February 27, 2010

Goodbye Butt, Hello Boom Boom!

I seriously wanted to roll on the floor in hysterics tonight!!! You see, I have been in pursuit of the perfect butt for most of my life...Haven't we all? If not and you've managed to build that much desired, gorgeous, round bum, I secretly want to pull your hair out applaud you! However, this girl was born with some bad butt genes. So while I'm being honest...

Dear mom,
I'm sorry, but I openly blame you for those micro menaces called genes. This can't be pinned on dad because that tush is as small and tight as a walnut...Sincerely, your loving daughter:)

So, shortly after a yummy meal of sushi and fried rice *could have done without the rice, I know* I turned on the telli, and worked my way through Beach Body's newest workout DVD called Brazil Butt Lift!!! Ladies, let me say that this is a fun workout...However, some of these moves will keep you giggling more then actually doing the moves!! I mean, I went from back back backin'it up to tapping an imaginary drum while letting my boom boom, as Leandro Carvalho likes to say, get out of control with shake shake shaken it! But boy was it a workout...Phew! I definitely felt it after I was done which is the best part. I might be crazy but I love that burning sensation:) If you'd like to know more about Leandro and his program just visit his site here!

A quick update on P90X for those of you who are wondering...I love it! However, the down side is that I feel its more designed for a man:( It focuses more on upper body and your abs, which is great, but if you're like me and need maintance below the belt, you might want to consider pairing it with something like Brazil Butt Lift! That is what I'm doing because I totally puffy heart the arm and abs workout of P90X...You suck so bad while doing it but the after affect is amazing!

Have a blessed weekend y'all! I'm taking me and my tired boom boom off to bed:)

February 25, 2010

This Is "Edge Of Your Seat" Blogging!!!

Random facts of my life, to share a few...

  • Something stinks in my kitchen and I can't figure out what-
  • I have three cups of yogurt hitting shelf life tomorrow, should I eat them all today???
  • I'll be lucky if I get one more day out of my hair mousse, then that will be gone just like my favorite eye shadow that has been on my "buy" list for a week!
  • Ope! I just lost another eyelash...I'm eventually going to go bald there, I just know it!
  • The inside of my car is slowly being buried in my dogs hair, to the point that my black dash looks white...So gross *insert me sticking my tongue out, making gross face*
  • I'll never be able to sleep in again...Not as long as the sun rises before 8:00 and not as long as I have a dog who uses it as her personal alarm clock...This sad truth I have good days with and bad days with...
  • Will I forever crave bad foods i.e pizza and chips??? Opps, this is a fact list so I guess its FACT and not a question:)
  • Fact: I cannot hold water or coffee to save my life!
  • There's a piece of animal cracker in our bed that keeps poking me at night. If it hadn't been my brilliant idea to give the cat one to shut him up, I could technically be irritated???
  • I have to re-learn my hair every morning...Its growing out and, I swear, it changes length everyday, just enough to be an annoyance!

I have many other random facts but we won't go there...I'll spare you:) Thanks for stopping by and reading, it was good to get that off my chest! I'm off to rescue my yogurt then hit the gym-

February 12, 2010


I can't believe that R and I both have off this weekend!!! Which just so happens to be Valentines weekend! Its a total miracle y'all and I couldn't be happier *insert little jig here* That little bit of news was just what I needed to kick this funk for good. So its safe to say that I am back on the loving life highway and hope to stay here for some time!

So what do the hubs and I have planned for our big love feast??? Well, we had planned a camping trip, but out of no where, Georgia decided to dump a bucket of snow on it!!! I mean, we were in the mid to low 60's for weeks?!?! W.E.I.R.D... So, we've decided to still go camping, but do it in our living room!!!! Today, I went and bought an instant grill to roast marshmallows over. Wine. Chocolate and strawberries...Those are a must on Valentines:) Hot coco and a good movie! We're going to make a cozy spot on the floor, veg out and roast marshmallows until we pop! Sounds like a good time to me:) Nothing too major. Just a nice time snuggling, giggling and catching up...

What about y'all??? Any lovey dovey plans being cooked up this weekend?!?!

