February 27, 2010

Goodbye Butt, Hello Boom Boom!

I seriously wanted to roll on the floor in hysterics tonight!!! You see, I have been in pursuit of the perfect butt for most of my life...Haven't we all? If not and you've managed to build that much desired, gorgeous, round bum, I secretly want to pull your hair out applaud you! However, this girl was born with some bad butt genes. So while I'm being honest...

Dear mom,
I'm sorry, but I openly blame you for those micro menaces called genes. This can't be pinned on dad because that tush is as small and tight as a walnut...Sincerely, your loving daughter:)

So, shortly after a yummy meal of sushi and fried rice *could have done without the rice, I know* I turned on the telli, and worked my way through Beach Body's newest workout DVD called Brazil Butt Lift!!! Ladies, let me say that this is a fun workout...However, some of these moves will keep you giggling more then actually doing the moves!! I mean, I went from back back backin'it up to tapping an imaginary drum while letting my boom boom, as Leandro Carvalho likes to say, get out of control with shake shake shaken it! But boy was it a workout...Phew! I definitely felt it after I was done which is the best part. I might be crazy but I love that burning sensation:) If you'd like to know more about Leandro and his program just visit his site here!

A quick update on P90X for those of you who are wondering...I love it! However, the down side is that I feel its more designed for a man:( It focuses more on upper body and your abs, which is great, but if you're like me and need maintance below the belt, you might want to consider pairing it with something like Brazil Butt Lift! That is what I'm doing because I totally puffy heart the arm and abs workout of P90X...You suck so bad while doing it but the after affect is amazing!

Have a blessed weekend y'all! I'm taking me and my tired boom boom off to bed:)


  1. I felt the same way about P90X, but I think the P90X Lean version worked pretty well. It was more emphasis on cardio than weight training. Anyway, glad you've found something you enjoy. That's the most important thing!

  2. good for you- sticking with something that you like! hope you reach your goals soon!

  3. I totally get your booty issues. I to was *ahem* gifted with more than my share in that area. That Beach Body work out sounds like so much fun! I might have to check that out...

  4. I think p90x is totally designed for guys. Those pull ups...wow!

  5. Hi Rebekah,
    I know I never leave comments, but I usually check your page out a couple of times a week. Im totally disturbed (but cracking up) over the comment re: Dad's tush...lol. I'm going to try to start blogging more as well. I love you and hope that you and Rob are doing well. Tell the family "Hi" for me when you get the chance.

  6. I am about to begin P90X now that my little one has arrived. (It arrived at my door 2 weeks before I discovered I was pregnant lol.) I'm glad to hear someone else using it.

  7. Im a new visitor but had to comment! I totally carry my weight in my bum, no matter how much I run, lunge or lift, my butt is all jug! Im looking into this beach body video!

  8. Hey girl, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. It's tough, but I know I'll be able to get through it:)

    I really love the new look (although I'm thinking it may not be "new" it's just that I've been MIA for so long)!

    I laughed when I read your post...I too am on the quest for the perfect rear end! Luckily for me I didn't inherit my mom's flat behind, but unfortunately for me I also didn't inherit her gene for not having an ounce of cellulite. We can't win 'em all!!

  9. Love your new look!!! And I agree about P90X...but the Ab Ripper is awesome!!


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