February 29, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

And not THAT kind of weigh in although I will be starting that journey on here soon! How exciting!!!

BUT----Here is Baby girl getting her second bath at 2 weeks old!!!
However, the question to weigh in on is---

Am I the only one seeing this?

Or does Sugarcube look A LOT like her dad?

This is my newborn hospital picture. I think I see some of myself in her, at certain angles, but way more of R on a daily basis ♥

And obviously I'm really okay with that because R is so handsome so it would stand to reason that our daughter would be ( and is) just as beautiful with his genes;)

I thought it would be fun to get a second opinion though, from my bloggy buddies!!! 

February 25, 2012

We're Still Here!

This is what Baby "G" has been up to lately...Snuggling with Grammy "G!"

It's been such a blessing having so many hands around to help during this crazy, new time...But even still, I cannot find time to do the EXTRA things I like---like blogging! There's so much I want to write about and pictures to post but no time to do it! Between Baby girl's fussy nights and constant breastfeeding, pumping to build a reserve of milk, trying to sleep myself, do laundry etc, my time is pretty tapped! And I haven't added exercise to that list either...AHHHHH!

My old naive self used to think moms were exaggerating when they would say there was no time in the day for other things, other than baby...I would think--- the kid sleeps all the time! What do you mean you don't have time?

I was SOOOOOOO wrong and I apologize for those thoughts, ha!

Please bare with me and Sugarcube as we transition into being mom and baby...I'm really hoping things slow down SOON and I'm able to show my face more often around these parts:)

Question: R's unit has a military ball coming up on March 30th...I've always wanted to go but man, talk about bad timing! Wondering it I can get myself into some form of decent shape before then...That gives me a little more than a month, ekkk! The question is---Would you ladies go to something like this right after having a baby? Waste the money on a dress that fits the NEW you knowing your going to loose the weight and probably never wear that dress again??? Be honest!  

February 19, 2012

Alyssa Quinn's Birth Story

Baby "G" is one week old already! I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that time really needs to slow down but won't. Boo! I figured it's time to get her birth story written before too much time has lapsed and details start fading! Also before she wakes up;)

Warning: I considered breaking this up into parts but decided to publish everything together---Which means---This is a long and detailed read:) Nothing too TMI though.  P.S pictures are towards the end. Enjoy!

I don't remember much about the hours prior to those first mildly painful contractions but I do remember waking up that morning feeling really good! I even remember telling my husband "today feels like a good day to have a baby!"

The day started out like most days; ending up on the computer, obsessing over birth stories, researching natural induction methods and telling myself to stop procrastinating on packing my hospital bag and get my birth plan written! I was 36 weeks and 4 day huge, so time was closing in! 

It all started with my brilliant plan of eating fresh pineapple and drinking raspberry leaf tea because, hey--- girls claimed it worked! R and I had been puttering around  town most of the day, so before returning to the casa, I asked the hubs if we could swing by Wal-mart to pick up the items and MAYBE something sweet...Ya know, for the baby that is;) All of this resulting in THIS post--- 

I knew active labor wouldn't happen if my body wasn't ready. But, it didn't hurt to try and get my body thinking in that direction, right? After all, I was really trying to avoid an induction... I honestly wasn't expecting it to work but the excitement that it COULD was a fun experience. Honestly, I figured all this might result in a baby right before my induction date at 39 weeks...And I was good with that!

8:30 pm: R and I made it back to the house and I immediately tore into my yummy slice of yellow goodness, which lead to the first mildly painful contraction...However, silly me didn't realize it was a contraction. I chalked it up to gas pains, haha! I made it through half the pineapple before my mouth was on fire from all the acid, so I switched gears and started downing cups of yummy raspberry tea...I think I drank 3 before I decided to call it a night. I was tired and thank goodness, because sleep had been VERY elusive for weeks---I was exhausted and managed to fall a sleep within minutes, still contracting, yet bearable; it was gas pains after all! ;)

Then I realized I might have been wrong...

