December 29, 2009

Please Welcome Our One Year Along With 2010!

December 27th of last year Rob and I said "I do" and begun our journey together as Mr. And Mrs...I'm a few days late but here are a few memories from that day that I thought you might enjoy!

Ten minutes before our photo shoot, so excited! I believe I was taping down the isle runner, hence the jeans and t?

Ten minutes before the ceremony...I figured, why not, and drank half a beer before I realized that might not have been so smart on an empty stomach? I was a giggling fool, however I wasn't the one who greeted the pastor and said, "Hi! I'm the bride" I give him hell to this day:)

Us taking our first walk as husband and wife while Rascal Flatts song "Life is a Highway" met our every step...


Such a magical moment...We were both so happy to have finally made it here.

Fast forward a year...December 27th, 2009, Anniversary night enjoying a delicious glass of wine; Compliments of Carriage and Horse Fine Dining. A beautiful little gem of a place nestled in Pine Mountain, GA. Established on in a victorian style mansion complete with a french cook/owner and his daughter who waits the tables...Amazing people who introduced us to amazing food and wine! What a great evening:)

Loving em:)

Feeling the booze!

So there you have it...We more then survived our first year of marriage and are looking forward to the next and the next! *Big smile* I hope all of you had a wonderful end to 2009; I also hope that you're all excited about 201o as much as I am! I plan to do a post about that tomorrow or the next...I loved reading about all of your new years and your goals to come so thought I join in the fun!

December 10, 2009


Its been a few months since I've written a decent entry which I felt was reading worthy. So bare with me, I fear I might have forgotten how!

Today is cold and gray, meaning, perfect time to sit on your over stuffed couch, drink some hot tea and blog a little...Bella is chewing on her sixth bone for the week and peanut is meowing at some random flying thing that found its way inside from the cold. Really, when you take a break like I have from blogging, there is so much to tell but instead I won't bore you with everything I could say, just the things that need to be said...And yes, I just contradicted myself, going way back to my first post. Take a look...

Yesterday Rob and I made our way up the flight of stairs to our cozy one bedroom apartment after being at the auto shop for the past hour...There I spied it, stuck to our green door complete with the festive wreath I'd just hung. I'd been waiting on this piece of paper all day! In fact I'd been waiting much longer then that, but today was the day I'd posses this thing...It was a gift to me, compliments of the hubby, meant for our one year anniversary...Alright alright, I'll just cut to the chase and not bore you with story mode a moment longer:p

My beautiful new, light pink Sony Vaio complete with a white keyboard! This I was truly excited about...In case your wondering, her name is Chiclet for she has chiclet style buttons:) I have been without my laptop for so long ladies, blogging from inside the cave...Ick...I really feel that was the reason for my absence. Call me weird but it crushed my want to be witty and creative and, eventually, my want to write all together. So I guess this means its time to say, "I'm not pregnant..." Sheesh, leave y'all with just a smidgen of mystery and look at what you come up with...Lol, don't worry though, I will eventually blog about expecting one day, just not this minute...We're still sticking to our four/five-ish year plan. The funny thing is, neither of us have started the count down...Its such a big thing that will change our lives forever. We want to make sure we're ready for it, as much as possible...

So this is my 100th post. One that I thought would come much sooner then now, but have found that blogging can be harder then it looks! I started this blog on March 23, 2009 really just wanting someone to talk to. Rob was gone at drill school for two months so all I had was the cat, who hated me and vise verse. Rob continues to remind me that I picked him, *rolling eyes* yeah, yeah...With this 100th post I'm proud to say I now have 91 stalkers, which remains to astound me...Really, do you enjoy my silence that much? However, no matter how you found me and no matter why your here, I'm excited to have you on board during this come back! Thanking you all for encouraging me and making my heart smile with all your understanding of this absence...Now its time for a shower and meditation before work...The closer it gets to the holiday, the crazier people want to appear...*shrugs*

December 7, 2009

I'm Making A Comeback!

This is post number 99 and I'm excited to say that in a few short days I will be blogging MUCH more and completing my 100th post! This post will be rather large as there has been so much going on lately, so be on the look out. I will also be posting pictures of why my blogging is making a comeback! YAY, I can't hardly wait...Come on friday:) I figured I'd give you all the opportunity to ask your questions in honor of my 100th post, but I totally understand if there are none. I haven't exactly been Chatty Cathy of late:p Will be catching up on everyone very soon so look out!