July 13, 2011

Week 6 And A Slight Vent

This is my VERY sick belly at 6 weeks baby "G"

And boy have I been sick...My definition of morning sickness, before we got pregnant, was nothing like this. I've been nauseous ever since the beginning of week 5 and it's pretty much constant. However, images really accelerates my want to puke! In fact I had to take down a certain picture of food I posted on week 5. That plate of food tormented me night and day! My sister had to actually delete it and even now I get sick, thinking about blogging just because I associate my blog with that picture. Its terrible really. I have learned a lesson though that I will NOT ignore for the next 8+ months; NEVER take pictures of food that might come back to haunt you;)

(((WARNING))) Vent alert! Today was supposed to be our first doctors appoinment. SUPPOSED to be. It never happened. I was there on time, but instead of being seated until your called back to see a doctor, I was herded in the back with a LARGE group of other pregnant women. But not before they yelled out for the entire hospital to hear, that happend to be filled with soldiers, "all the pregnant women here for the O.B orintation group together." It was so embarrassing and so not special. Your were made to feel like a number and that your pregnancy was nothing new. I get that its not new to them. I do. But this is our first and it's new to us, so humor me okay? In fact we were told that there were just "so many pregnant women" right now that they had to group us all in a class instead of doing one on one appointments. Gee thanks. Make us all feel knocked up and 16. At least that's how I felt.

I walked out of the class because I was told I wouldn't be seeing a doctor before we PCS'ed. What was the point. I'll be 11-12 weeks before I see a doctor and thats me thinking positive. I have no idea how the military hospital works at Ft. Lewis. However the pregnancy forums I've been reading on that hospital and the O.B program are nothing steller. I'll apparently be shuffled around to different doctors the entire time (something I told (R) I would not have) and could wait long periods of time there too before I am seen. I am looking into seeing a civilian doctor once we get there to avoid all of this.

Okay, I'm done complainining:)

Nothing new this week except the morning sickness and I'm finally done at work! I've been having some really awesome cravings though! I want everything fruits and veggies and NOTHING sweet or greasy, ick!

Baby "G" is the size of a PEA this week!

TheBump.com says your growing like crazy and starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and a chin! Your little hands and feet -- still webbed like paddles -- might wiggle by week's end and your heart is beating; almost twice as fast as mine!

Keep up the good growing Baby. Mommy can't wait to meet you!

July 6, 2011

Week 5 Baby "G"

This is me at week 5 Baby "G"

I like to take these pictures in the morning. I think it's a true depiction of mommy's belly and just how big I'm getting. I think it's crazy how the minute I drink a glass of water or eat, even a light, breakfast my tummy blows up! However, this week I think I look smaller. That bloating is no joke!

Full disclaimer--I'm not in any rush for the baby bump to arrive. I know a lot of women can't wait and with good reason! But I don't need a visual to know you're in there baby:) I know my belly will pop out with abundant force soon enough, so for now, I'm just enjoying what precious time there is left with my wardrobe and agile body, haha! However, if week 16 arrives and my belly still looks like this, just try and keep me from all things candy bars and McDonald's;)

Symptoms: The past week has been a retreat. I've had a few new ones like blurry vision and clumsiness:) But most everything else has gone away or dulled in comparison. The ta ta's have grown in magnitude though. I am SHOCKED with how fast they blew up! Give it another week and I'll be shopping for a bigger bra! It really is true what they say "The ladies are always the first to go." I've definitely had a lot more energy this week and not so hungry, minus the last few days, lol...Still no morning sickness...

Cravings: Nothing too terrible or often. I can eat anything I want right now and it all sounds delish! I've backed off on my craving for fried pickles and breakfast food. This week really has been great. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't have known I was pregnant. Things seem normal!

Exercise: This week I've done a SMALL amount with weights, which is huge. I think I had myself really freaked put about loosing you if I did the slightest thing. I was worried about stretching too hard, lifting anything that engaged my core, sleeping on my stomach, lifting my arms above my head, etc. In my defense, I did have some spotting and cramping with you last week, but the lab tech was sure to tell me this is normal, especially when its right around the time Aunt Flo should be arriving. Turns out she was right:) So daddy is helping mommy build her arms this week! I figured I can at least have sexy arms while the rest of me gives over to you Baby:)

Weight: I toyed with the idea of keeping this tag out of my updates. I don't know any woman who likes to announce when she gains more weight, lol, but I think it's important to keep yourself accountable to your body and weight while pregnant. Remember, you're NOT eating for two no matter what they tell you. But truth be told, I have no idea what I weigh. The batteries died in our scale and I've been too lazy to replace them. The important thing is I still fit in my clothes! I'll start using the doctors written weight next week, ekk!

According to thebump.com, Baby "G" you are the size of an Appleseed!

I think that is a HUGE jump from the poppy seed you were just last week! You are starting to form major organs like your HEART, kidney, liver and stomach. In the world of systems, you're developing your nervous system, circulatory and digestive.

We go to our first REAL doctors appointment a week from today! I'm to expect all sorts of poking and prodding and questions, oh joy, but it will be good to speak with someone finally and make sure you're okay in there Baby "G".

For now, I bet you're floating around, enjoying all of that space;)

July 4, 2011

Smile Baby "G"

Mommy got a new camera! It's a Nikon Coolpix L120. I haven't had it for more then a day and I love it already! Daddy and I are going to a 4th of July festival at Calloway Gardens this evening to watch beautiful fireworks, maybe swim a bit, eat some yummy food and listen to a live band. I'll be testing out my new toy there and hopefully come away with some really awesome pictures to share:)

I'm more then ready to say "Goodbye" to using my fuzzy phone camera, as in here...These images are just terrible! Certainly not good enough to catch baby's shining eyes and spontaneous laughs. Daddy had a lot of say in the camera we picked; he'll be missing a lot of your first year antics Baby "G" but he wanted to make sure we had a super clear and quick camera to catch as much on film as possible! He also insisted on HD video recording to watch you in sweety pea. I can't think of a better use for high definition:)

July 3, 2011

Trusty Guardian

I just love this picture. It used to hang in my grandmothers dining room where I would play as a small child. Gramma once told me she too loved this picture as a small girl. She would visit her grandmothers house and fall a sleep watching the picture where it hung above a day bed. How old this picture is, I can only guess! I know it has been passed down 3 generations-- I remember just stare at it, imagining I was that little girl with her very own dog keeping watch. I wanted a dog so badly when I was small; now I have two:) The only information I have is the name of the print and it's very fitting, "Trusty Guardian." When it was printed and by whom I don't know. I wish I did...These would have been things to ask my grandmother before she passed away 2 months ago. I was given this picture after she passed with full excitement and every intent to hang it in my child's nursery-- Little did I know, that time would be very soon!

This is a much clearer picture of the one I have, just to give you a better look at the colors and detail. My reason for this post is to ask for your opinion! I know it's still early but I'm starting to think on nursery themes and I would like one based off this picture. I'm COMPLETELY stuck as to what theme would go with this! I don't really want a Victorian theme, which would fit because that is a Victorian child. I've tossed around the idea of a beach theme because the Saint Bernard is guarding the small child from crashing waves in the background but what are your thoughts? I would LOVE to hear them!

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