November 21, 2009

I've been bitten...

"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" Lately I've been humming, singing and whistling this tune, to the point you'd think my voice would fail me. I am so excited for Christmas this season! Infact, just last night I almost went and sat on Santa's jolly lap- for giggle sake of course:p Its hard to say why this year holds more excitement then last; Maybe because last year I was more focused on our wedding rather then hanging lights and trimming the tree? However, this year, I have my own home to decorate with obnoxious color and fill with holiday cheer and I plan to do just that... I will, one hundred percent, loose my mind and become my sworn enemy Martha Stewart, or the likes of her rather. Heck, you might even find me wearing one of those ridiculous holiday aprons accompanied with matching oven mitts! To add to this excitement, my in-laws are visiting for the first time since we've been married! I was worried that Rob wouldn't get to see them, because of me *retail people, somebodies gotta be there taking your money in exchange for holiday gifts* but turns out, their coming to us! Well I really just wanted to share that and say, I hope all of you have the Christmas bug as badly as I do, cause its a wonderful feeling! Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone:)

November 8, 2009

Back From Vacation!

So vacation was very fast paced and caotic, just like I expected...My very large family never let me down in this area and I love it:p I'm only going to share a few pictures because, sadly, most of the good ones are on my brother in-law's camera up in Tennessee...He's not very computer savy so I doubt I'll be getting copies unless I trot up there and get them myself:) Enjoy!

Kind of blurry I know, Rob was using my head for a tri-pod:p

Love this guy!

My Godson/nephew Matt...What a cutie:)

Rob and I inside Animal Kingdom

Like I indirectly said, nothing spectacular to see here...However, we had a blast! Our condo was even more gorgeous then the pictures and we hated to leave! I came home with a pretty good doozy of a sunburn but every minute was worth it. To be honest, the sunburn didn't come until the last day there; We spent three hours out on the beach with no protection, ekk! I'm still peeling ladies...Like usual, I ate waaaaay to much food and gained four pounds but I'm back on track and hitting the gym everyday:) My sister in-law, Suzi, gave me a kick ass workout and well..... its doing just that...Kicking my ass.
On another subject, I see that I have lost a few followers but have gained even more! How this is possible I do not know but I wanted to say "Welcome!" and that I am really excited to have you on board:) The goal is to fix my still broken laptop so that I will start blogging again more. Maybe then I will feel more worthy of all the loyality and interest:) For those of you who were with me a few months back, yes I am still in the cave...Ummm boo!
Have a great night ladies and thanks for all of your continued reading!