July 15, 2010

On My Way To A Better Run

Why did I ever stop running! M and I took it nice and slow around a 2 mile loop last night, just enjoying the evening and simply running...It was humid out but I was super eager to try out my new shoes! However, during and after we finished, I was noticing some knee and shin pain *nothing major* but still more then I ever noticed before, with my first pair of Mizuno's. I brushed it off, thinking it was a new brand and that maybe they needed breaking in. So wanting to test it out some more we took off for a brisk mile walk right before bed. MORE knee pain...Something is definitely wrong! Even now, after a full nights sleep, I'm feeling tender down there...So I got up this morning, after a night of tossing from the ache, and looked at the soles of my new and old shoes and what did I find? Looks to be underpronation instead of what I have been being fitted for, which is overpronation! It really makes perfect sense, after getting on the Internet and doing some research. Come to find out, under pronators need cushion shoes instead of support shoes which is what I have been in for my last two pairs! Both pairs I have noticed aches and pains and that has been so irritatingly frusterating! I never had this problem before with my first pair...The biggest frusteration was that no one could explain this to me. I guess the lesson learned here is you just go with what works even if it doesn't make sense...However, I am glad I figured it out to avoid needless waste of money and time in the future. So I am headed back for a return today; this time going with what I know works and hopefully I'll be blogging about comfort, pain free runs soon!

July 13, 2010

Sister Dear

Loving all of the excitement over my recent post and new blog! Y'all never fail to make a girl feel good and encouraged:)

Today is going to be a great day. My sister M is finally moving to Georgia!!!

We've had this in the works for weeks where M has drove down several times looking for work, going to interviews and helping us move. The hold up has been finding a job really, however, last week she landed one! Yay, for a no stress move:) Basically M is a rambler and wanting some change. So whats better then new scenery, new town and job yet still keeping family close by! She truly is one of my best friends, so having her around for the next year is going to be awesome, especially with R working those 16 hour days:( I will definitely be asking her to guest blog a few times on here, because M is simply the funniest most silliest, uncoordinated, yet very endearing person I know!

Another great part of today will be when R gets home and we go shopping for my new running shoes! Who else here loves that first run in new shoes? I bought my first good pair last year when I started running, Mizuno's, and have since replaced them once. But I loved those shoes! They were so super light and comfortable. I seriously could have ran forever in them *if my legs would have held up* and felt no pain. However, this most recent pair hasn't really impressed me much, and in fact has left my knees and feet aching more then before...So my question is "What brands/styles of running shoes do you ladies use?" I am looking into Brooks, which I hear wonderful things about, and Asics...I am a moderate over pronator so I do require some support...I'll listen to any recommendations/suggestions you might have because fter all, I am and do feel like a newbie again:p

July 6, 2010

Still Not Telling, But Meet Piper

I'm just too excited about life these past few days, which is awesome! I think it has to do with a personal challenge/goal I've set for myself...I'll give you a hint. Its something that I used to do and really loved! In fact, I am so excited about it, that I have decided to change my blog design again and rename it entirely to fit the new me! So keep checking back for the unvailing:) In the mean time I'll leave you with this...

This is our newest addition, Piper...She is a little German Shepherd, Boxer mix and so full of life. Just like Bella, we also rescued Piper. She was dropped off in some generous families lawn; So small that she had to be bottled fed for the first two weeks. This family has three dogs of their own and could not keep Piper. But lucky for us, we wanted a sister for Bella:)

July 1, 2010

Exciting News To Come!

Something really new and exciting in the works for this blog! Stay tunned...