February 25, 2012

We're Still Here!

This is what Baby "G" has been up to lately...Snuggling with Grammy "G!"

It's been such a blessing having so many hands around to help during this crazy, new time...But even still, I cannot find time to do the EXTRA things I like---like blogging! There's so much I want to write about and pictures to post but no time to do it! Between Baby girl's fussy nights and constant breastfeeding, pumping to build a reserve of milk, trying to sleep myself, do laundry etc, my time is pretty tapped! And I haven't added exercise to that list either...AHHHHH!

My old naive self used to think moms were exaggerating when they would say there was no time in the day for other things, other than baby...I would think--- the kid sleeps all the time! What do you mean you don't have time?

I was SOOOOOOO wrong and I apologize for those thoughts, ha!

Please bare with me and Sugarcube as we transition into being mom and baby...I'm really hoping things slow down SOON and I'm able to show my face more often around these parts:)

Question: R's unit has a military ball coming up on March 30th...I've always wanted to go but man, talk about bad timing! Wondering it I can get myself into some form of decent shape before then...That gives me a little more than a month, ekkk! The question is---Would you ladies go to something like this right after having a baby? Waste the money on a dress that fits the NEW you knowing your going to loose the weight and probably never wear that dress again??? Be honest!  


  1. Enjoy this time with sugar cube! Don't worry about all the extras yet ;) We will all be here when you get a spare moment to write :) Although by the time you're getting into a good groove with her, I may be having my little lady ;)

    The ball- about a month and a half after noah was born Zack informed me that we were going to a ball. We went and it was fun, but I did miss my baby. ;)

  2. I'm not sure I'd want to go, but then again I'm not a huge fan of the balls anyways so any excuse I can find to stay home, I take it :P

  3. I'm glad you have family around to help. I will have family around in April and May when baby girl arrives so I know I'll definitely enjoy the extra hands. =)
    I think military balls are exciting to attend but I guess it depends how you feel showing off your body in the next month. If you have family around still yet on the day of the military ball then it might be an incentive for you to go. You'll have free childcare and you can start trying to work on getting your body back to normal by then.

  4. I agree with Roxy. If you want to go, it will be good motivation to get to work on your body.

    If not, don't worry about it.

    I'm glad you have getting some help and everything is going well.


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