handed peeps! I am so happy with the out come so far and cannot wait for her crib to arrive so I can dress it with her uber cute bedding from Pottery Barn Kids!!! That place is ridiculous expensive---

Okay, back to the cuteness! Baby girl continues to give those, around her, heart stopping adorable smiles and coos.

She finds different sounds everyday and sadly, seems to be starting the process of teething. I have barely caught up on my own sleep and recovery. I'm not ready for this, lol!

Breastfeeding is still going well. It seems we're settling into a nice groove. I cannot believe that I've made it this far! I haven't been without my troubles though. I've dealt with a mild case of mastitis (ouch) several plugged milk ducts (OUCHIE) and in the beginning, I definitely had my share of pain and soreness. As cute as my daughter is, I hated the mere thought of putting her cute little puckers anywhere near these milkers, ha!

I have learned a very important survival tip that I'll share with you. If you're not concerned about nipple confusion and have a pump readily available, feed your little one a BOTTLE of expressed milk around bedtime because it does wonders to encourage those longer hours of sleep during the night! And what new momma doesn't need all the sleep she can get;)

And here we are all dressed in our Sunday best; military ball 2012!

Got my hairs curled!!!

Please excuse all this love able gooey'ness, ick! I just hate pictures with me in them right now but I  do love that I went and have a few photos to remember the night by.  We had an AMAZING night out together. Lots of long over due couple time and genuine laughter. I had pumped enough ahead of time to enjoy a few drinks and boy did I enjoy them;) Thanks again to my wonderful sis for the night out!!!

Speaking of gooey'ness--- I am still here; all 160-164 lbs of that post pregnancy me! Whoever said that breastfeeding skyrocketed your weight loss after birth, totally lied. I've been so disappointed with the LACK of weight loss, no matter what I do. I can eat like a piggie pie or starve myself (which I have) and that stupid scale remains the same...I continue to shrink in circumference though, so I guess that's a plus...I believe it's just from things tightening and shifting back into place because it certainly isn't from weight loss. I'm hoping that the weight will be easier to loose once I stop being the dinner bell for my sweet one. I think my body just feels the need to be this heavy in order to maintain a healthy milk supply. At least I tell myself that and I also tell myself that once I quit, this weight will happily skip and hop off my cellulite riddled ass, yes?

I'm not going to promise that I'll get any better at this blogging thing in the weeks to come. I mean this post alone has taken me 4 days to write--- I pump once in the middle of night so I take that time to write a bit each time... So yeah, I do not promise this update to be free of grammar errors, misspelled words or incoherent sentences. I didn't take the time to proof read this. Why? Because-------------------------- WHO HAS TIME TO PROOF READ WITH AN 11 WEEK OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do promise, however, to return with a NEW HOUSE post as well as with a nursery reveal and to talk about R's up coming deployment. Don't worry, all OPSEC guidelines will be followed;)

Ta'Ta for now Chica's!!!!! Baby girl is starting to stir ♥


  1. First of all, she is so incredibly adorable that I can hardly stand it. Are you on instagram? Because I need to see more pictures of this child.

    Secondly, you are hot. I'm not sure what you're talking about with the lack of weight loss. I am practically a tub o' lard over here compared to you (or anyone else for that matter). Pumping like a crazy person and the scale is not budging. (GAH! SO FRUSTRATING!)

    You gotta email me and remind of where you're stationed again. I know you've told me before, but damn pregnancy brain is lingering and I can't remember anything.

    I'm glad y'all have gotten some date nights and went to the military ball! You looked GREAT! Seriously. I'm not just saying that. Also? I would love to weigh what you weigh right now. Let's just say I've..... got some work to do. ;) lol

  2. Looking good mama! Love the pics from the military ball. I'm weighing in at 165 right now so I'm crossing my fingers that the weight will slowly decline since it's been almost two weeks postpartum.
    Your little girl is getting so big. I remember reading your blog when you were pregnant. I can't believe how fast times flies...

  3. You are gorgeous, in all of those pictures! And baby girl is a doll! I can't believe how big she is already!

  4. My goodness!! What a cutie.. and I think you look great considering just 11 weeks ago you had a baby. :) It will all come off I am sure of it.. although I am not sure how I can be so sure as I know nothing about being a mother.. lol.

  5. You look great for just having a baby! Don't be so hard on yourself about the scale. I have decided to not check my weight and it has been so freeing. Great work!


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