May 5, 2012

The Unthinkable...

Pretty much, the unthinkable just happened and I'm pissed! Well it's unthinkable if your a breastfeeding momma who struggles to build even just a few ounces of milk for your reserve, of late...

Sugarcube has been showing her "I love you Mommy" side by sleeping like such a big girl; 8 hours straight for 4 nights in a row! So naturally I wake up 4 hours into this awesome new sleeping schedule, engorged, needing to pump.

~I realize this next sentence is a run on, for all you grammar freaks~

Afterwards, sleepy ol' me goes and knocks over the bottle of much coveted liquid gold in my hurry to wash bottles and pumping items to get my cute mommy bunz back in the bed before the sleepies wore off.


I knew it was going to happen eventually---Spilt milk.


But then the next unthinkable thing happened. Well, more like something I NEVER thought I would do as a new mom.

~Run on sentence number 2~

I proceed to stand there with a hospital grade syringe trying to salvage the 2 ounces I carelessly fed to my VERY STERILE counter top at 4:00 in the morning, no less.

Blink, Blink....
I managed to save 1.5 ounces. So that's better then nothing;)

If you're already a breastfeeding mom, you're relating to me right this minute. I KNOW YOU ARE because we lactating moms go into crazy hulk mode when it comes to messing with our freezer stash. Am I right! I mean, that stash is our ticket to freedom from baby for a few hours!!! Without it, we are constantly attached at the hip to our lovable little chunks and as much as we love our babies, moms need a time out too---

So this is where I say "Goodnite" to y'all because I'm still sorta steaming over that last .5 of an ounce that my stupid syringe refused to suck up so I'm gonna go sleep it off, ha!

Run on sentance number 3; damn I'm good!


  1. Oh girl. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. And my heart hurts for that last long-gone half ounce. I once had 4oz or so sitting on the counter and my MIL DUMPED IT DOWN THE DRAIN!!!! (cue smoke blasting out of my ears) She thought it was a bottle that needed cleaning rather than a bottle I had just pumped. Oy. Painful memories. Glad you're getting some good sleep!!

  2. breast milk is like liquid gold!!!

    Have you tried taking Fenugreek or drinking the "more mother's milk tea" (I think that's what it's called?)

    p.s. we should totally meet up for lunch or something one of these days :)


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