February 25, 2010

This Is "Edge Of Your Seat" Blogging!!!

Random facts of my life, to share a few...

  • Something stinks in my kitchen and I can't figure out what-
  • I have three cups of yogurt hitting shelf life tomorrow, should I eat them all today???
  • I'll be lucky if I get one more day out of my hair mousse, then that will be gone just like my favorite eye shadow that has been on my "buy" list for a week!
  • Ope! I just lost another eyelash...I'm eventually going to go bald there, I just know it!
  • The inside of my car is slowly being buried in my dogs hair, to the point that my black dash looks white...So gross *insert me sticking my tongue out, making gross face*
  • I'll never be able to sleep in again...Not as long as the sun rises before 8:00 and not as long as I have a dog who uses it as her personal alarm clock...This sad truth I have good days with and bad days with...
  • Will I forever crave bad foods i.e pizza and chips??? Opps, this is a fact list so I guess its FACT and not a question:)
  • Fact: I cannot hold water or coffee to save my life!
  • There's a piece of animal cracker in our bed that keeps poking me at night. If it hadn't been my brilliant idea to give the cat one to shut him up, I could technically be irritated???
  • I have to re-learn my hair every morning...Its growing out and, I swear, it changes length everyday, just enough to be an annoyance!

I have many other random facts but we won't go there...I'll spare you:) Thanks for stopping by and reading, it was good to get that off my chest! I'm off to rescue my yogurt then hit the gym-


  1. I remember reading that you can eat yogurt up to 7 days past the date on the carton!

  2. I have an experation date phobia, so if it were me, that yogurt would be in the trash! Isn't that horrible?

    One time when I couldn't find the awful smell I thought was coming from the kitchen, it was really a load of clothes in the washer I had forgotten about. They were left in there so long, the mold started to smell like death. Have you forgotten to finish laundry recently??

  3. Ugh. Throw the yogurt away! I do not eat products once they get anywhere NEAR their expiration date. Freaks me out!

    Bad smell?... Garbage disposal?

    Junk foods? Yes, you will always want them and you will always deserve them! :)

  4. I would probably smell the yogurt first. It will probably be ok though. And my dog is the same way, he has to get up no later than 7:30. On the weekend, I can usually put him out and then he will go back to bed.

  5. Haha, once I had a toast crumb in my bed and it drove me nuts! I couldn't find it.

  6. I had a smell issue last week that took me three days to figure it out. I feel your frustration :)


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