3:30 am: I felt, what I thought, was baby girl kicking me SUPER hard in the va-ja-ja...Dangit, that meant she'd flipped from her head down position into a breech position...SUCK! I was afraid of that. However, there was something different about this kick. The others I'd experienced hurt way less and I could have sworn I actually heard a "POP." with it. I laid there in the dark, my heart rate elevated just a bit, thinking, what if that had been my water breaking? Holy cow, could the pineapple and raspberry tea of worked that quickly? No, there's no way that was my water. I don't feel anything wet down there--- Plus, I had done research on "water breaking" during early labor and it's actually not as common as you think!

3:40 am: I decided to brave it and get up to pee---If it had been my water, there would be some amniotic fluid spillage. Right?

Yup! The minute I stood up, I started GUSHING fluid. It was uncontrollable!!! I couldn't begin tell you the level of excitement, fear and anxiety I felt in those split seconds knowing, it was finally happening...We were on our way to having a baby! I also couldn't tell you how many times the phrase "Holy Crap" ran though my head. LOL. After the initial shock,  I managed to gather some resemblance of thought and decided it was time to wake the sleeping father to be! Poking him gently, I softly but excitedly, told him my water had broke. His sleepy response was "Are you serious?"

 YUP! It was definitely go time---

However, knowing that, it's funny how uncertain I became in those moments---My husband is still laughing about this but I remember asking him, after my water broke "Does this mean we go to the hospital?" HAHA! I didn't want to drive in only to be turned away... R laughed and said "Uh yes babe! We need to go now."

I tried to harness my racing thoughts and think about what needed to happen next---I knew that contractions could get MUCH worse after your water breaks, so I was kinda in a rush to get to the hospital! I had every intention of getting an epidural and I didn't want to miss my window for one in case labor progressed too quickly. Turns out, I did have a fast labor, a long (ish) delivery and an epidural that didn't work...Talk about pain I wasn't expecting to have to deal with! We'll get into that later---

 4:30 am: One hour after the big "POP" I was really kicking myself for procrastinating and not packing my hospital bag and filling out my birth plan!?!? It was on my "to do" list that week! I felt so unprepared for this but, regardless, there was no fixing it now. We needed to leave. So I threw on some grungy pants and grabbed a towel to sit on, while R loaded the car seat and grabbed the few items I could remember we needed.

The 50 minute drive to the hospital was pleasant! I always heard car rides were terrible while contracting so this was a nice surprise. I was hurting, sure, but nothing I couldn't breath through. It was a nice moment for us--- The hubby and I excitedly chatted about the adventure unfolding before us...We couldn't believe it was time to meet our little girl but (boy) we were ecstatic about it! Especially me---I was MAJORLY over all the awful swelling and lack of being able to tie my own shoes! During the drive we called his family in Arizona to let them know my water broke. I also had my sister, who lives with us, mass text family back in Tennessee, Lol...I have a rather large family. Don't judge;)

5:30 am: Once at the hospital, I was whisked away to L&D via the emergency entrance while R parked the truck. I was feeling a bit anxious at being rolled away before he could get back but they assured me, he would be showed the way. Once there, they put me in an observation room and hooked me up to monitors, one for baby girls heart rate and one for my contraction frequency which had gotten closer together and much stronger at this point! Sugarcube was doing wonderful with each contraction making momma worry much less. The midwife came in and grabbed a swab from down under, just to make sure I was in fact leaking amniotic fluid...She knew I was, but hospitals have their procedure's I guess---She also did a cervical check. I was 3 centimeters dilated and 75 percent effaced meaning baby girl was really low. A short few minutes later, she popped her head in, gave me a big smile, and said "you know you're staying right?" I laughed through another contraction and said "oh yeah."

They quickly got a delivery room ready and before I knew it the process had begun. There was an i.v placed because I was a tad bit dehydrated, blood draws taken and wrist bands put on mom and dad. My midwife came back in a few minutes afterwards and said it was a good thing I was in labor. My blood work had come back and was showing signs of changing majorly within the preclampsia diease. She said my body knew what it was doing and that it needed to deliver the baby---

6:30 am: I was checked again and dilated to a 5--- R and I decided to take one last picture of our journey with the belly! Sorry about the crappy image. My sister forgot to turn on the flash---

I told the nurse and midwife that I wanted to hold out until I was dilated to a 6 before I got the epidural. I wanted to make sure I was far enough along because epidurals tend to slow labor greatly or stall it out altogether.