February 8, 2010

Seven Days Of Yuck...

First, I really want to extend a moment of appreciation to all of you and your best wishes, prayers and support of my sister and her husband...That means so much to me, knowing that there are other prayers being sent up for them...So thank you!! However, some good news has been sent their way! Although cancer is still very much apart of their lives, the doc has gave them hope that S has a good chance of beating this. That is incredible news considering a week before, they were saying that this type of cancer is incurable...That his out come was inevitable...I know that all of your prayers have played a huge part in this turn for the better!!! They have seen 50% of their patients survive this type and it all really depends on the patient...S is determined to win and see his children grow up, so this attitude is major and I could hug him for it! I will keep y'all posted as we know more...

As for me...Don't you just hate those days were you try and try to do anything to get yourself out of a slump? Go watch a movie. Take a nice walk. Eat something indulgent. Listen to a great song, but everything is just an epic fail....Its been one of those days...I don't know why I feel like such a "Debbie Downer," as a lot of you like to say, but its been seven days now and, I have to say, its getting really old and frustrating! Its frustrating because seven days ago, I was on top of the world! Yes, I know that some huge things have happened in my life that would warrant this kind of emotion, but gosh...Its like I was kicked in the face and haven't found the energy to get back up, Ick! My P90X program has completely taken a back seat which I'm really kicking myself for because it was working so well! I've pretty much stopped counting calories and I KNOW that I've been over eating...Argh...I have no motivation at work. Even taking Bella out for her daily walks have become a chore...WHATS WRONG WITH ME! I feel like slapping myself...honestly...Hopefully I wake up tomorrow feeling a lot like it was all a dream, then immediately smile because I'm ready to take on the day!!! Hey, it could happen??? And I do apologize for posting this because who likes to read about bad news and icky moods...I promise to make my next post MUCH brighter:) Good night y'all...I'm going to call this day a wrap!

February 5, 2010

How Can Something So Happy And So Sad Happen In One Day....

Today is full of cold rain and howling winds that sound like a banshee is just outside my window...R is at work, as usual, and I am waiting out the last 1.5 hours before I, too, head in that direction. This week started out really rough, emotionally. I'm not sure why other then its close to that time of month and there has been a lot of, good and bad changes, in my families lives that I should be apart of...Two of the biggest ones??? I'll give y'all the happy news first. One of my sisters is finally gave birth to her baby girl! Baby E is their second and is every bit as gorgeous as her brother was:) I remember living out in Oregon at the time they had M and I was SOOOO anxious because I wanted to be there sharing in the excitement too! Same feeling with baby E last week, but such is life as an Army wife:) Sorry, but I do not have any pictures to share as of yet...I will be sure to post some as soon as I can get a decent shot! Hopefully in March when I go to visit!

This next piece of news is not so happy...In fact, its just heart wrenching...I'm first going to ask those of you who haven't heard and are already praying, to send a prayer up for one of my dear sisters, her husband S and their two children...You see, the same day that my sister had given birth and was basking in the glow of another child, my other sister was two floors above her, in the same hospital, being told that her husband had anal cancer...They then hit her with, "Your husband, at best, has five years to live with the help of kemo and at worst, he'll only live a year." Her husband had been at work that day when he took a short break to use the restroom. After almost bleeding to death in the toilet bowl, he was rushed to the closest hospital where they immediately gave him a blood transfusion and sent him into surgery. That is where they found it...I cannot even imagine my sisters feelings, as she was being told that her whole world would eventually end; be it 1 or 5 years...To add to this, there her husband lay still a sleep, not knowing that in the morning his world too would be crushed and she'd have to be the one to tell him. They have two small children. A curious little 3.5 year old boy and a pretty as a princess 1.5 year old girl. Here is a few photos I have of my sister and their happy family if you'd like to put faces to the names...

This is S kneeling with his son during Halloween of 2008. I believe this shot even made it into the local paper that year!

My sister with her two adoring children. This was during her visit down to see me last year...

My sister and her husband taking a couples photo with their newborn at my wedding.

So for those of you who are believers and know that God can and does make miracles happen, please, PLEASE keep them in your prayers as they battle this together, no matter the out come...