April 5, 2013

Birthday Festivities!

So, this is Alyssa's big birthday post that was supposed to be done, like..... back in February! But better late then never, as I like to say, ha! I also realize I've been gone from this here blog, for well over a month. I just haven't had the energy to write lately with so many things going on in my life. And not really things I can talk about, or want to talk about. I think you all know how that works though...Once you've been gone for so long, you feel like "where do I even begin, to catch everyone up!" So you push it off even more. Blech. It's a vicious cycle! But there's a good chance, I might have some exciting news here in a few weeks, so I plan on writing a big post then. Stay tuned!  

Back to the birthday girl though... Originally I had planned to do a themed birthday, starring Mickey Mouse. But after dipping my toes into the world of Pinterest, I quickly realized, this celebration was becoming more about keeping up with the Jone's and not so much about the birthday girl! That just would not do...As much as I wanted matching decorations and fabulous party pictures to document this day, I just couldn't do it. I wanted to ENJOY my daughters birthday. And I knew she'd enjoy it A LOT more too, if I were focused on her, instead of being frazzled and busy, entertaining and playing hostess. So, SugarCube.... You were the star of the day; exactly how birthdays are meant to be! We had a wonderful time! Take a look :)

Birthday morning smiles!

Truth be told, you really had two birthdays SugarCube. We celebrated your actual birthday on 02.12.2013 with a low key pancake and turkey bacon breakfast; your first taste of buttery, sugary, pancake goodness! It was a major hit and the added candle made me feel better about postponing your cake until the following Saturday. 


You also woke to a birthday banner, balloons and brightly wrapped presents! You LOVED your banner and balloons. The presents were also a hit. Especially the piano Grammy and Grampy bought you.  

This wagon was from your Aunt Suzi and it has proved to be so entertaining and fun for the both of us! You LOVE going for nightly spins around the block, almost as much as mommy enjoys taking you :) 
That Saturday, we took you to the zoo and aquarium, for the first time, and wow! Did that ever turn out to be a fabulous time which we all enjoyed! It made me happy for your big day, that everything was so new and exciting for you. You couldn't get enough squeals out, no matter how hard you tried :)  We made sure to take along Daddy too :) In short. The zoo was better then anything you'd tried in your short 12 months of life. Well... until later that night when you discovered cake, ha! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you and I enjoying the gorgeous day! Gotta love open mouth, mushy kisses! I had so much fun celebrating with you SugarCube. You are such a cool kid to hang out with ♥

Here we are at the petting zoo, which you totally ROCKED! I mean you ROCKED IT! You loved all the little goats and deer and lamas and never acted scared or even stopped to cry when one bumped you down. I had a hard time keeping up with you!!

However, the aquarium was a whole other world of fascination for you. You pretty much talked and cooed at the fish the whole time while trying to pet them through the glass :) 

Back at the house and after a LONG nap, we had friends and family over for dinner and cake. It was so much fun and you enjoyed being the center of attention, very much. That also was the night you ate chicken tenders and tater tots for the first time, and OH MAN! It was a major win :)

Now comes the face cake! I spent a total of 6 hours, the night before, making this cake from scratch and hand decorating it. I was so nervous baby girl! I wanted it to be perfect for you and to also have Mickey on it, seeing as that's your guy. Gosh, I had bowls of colored icing EVERYWHERE! It got a little overwhelming but was so worth it! It turned out great and you thought it tasted even better! I have to say, I have complete respect for cake decorators though, because man does that take a steady hand and mega patience!

So that was your 1st Birthday celebration!
I thought it turned out so well and I got exactly what I wanted. Quality time, spent with you!! I didn't pass the day worrying about hosting the perfect party, entertaining guests, playing referee to their kids, or refilling snacks. I just enjoyed my adorable baby, spending a lot of time reflecting on the months past and looking forward to the exciting months ahead :)

Happy 1 year SugarCube!
~Mommy and Daddy love you to moon and back~