7:30 am: The contraction pain was getting pretty heavy by this point. I was having one right on top of another. I was doing pretty well breathing through them though. Just concentrating, trying not to panic because I knew the pain was only going to get worse...I remember asking my sister "arn't these things supposed to have 3 minutes or so between each one?" Was definitey getting nervous because it seemed like my labor was progressing too fast. Baby girl wanted out! The midwife told me she could offer a narcotic via my i.v for SOME relief if I still wanted to hold out longer for my epidural. I accepted, skeptical though because I had read that it usually just makes you loopy with little to no relief. It was worth a shot though. I immediately felt like I had a really good buzz going on and it did take some of the pain away; enough so that I felt I could handle each contraction again.

9:30 am: The narcotic had completely worn off and I was in some serious pain! Still proud of myself for keeping my cool and just breathing through them, although that was getting tough. R tried his best to give neck rubs, relief and encouraging words. He knew I was starting to really hurt even though I was trying to be tough. I told the midwife I was really starting to hurt again and wanted to see about another dose of narcotic. She said I could do that but the effect would last less then 45 minutes the second time around...She eased my worry of stalling this labor and said that a 20 foot thick wall couldn't slow me down. My body knew what to do and was doing it! She felt it was way past time to get the anesthesiologist in there if I wanted the pain relief so I agreed, preparing myself for that spinal stick we all fear:)

10:00 am: Wow, the anesthesiologist was in there quick as lightening (I'd always heard they drag their feet getting to you.) She had the needle in and situated with one stick, maybe lasting a total of 5 minutes. It was great! I was so worried that I'd need to be stuck several times...With in 15 minutes, the pain had subsided again, but not completely...Hmmm...I thought it was odd that I could lift, move and feel my legs and every contraction still, but hey, the pain was less so I wasn't complaining! Turns out, they checked me after the fact and I was dilated to an 8! I felt awesome for making it that far with little pain relief...Also turns out, had they checked me before, they would never have given me the epidural. That's what one nurse told my sister anyhow.

10:15 am: I send my sister and husband out for some coffee and breakfast. They were looking a bit tired and hungry and it would be another 2 hours, at least, before we could start pushing so they agreed to leave just long enough to feed themselves...

10:50 am: I call my husband and ask him where he's at...Baby girl REALLY wanted out! I went from 8 centimeters dilated to a 10 in 35 minutes. It was go time!

11:00 am: R and the sis make it back just as the nurses and midwife are prepping the room for baby's arrival. Something was wrong though....I was REALLY starting to feel contraction pain again and the need to push was becoming unbearable! I knew I was in for a wild ride when they checked me again and I felt EVERYTHING down there...OUCH! Nothing I could do about it now. It was time to have this baby!

I was hoping for a fast delivery and I guess you could say it wasn't super long, but it wasn't super short either! I ended up pushing for 1.5 hours...Baby "G" was turned sunny side up making it near to impossible to push her out...The midwife said that this was one of the most difficult positions to push a baby out in...Baby girl was also freaking out during the pushing phase. Her heart rate started dropping really low, worrying me sick! I was given an oxygen mask at that point and told I would need to wait out every other contraction just to give her heart time to recover. That seemed to work well enough. However, things weren't progressing fast enough, although I was pushing like crazy! The midwife didn't feel confident that she could get the baby turned so she called in another doctor who had a special touch with turning babies. She also prepped me for the possibility of a c-section if this didn't work...I was panicked by this point but still trying to hold it together.With every push, I would ask "what's wrong with her?!?!" The sound of her heart rate dropping was really freaking me out!! Not to mention the pain was terrible with the doctor down there trying to turn her...My blood pressure was getting scary high as well. If I couldn't bring it down, I would be given magnesium to stave off seizures. The medicine wouldn't have been good for the baby. She would have come out very unresponsive so I'm glad I was able to hold it together!

