Meet S&S

Hi y'all! Welcome. I'm Becca and this is the hubby Sarge. Though he's better known as "R" on the ol' bloggity blog. A little about me? You'll find, I'm world class when it comes to coining new words and phrases like, "fabonista, a fabulous state of being" and sunshine is always pronounced "sunny shine shine!" With that being said, one of my favorite quotes I live by is:

"Wherever you go,
No matter the weather,
Always bring your own 

Yes. I'm THAT girl. The sparkling, smiling, upbeat one who "tries" to always see the positives in myself, situations and others. This is truly the heart of my being and what keeps this smile chug'a'lugging on a daily basis...
With that being said, I do have bad days!!! However those are usually met with forced optimism and cheerful complaining, ha! I always speak my mind when I feel it's needed and I'm not afraid of conflict, however I steer away from drama; Conflict and drama are two very different things ;) I write how I speak and I use a horrendous amount of exclamations marks. I'm not always grammatically correct but that keeps things fun and creative! There is no rhyme or reason to this blog and I might possibly be the most random person you'll ever meet but that's what keeps my life exciting and new; when you're never sure what you'll find! If you read my profile blurb you'd also know I LOVE flip-flops and wear them year'round. I also LOVE pie which is a contradiction to my drive for fitness, ha! I grew up in the South, mostly, and have a deep appreciation for sweet tea, porch swings and fireflies. Yes. The typical southern gal. This is also where I get my love of all things Sunshine! I've been blessed with a wonderful marriage to a truly amazing man. Sorry ladies. I know you probably feel your husbands are the golden goose, and while I'm sure they rock your socks, my husband is the true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! We'll be celebrating our 4 year anniversary on December 27, 2012 (over the net  sadly, because he's currently deployed) but regardless, I look forward to doubling and tripling those years with my love, so long as God allows breath in me! If you're wondering, we met online in spring of 2003 while he was still a young private in the Army. I was also living in Alaska that year doing a volunteer stint. He was 23 and I freshly 18, neither of us looking for love. However, after finding one another in an online chat room (God bless Yahoo Messanger!) we had an immediate connection that was unlike anything we've ever felt. Seriously, I would have run away with the man and married him 4 hours into our first virtual meeting. It was that crazy! The long distance we faced, as I moved back to Tennessee later that year, was no deterrent but the fact that we were both in long distance relationships,  at the time, WAS... So you could definitely say it wasn't a race to the alter. In actuality, it was a LONG drawn out relationship, full of distance, deployments, and emotionally driven break ups. But he was "it" and I knew it! We married 5 years later and loving so much of our life ever since! You can read that entire story HERE

Three years after we stood in front of God and family, giving our hearts to one another, we welcomed A beautiful little girl into the world. I call her SugarCube, Sarge calls her Puddin'face but her actual name is Alyssa Quinn. Isn't it strange how you fight and wrestle with your spouse for nine months to pick a name you both can agree on, then you don't even call your child by that name!? Regardless, she has since changed our lives forever, for the better and is our absolute source of joy and contentment... I could have never, in a life time, prepared myself for the kind of love I felt after meeting our child! If you care to read more on that, her birth story is HERE. Also under the "Baby Love" tab, which is under construction, you'll find links to all posts I've written during those nine months of baking; probably more fun for me to write then to read, but there it is ;) 

Should you decided to follow Sarge & SunShine, which I hope you do, you'll find I have trending post on Operation Fit Fabonista (OFF) which includes my love of running and my pursuit of that all too coveted pre-pregnancy body. Life as an Army wife, R's deployment, living temporarily in the land of sunny shine shine (Arizona) until R returns, cooking healthy yet yummy and lastly, my list of sparkling ambitions under iDream (a newly created life list full of wishes, dreams and goals. 

As a military wife, my life leaves a lot to be desired and it certainly isn't perfect. But it's my life and I love it! Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you around more!   

                                                                      Sincerely your host, 

A Vibrantly Fierce Fabonista at Heart Living the Imperfect, Perfectly!