July 13, 2011

Week 6 And A Slight Vent

This is my VERY sick belly at 6 weeks baby "G"

And boy have I been sick...My definition of morning sickness, before we got pregnant, was nothing like this. I've been nauseous ever since the beginning of week 5 and it's pretty much constant. However, images really accelerates my want to puke! In fact I had to take down a certain picture of food I posted on week 5. That plate of food tormented me night and day! My sister had to actually delete it and even now I get sick, thinking about blogging just because I associate my blog with that picture. Its terrible really. I have learned a lesson though that I will NOT ignore for the next 8+ months; NEVER take pictures of food that might come back to haunt you;)

(((WARNING))) Vent alert! Today was supposed to be our first doctors appoinment. SUPPOSED to be. It never happened. I was there on time, but instead of being seated until your called back to see a doctor, I was herded in the back with a LARGE group of other pregnant women. But not before they yelled out for the entire hospital to hear, that happend to be filled with soldiers, "all the pregnant women here for the O.B orintation group together." It was so embarrassing and so not special. Your were made to feel like a number and that your pregnancy was nothing new. I get that its not new to them. I do. But this is our first and it's new to us, so humor me okay? In fact we were told that there were just "so many pregnant women" right now that they had to group us all in a class instead of doing one on one appointments. Gee thanks. Make us all feel knocked up and 16. At least that's how I felt.

I walked out of the class because I was told I wouldn't be seeing a doctor before we PCS'ed. What was the point. I'll be 11-12 weeks before I see a doctor and thats me thinking positive. I have no idea how the military hospital works at Ft. Lewis. However the pregnancy forums I've been reading on that hospital and the O.B program are nothing steller. I'll apparently be shuffled around to different doctors the entire time (something I told (R) I would not have) and could wait long periods of time there too before I am seen. I am looking into seeing a civilian doctor once we get there to avoid all of this.

Okay, I'm done complainining:)

Nothing new this week except the morning sickness and I'm finally done at work! I've been having some really awesome cravings though! I want everything fruits and veggies and NOTHING sweet or greasy, ick!

Baby "G" is the size of a PEA this week!

TheBump.com says your growing like crazy and starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and a chin! Your little hands and feet -- still webbed like paddles -- might wiggle by week's end and your heart is beating; almost twice as fast as mine!

Keep up the good growing Baby. Mommy can't wait to meet you!


  1. Hey honey. Thats shitty they treated you all like a cattle call that's shitty. I was like you and said I didn't want different docs throughout pregnancy. I've learned that's just not how it works anymore. Tricare Standard is an option for you guys. You just have to pay like $16/day while you're in the hospital. Even my friends who saw civilian docs you go to a practice and see one of 4 docs or so... Good luck honey! Hope you find what you're looking for in WA.


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