May 8, 2012

Making The Switch

Now that we are ninety percent done with Sugarcube's nursery, I'm starting to freak out a bit! This is really happening--- She's growing up. She'll no longer be in mommy and daddy's room, ekk!

 The first night we stayed in this new house, my husband set up the pack'n'play in her new room, which I asked him to, trying to appear like a brave mommy...However, fifteen minutes later, staring at her little snuggle nest in this sterile white room with no feel good sensations of coziness and comfort, I raced downstairs in a quiet panic, hugged my husbands arm and pathetically asked him to take down her bed (AGAIN) and find a place for it in our overly crowded room. We hadn't even put OUR bed up yet; the room was in such CRAZY disarray with boxes, bed frames and furniture sprawled out everywhere, but that awesome hubby of mine did it. He found a little nook for her to sleep in, which made me uber happy and in return, I SLEPT like a baby, ha!

Having her nursery almost done has me doubling back to that panicked, pathetic mom of two weeks ago. Sure, technically she doesn't NEED her window valance put up or the rest of her nicknack's displayed in order to be moved into her nursery BUT.... I keep telling myself that it'll feel more like a cozy room once those things are done and she won't feel like mommy and daddy abandoned near her as much, right???

And sure, she doesn't NEED pictures of her adorable face hanging from every wall before the move, but what if she NEEDS just one more week in our room? Yah know.... Just in case she suddenly develops breathing issues. What if she suddenly forgets to breath or worse, has muscle failure and can't lift her precious head from the mattress, to breath!!! 

I mean I'm already thinking of changing out her perfectly good audio monitor for one of those snazzy video do-dads. And not only that but also get one of those machines that sit (kinda creepily) under their crib to make sure they're breathing through the night. Surely you don't think I'm kidding! 

 And then there's the issue of---- things that go thump in the night---What if she has her first run in with the boogie man and mommy and daddy aren't there to save the day:(

R and I were talking in bed, last night, about the transition and how weird it's going to be having her out of our room; she'll be all the way upstairs while we're on the bottom floor, panic panic!!! He made a comment that involved the word "security" and I fired back,

 " I know! That's why I'm giving her another week. So she has more time to feel secure about this!"
He looks at me and says, " No, I meant security. As in intruders and possible harm."

OOOOOHH! Why did God make men and women so different...

I'll let you know how this goes but in the mean time, look at this precious little chunk "attempting" to nap in her new crib. Doesn't look to be too successful;)

Ahhhh, that's better baby girl:)


  1. Her hair!! Too cute. ;)

    The video monitor? IS AWESOME. Worth every penny. We finally got one for Sam and just got an extra camera for when Molly sleeps in her own room. Can't imagine the stress of being on opposite floors! Good luck!

  2. Oh geez! I dread the day our baby girl sleeps in her own room.

    She's so cute!

    Best wishes!

  3. I totally understand how you feel about putting her in her own room. When I was pregnant, there was no question about where Charlotte was going to sleep - in her room, in her crib. DONE. When we got home from the hospital? PUT HER IN OUR ROOM! Well, I wanted to. Fortunately, my husband stuck to his guns and we ended up leaving her in her room. I cried many tears over this, but it's ended up being the best thing for us. I don't have to worry if she'll sleep in her crib and when I do get to sleep, I'm not half-sleeping, half-listening for her. We don't have a video monitor, though sometimes I'd like to get one. Our regular monitor works pretty well and I can hear every little grunt, sneeze, hiccup and cry.

    All that to say DON'T WORRY! =) I'm sure she'll be absolutely fine in her own room. Even if it is upstairs.


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