August 22, 2011

The Baby Bump

11 weeks, 5 days and I think its safe to say I finally have the baby bump!

Don't let the first picture fool you. Just look at this side shot and WOAHA belly!

I think it looks like I ate one too many donuts at this point. So I do a lot of belly rubbing. Ya know.... To let people know there's a baby on board;)

Things are finally starting to get better in the nausea department. We made it to Washington 2 weeks ago and now that I have my bed back, I'm less tired and I feel more energized. I guess that's also because my second trimester is just 2 weeks away! I finally have my first doctors appointment set for the 29th, so in eight days I'll be officially, medically, on the road to having this baby!

People keep asking me what my maternal instinct is on Baby's sex and I have to say a BOY! of course, every mom has an idea of what they think they're having. Some are right and some are wrong. I guess we'll find out for sure around week 19!

My diet has been pretty awesome so far. I get the uncontrollable hunger. Sure. But lucky for me, I can't engorge myself. I can only eat small portions, otherwise I get sick. I've been eating WAY healthy with this baby. More then I ever have. Not really by conscience effort, although that was the plan, but more because healthy foods is what I'm craving. Lot's of protein, yummy veggies and some fruits. Sadly, I'm still lactose intolerant.

Oh and according to my preggo dreams, R and I are having twins and it's a boy and a girl:) I guess my maternal instincts wouldn't be incorrect on the sex of Baby "G" if that were true, ha! I would be in total shock if we went in and heard two heart beats, for realz! But it would be cool to get our boy and girl in one swoop, or many dozen pushes, and be done;) I SOOOO do not believe we're having twins for one second, but thought it would be fun to share!

R is finally home and I'm excited to ask him about his first day and what they have him doing. I'll be sure to update everyone as soon as I know more about the baby and if I hear 2 heart beats, haha! Have a great and wonderful rest of the week everyone!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better finally! And that you made it to WA safely! I'm guessing you've found a place to live?

  2. Sounds like you are having a boy.. boys you crave healthy food in the beginning and odd stuff in the end.. girls its opposite.. I guess I will be making a baby blankie for you so let me know the name and what ur theme is.. love you guys.. miss you too.

  3. My dream up until we found out was me delivering boys, but we found out we are having a girl, so who knows?!?!?! Glad you are doing better & love the growing belly bump:)

  4. Glad you are safe and sound in WA. We are pcsing in about 4 months although we are not sure where just yet. WA is on our dream sheet but you know how the army is. Hope you are enjoying it.

    Obviously a little late (but I just came across your blog tonight) Congratulation on the baby!


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