February 11, 2012

Pulling Out The Big Guns!

I know NONE of this will work unless my body is ready for labor BUT----I've started the evening prime rose oil (advised by my midwife.) 

I'm eating a whole FRESH pineapple tonight (my tongue is on FIRE, lol.)

drinking raspberry leaf tea like nobodies business ANNNNNND snuggling up to the hubby;)

Hoping this gets us a baby in the next week or so! Hahaha!

If not, at week 38, my midwife wants to do a membrane sweep. I really love that she's in support of helping me with this natural labor induction process; Instead of being induced with medications and devices at week 39--- ACK!

Even better though, I THINK, my body might be getting ready anyhow---I've heard that a lot of women develop cold like symptoms right before as well as...Ehhh hmmm...irritable bowls;) They say it's your body's way of cleaning you out, making more room for the baby and preparing you for the big event...Whether this is true or not, we'll see:)



  1. TMI buuuuut since we're all adults here... nipple stimulation & sex. Lots of it.

  2. Steve will agree with Bonnie and say that *he* is solely responsible for getting Sam to start come out.. May as well- you'll be off the hook for the next six weeks! HA! I also ate a few spicy things and ran stairs. Well, as much as a giant pregnant lady can run stairs... Lol good luck!!!

  3. Good luck! =) I hope those techniques will help you labor early. I would do the same too since I really don't want to get induced either. Do a lot of walking too. I heard that helps.

  4. I have a friend that, which each of her three children, had a pedicure in the morning, had a baby that night. She swears by them!

  5. Feet thing could work too! There are pressure points in your feet that can start labor ;)


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