February 8, 2010

Seven Days Of Yuck...

First, I really want to extend a moment of appreciation to all of you and your best wishes, prayers and support of my sister and her husband...That means so much to me, knowing that there are other prayers being sent up for them...So thank you!! However, some good news has been sent their way! Although cancer is still very much apart of their lives, the doc has gave them hope that S has a good chance of beating this. That is incredible news considering a week before, they were saying that this type of cancer is incurable...That his out come was inevitable...I know that all of your prayers have played a huge part in this turn for the better!!! They have seen 50% of their patients survive this type and it all really depends on the patient...S is determined to win and see his children grow up, so this attitude is major and I could hug him for it! I will keep y'all posted as we know more...

As for me...Don't you just hate those days were you try and try to do anything to get yourself out of a slump? Go watch a movie. Take a nice walk. Eat something indulgent. Listen to a great song, but everything is just an epic fail....Its been one of those days...I don't know why I feel like such a "Debbie Downer," as a lot of you like to say, but its been seven days now and, I have to say, its getting really old and frustrating! Its frustrating because seven days ago, I was on top of the world! Yes, I know that some huge things have happened in my life that would warrant this kind of emotion, but gosh...Its like I was kicked in the face and haven't found the energy to get back up, Ick! My P90X program has completely taken a back seat which I'm really kicking myself for because it was working so well! I've pretty much stopped counting calories and I KNOW that I've been over eating...Argh...I have no motivation at work. Even taking Bella out for her daily walks have become a chore...WHATS WRONG WITH ME! I feel like slapping myself...honestly...Hopefully I wake up tomorrow feeling a lot like it was all a dream, then immediately smile because I'm ready to take on the day!!! Hey, it could happen??? And I do apologize for posting this because who likes to read about bad news and icky moods...I promise to make my next post MUCH brighter:) Good night y'all...I'm going to call this day a wrap!


  1. oh...don't worry about making your next post so bright and cheery if you aren't there. Many hugs to you. You are loved just as you are...wherever you are emotionally. hugs to you.

  2. That is so exciting about your BIL!! Prayer does do wonders, and God still works miracles!!

    I understand, I've been in a funk myself for about a month. You HAVE to get out of the house...but you can't make yourself get out of the house...I've just had to learn to take every day one day at a time. How does it go, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof"? I hope the cloud lifts soon!

  3. Lets go to lunch- I'll try to get you out of that mood. :)

  4. girl you don't have to be cheery all the time - Be YOU and write about what you want to write about!! We love you no matter what!

  5. Today is a new day so.... Good morning sunshine!

    That's great news about your brother-in-law. We will keep the thoughts and prayers coming.

    Hope you have a great day!


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