12:33 pm: I'm beyond exhausted. Very irritated and worried and just feeling like she was NEVER going to come out! The sound of nurses telling me "that was your best push yet" was really starting to make me angry. If I was pushing so dang well, why wasn't I already holding my child!  The sweaty oxygen was irritatiing as well..I would chuck it at my husband with each contraction I could push on. LOL...It wasn't out of anger. It was more of a "I need to push NOW! Get this thing away from me deal;) They allowed me that much; not having to wear it in those minutes--- Another BIG contraction came on and I HAD to push. I couldn't help the scream that left my mouth. I felt bad for my husband. he looked like he wanted to deck the doctor:p  It was 2 more pushes like that and I had a beautiful baby girl on my stomach!!!

~6 lbs 12 oz. 18.5 inches long, born 2/12/2012~

I was in total shock looking at her. I couldn't believe it was finally over! My husband kept telling me through soft tears "That's our baby---That's our baby girl, sweetheart!" I would have cried too had I not been feeling over whelmed. I also couldn't hear much...The blood pressure had built so high that all I could hear was it pounding in my head...After she and I were both cleaned up ( I had tore a +2 so needed stitches) and I got the chance to really look at her, I cried...She was just so beautiful and so perfect. I was in deep love---Baby girl had a few complications being delivered at 36+ weeks. Her blood sugar was a little low and her sucking abilities were really weak. I allowed the nurse, taking care of her, to feed her a bottle for the blood sugar issue. I was in the middle of being stitched up and in no positon to breastfeed. I'd been given 4 local shots for the pain but none of them were working, of course! I felt every prick and pull of the thread, OUCH! Luckily, by the time I was taken to a recovery room her sucking had gotten much stronger....I was and AM so proud of my baby!!

Check out my MASSIVE swollen EVERYTHING! My legs were a bit scary...Definitely not a flattering picture of myself, but its our only picture as a new family of three:)

We were discharged on Valentine's Day and what a perfect day! We did a lot of this---

And R did a lot of this---We're calling him the human pacifier because he's the only one who can talk her off a "crying" ledge when nothing else seems to work. Love that man ♥ R told me yesterday "I get it now" after Carrie Underwood's song "All American Girl" came on the radio. "Mom was right. Every man needs a little girl." That melted me:) She is already such a daddy's girl!

A sleeping angel if I ever saw one! This is my favorite picture of her so far:)

Her sleeping positions crack me up! She sleeps JUST like her daddy---

~Sweet dreams brought to you via milk comatose~

I love this picture of us both...I can't hardly put her down, I'm that in love:)
Although, baby girl does NEED to be held a lot. Those have been her demands since day one! That's why I'm excited for this to arrive any day!

Should help relieve the need for my hands some:)

I'm off to grab a shower, eat and snuggle my sugarcube:) I plan to catch up on everyone soon!! Thank you all for your congrats and well wishes♥


February 14, 2012

Introducing Alyssa Quinn!

A.k.a Baby "G!"

Born February 12, 2012 at 12:33 pm. 6 lbs 12 oz. 18.5 inches long and perfect in every way!

I promise to post the birth story as soon as I'm near my laptop and Wi-Fi:)

We should be going home today, so look for it soon!

Thank you all for the well wishes and Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Bringing home a Valentine like no other this year---

February 12, 2012

Holy Bat Balls, It Worked!

We've been in active labor since 9:00 last night! Holy cow, it worked! Sugarcube is doing so well; I'm so proud of her!  Hopefully I'll be holding her real soon:)


February 11, 2012

Pulling Out The Big Guns!

I know NONE of this will work unless my body is ready for labor BUT----I've started the evening prime rose oil (advised by my midwife.) 

I'm eating a whole FRESH pineapple tonight (my tongue is on FIRE, lol.)

drinking raspberry leaf tea like nobodies business ANNNNNND snuggling up to the hubby;)

Hoping this gets us a baby in the next week or so! Hahaha!

If not, at week 38, my midwife wants to do a membrane sweep. I really love that she's in support of helping me with this natural labor induction process; Instead of being induced with medications and devices at week 39--- ACK!

Even better though, I THINK, my body might be getting ready anyhow---I've heard that a lot of women develop cold like symptoms right before as well as...Ehhh hmmm...irritable bowls;) They say it's your body's way of cleaning you out, making more room for the baby and preparing you for the big event...Whether this is true or not, we'll see:)


February 8, 2012

My Lovely Coconut

The melon and I are 36 weeks today!

