August 1, 2011

On The Road

I promise I didn't mean to skip week 7 and 8 updates and photos. Truth be told, I had my head consistently in the toilet and couldn't even THINK about taking pictures of my expanding belly or blogging...Most likely I'll miss week 9's update too, ONLY because we'll be on the road headed toward Washington!! It's finally here. All the packing has been done and our stuff is well on it way out there already. We will be saying "goodbye" to Georgia tomorrow and hello to somewhere Tennessee; most likely Memphis. I will be taking a 9 week photo on Wednesday and promise to post them as soon as I reach Washington or a good Internet connection;)

Just a quick update on me and Baby "G." We haven't had any scares and are doing really well, I think, considering that we haven't seen a doctor yet. That will happen around week 12, if I had to guess. I'm sick as a dog though, for sure. Other then that, achy joints and NO ENERGY, things are normal. I really cannot wait to get my energy back and stop moping around the house, ha! I'm usually a really high energy individual, so to feel like I can barley walk, going on 4 weeks now, feels very strange and is getting annoying! My husband keeps saying he wants his hyper wife back and I agree! I have a VERY TIGHT minimal diet right now. I have apparently developed a case of being lactose intolerant?? All baby is allowing me to eat is turkey bacon, potatoes, eggs and some breads....THAT'S IT! I really hope he or she gets the bigger picture soon and realizes there is a ton of other food choices;) Water is a no go too so I'm stuck on pedialyte for now. SO NASTY; but at least I can keep it down and it's keeping me hydrated.

That's pretty much it for now. We're settling up with our landlord tonight and doing last minute packing. I just pray that our travels with 2 dogs and a cat doesn't turn out to be a VERY bad idea:) Pray for our sanity the next 8 days and I hope everyone has a very good week!


  1. I hope your trip goes as smoothly as possible! Once you're here and settled we'll have to get together! :)

  2. Hope the sickness goes away soon & you start to get your energy back, I'm on week 17 & even though I am still tired, it's a different tired than the 1st trimester, so hang in there...not too much longer!!!


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