February 8, 2012

My Lovely Coconut

The melon and I are 36 weeks today!

Sorry. No bare belly pic this week. I felt like wearing a dress!
But can you see the joy on my face, knowing that we're ALMOST done ♥

Three more weeks if they decide to induce. Although, my body's telling me we might not make it that long---Here's to hoping we don't!!! I think a 37-38 week baby would be perfect.

So Sugarcube is a coconut this week! Mmmmmm---coconut.
However, next week she jumps to a WATERMELON! Is it just me, or is that a pretty significant jump in size?

On average, she's gaining a half a pound a week and I believe it!

Something to be excited about---Technically I'm not supposed to be gaining anymore fat from here on out. I've gathered all the amniotic fluid my body can hold. So we'll see:) ANNNND thebump.com says she is, pretty much, good to go at this point so I am definitely breathing easier now, should we go into labor early.

I've been tearing Google up, researching signs of labor. Reading labor and delivery stories and anything else baby related. Just trying to put the finishing touches on my knowledge base for when she arrives! It's been keeping me pretty busy.

What I REALLY need to be working on, though, is my hospital bag, birth plan and grocery/meal plan for the 2 weeks after she gets here! I don't know why I've been such a procrastinator with these things...Does anyone have advise on what to pack for the hospital? Both for mommy and baby? I've been reading what Google has to say but some of this stuff seems impractical?

What are the REAL things you found useful or wished you would have brought to the big event?

Nothing too fabulous to update on this week. I know I'm getting myself WAY excited for Baby "G" to arrive. I think I need to just start thinking in terms of her showing after week 39 so time might actually speed up:) R says he's sleeping much less now because of my frequent potty trips and also from pure adrenalin...My constant contractions isn't really helping him to relax much, haha!

I just cannot wait to share this experience with him. I know it's going to be crazy and scary and a total adrenalin rush, but I'm excited for it!

Okay I realize I'm writing in circles here, so I'm off to finish my laundry and maybe pick up the main living area:) Also grab a bit to eat because this tummy just won't stop growling!



  1. You're the cutest pregnant lady!

    I had my first baby and I didn't need most things that were in my hospital bag (and I was there for about a week). I took blank paper and pens...and that was probably the most important. I wrote various things down as they were happening (my labor, visitors, gifts, etc.). I'm just now filling in her baby book & I'm so glad I wrote all those things down before. I would have totally forgotten about them!! And SNACKS! Take snacks!!!

  2. OH, she sure does! :)
    love you daughter!

  3. You are glowing and so pretty! :)
    Pen and paper were big for me too as well as chapstick and socks!

  4. Bec,, Make sure you take a robe and warm socks with house shoes.. forget the make up and stuff because you won't feel like even messing with it. you will def have your hands full. o bring pictures of your "other children".. ask the dr to play some soothing music while you are in labor I have heard this will help you during the process of pushing.. Can't wait for her to be here in this world.. a new niece how wonderful.. we must skype so i will get to see her.. lots of love and huggs.. love mands..

  5. Hey girl! You are lookin' good! Most women look like whales at 36 weeks (I am obviously talking about myself...).

    As for the hospital bag, I definitely second the snack suggestion! They didn't bring any food to Steve, so he got hungry and had to leave to get food, or go to the cafeteria (bleh). So snacks are good. If you plan on breastfeeding and using a Boppy or My Brest Friend, take that with you as well. Pen and paper are good too because so many people seem to filter in and out of your room telling you "important" things and there is no way to remember all of it! I brought some travel-sized shampoo and conditioner so that I could smell all nice once I got a shower. :) And some people will recommend bringing your own pajamas, but I was just as happy wearing their nice, loose-fitting gowns. Not to get tooooo gross, but I would much prefer to bleed all over their cheap gowns versus my nice jammies. LOL

    I'm so excited for you!! Purple is your color! ;)

  6. Best things I bought to the hospital are my own jammies, bath robe, and personal hygiene stuff.

    Things I wish I would have brought? Definitely a birthing ball. Being stuck in the bed the entire labor is an experience I wish I'd forgotten.

  7. You look so cute in your dress. =) I hope I'll look like a cute pregnant lady by 36 weeks.

  8. You look great!!! Love the baby bump

  9. You look great! I love the dress!

    I have no idea what to pack. Lol.

    Thanks for your kind words on my post yesterday, as always.

  10. So close! So exciting!

    No baby advice from me to offer. Sorry!!! But I'm thinking about you and baby.


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