Sorry. No bare belly pic this week. I felt like wearing a dress!
But can you see the joy on my face, knowing that we're ALMOST done ♥

Three more weeks if they decide to induce. Although, my body's telling me we might not make it that long---Here's to hoping we don't!!! I think a 37-38 week baby would be perfect.

So Sugarcube is a coconut this week! Mmmmmm---coconut.
However, next week she jumps to a WATERMELON! Is it just me, or is that a pretty significant jump in size?

On average, she's gaining a half a pound a week and I believe it!

Something to be excited about---Technically I'm not supposed to be gaining anymore fat from here on out. I've gathered all the amniotic fluid my body can hold. So we'll see:) ANNNND thebump.com says she is, pretty much, good to go at this point so I am definitely breathing easier now, should we go into labor early.

I've been tearing Google up, researching signs of labor. Reading labor and delivery stories and anything else baby related. Just trying to put the finishing touches on my knowledge base for when she arrives! It's been keeping me pretty busy.

What I REALLY need to be working on, though, is my hospital bag, birth plan and grocery/meal plan for the 2 weeks after she gets here! I don't know why I've been such a procrastinator with these things...Does anyone have advise on what to pack for the hospital? Both for mommy and baby? I've been reading what Google has to say but some of this stuff seems impractical?

What are the REAL things you found useful or wished you would have brought to the big event?

Nothing too fabulous to update on this week. I know I'm getting myself WAY excited for Baby "G" to arrive. I think I need to just start thinking in terms of her showing after week 39 so time might actually speed up:) R says he's sleeping much less now because of my frequent potty trips and also from pure adrenalin...My constant contractions isn't really helping him to relax much, haha!

I just cannot wait to share this experience with him. I know it's going to be crazy and scary and a total adrenalin rush, but I'm excited for it!

Okay I realize I'm writing in circles here, so I'm off to finish my laundry and maybe pick up the main living area:) Also grab a bit to eat because this tummy just won't stop growling!


February 7, 2012


Today I'm on vacation----YAY!  

In my bed with my laptop, water bottle, cell phone and new Redbox movie Money Ball featuring Brad Pitt...My sister told me it was supposed to me good, so we'll see!

So, I apparently over did it yesterday? The sad thing is--- all I got done was 2 loads of laundry that R had to help me with, cleaning my room and bathroom and cooking dinner. (even that was done in the Crockpot so nothing too strenuous.)

 I use the phrase "I've been hit by a mack truck" a lot but I take all those times back, only to be able to say it today! Sleep is getting tough. Sure. I'm in my ninth month of pregnancy but it's more then the sleep today...I woke up after 10 hours of forced Zzzzz's, feeling completely broke---I'm talking, hips could barley withstand my weight, knees wanting to buckle coming down the stairs, contractions making me feel nauseous and like my belly was going to explode from all the pressure while my pelvic bone feels like it's being torn in half. OUCHIE! Add a MASSIVE headache to that, a long with the feeling of dehydration and we've covered 80% of it! How can I be dehydrated with all this peeing!!!

This seriously makes me question my abilities to deliver this child!!! If a light day of cleaning wipes me out, what is 14+ hours of labor going to do!!! I'm assuming it'll take that long but not a minute more;)

On the bright side, I did manage to get up and shower for my stress test at 3:00 and feed myself. Go me!

And my hot pink little piggies weren't looking so "hot" after 1.5 months so yesterday I went for a MUCH NEEDED pedicure!!

   I was fearful as to how badly my feet would swell, but all is well! I now have pretty purple toenails to look at while I vacation here, imitating a beached whale;)

February 3, 2012

An Angel Face, If I Ever Saw One---

Please excuse the shadows making a scary skeletal baby, but here is Sugar cube at 35 weeks and 2 days!

A complete angel face:) This momma can see what the picture doesn't show, lol.

Today was our growth ultrasound. I was a tad nervous going in; wanting to make sure everything was fine...Like I said, I wasn't too worried that her growth had stunted, but you never really know! Turns out, this momma was right! Baby girl weighed in at a healthy 6.25 lbs putting her in the 85th percentile for her age! Wow. Out of one hundred babies, she out weighs 85 of them!

The ultrasound tech said that mothers with high blood pressure tend to have small nibblets, but our little one is definitely eating her veggies:) So proud of her ♥

My family is trying to decide who she looks like the most---It's kinda hard to tell with a 2D sonogram but I DEFINITELY see R's eye bone structure and very possibly his nose. That could be a close one though because he and I both have very similar noses...Take a look---

Scary huh! As for her cute as a button pouty mouth, I think the shape is mine but she got the pouty'ness from her papa...She's going to love him if he also gives her those thick and long eyelashes of his.

So in short. Baby "G" doesn't seem to be affected by this whole preeclampsia bit, just her mom. Lets pray it stays that way!

 A quick, "thank you all" for your kind and encouraging comments on my last post. It really lifted my spirits and helped bring the positive me back:) Y'all ROCK my socks!

In closing, because it's getting late and I starving---I'm in complete love with our daughter already but after today's ultrasound, I cannot WAIT to meet her, hold her and tell her how absolutely perfect and beautiful she is ♥

4 weeks or less Baby girl! 

February 2, 2012

Positive Comments And Energy Appreciated!

35 weeks yesterday!

And there's nothing flattering about this post or picture---Just warning you!
But it was either this grunge look with no makeup, or no belly update at all:)

However, we are getting close, ya know! I'm down to a few pair of pants I can still wear and most of my shirts have taken on the pooh'bear effect...

This is where the bad stuff comes in though---Kinda hating on my body this week!

Tuesday I had my midwife appointment where I really had it socked to me...Not only am I nearing 200 lbs at a HUGE 188 so far, they finally (without saying it) diagnosed me with preeclampsia after my 24 hour urine count came back with a whooping 299; a 300 is the threshold, lol...

What scares me is, over the course of a week, I went from a 0 in my fluids to a 299...I know the doc said it could increase at an alarming rate, but dang!

  I really wanted to cry looking at that scale but after hearing the other bit of news...I think my eyes DID water up...I was trying to hold it together though for my husband and all the on-lookers...

I'll most likely be kicked out of the midwife program too, now, because they don't deal with complicated pregnancies--- So yeah--- Hit me again Ike!

Annnnnnnnnnd---- being induced at 39 weeks is a definite; if not earlier should the headaches, spotty vision, swelling, high bp, excessive weight gain and proteins in my fluids increase...Yeah, don't you just love all the side effects!!! I guess I can take SOME comfort though, that all this weight is partly due to the disease...At least a pound or two anyhow, haha!

I don't mean to sound like a Debbie downer but I just really want this to be over---I'm ready to meet Sugar cube, have my body back so it can start healing and just be off this roller coaster ride in general...

Oh yes, I almost forgot! I now have a few stretch marks:(

Some of my Facebook friends might remember this photo.

Pretty nasty huh!

I got this baby the week I found out I was pregnant. I had slammed into a door at work, trying to shut the alarm off before sirens started screaming...It never really healed right and actually scared...Well apparently scar tissue isn't as stretchy as unmarred skin because it went from a scar to small stretch marks...Sigh...Oh well, it could be worse!

My husbands been pretty awesome though. He allowed me to have a good cry after all this, took me to dinner and just stayed close to snuggle and even mixed in some pretty nice and encouraging words.

But now for some good news! I have a growth ultrasound tomorrow!!! Preeclampsia babies tend to stop growing after a time (not always though) and so we're getting an extra ultrasound to make sure she's still eating her veggies:)

I can't wait!

I'm not too concerned that she has stopped growing or that she's even the slightest bit tiny. She feels HUGE in there...But hopefully they'll give me some updated photos of her to post. Her last debut was at 22 weeks, so I'm assuming she'll look more like a baby now;)

I promise that next weeks update will be more upbeat and informative about baby girl. However, thanks for allowing me to vent, lol! I think I've done pretty good so far but this week just got the better of me! Pregnancy hormones or not...

I'm off to enjoy this sunny day and exercise my overly hyper Piper girl---