February 7, 2012


Today I'm on vacation----YAY!  

In my bed with my laptop, water bottle, cell phone and new Redbox movie Money Ball featuring Brad Pitt...My sister told me it was supposed to me good, so we'll see!

So, I apparently over did it yesterday? The sad thing is--- all I got done was 2 loads of laundry that R had to help me with, cleaning my room and bathroom and cooking dinner. (even that was done in the Crockpot so nothing too strenuous.)

 I use the phrase "I've been hit by a mack truck" a lot but I take all those times back, only to be able to say it today! Sleep is getting tough. Sure. I'm in my ninth month of pregnancy but it's more then the sleep today...I woke up after 10 hours of forced Zzzzz's, feeling completely broke---I'm talking, hips could barley withstand my weight, knees wanting to buckle coming down the stairs, contractions making me feel nauseous and like my belly was going to explode from all the pressure while my pelvic bone feels like it's being torn in half. OUCHIE! Add a MASSIVE headache to that, a long with the feeling of dehydration and we've covered 80% of it! How can I be dehydrated with all this peeing!!!

This seriously makes me question my abilities to deliver this child!!! If a light day of cleaning wipes me out, what is 14+ hours of labor going to do!!! I'm assuming it'll take that long but not a minute more;)

On the bright side, I did manage to get up and shower for my stress test at 3:00 and feed myself. Go me!

And my hot pink little piggies weren't looking so "hot" after 1.5 months so yesterday I went for a MUCH NEEDED pedicure!!

   I was fearful as to how badly my feet would swell, but all is well! I now have pretty purple toenails to look at while I vacation here, imitating a beached whale;)


  1. Newest reader! Love your blog! :) Can't wait to read more.

  2. You are no beached whale! TRUST ME. Before I delivered Sam, it was like I had two small hippos attached to my legs down there. And now I can't even SEE my feet, so who gives a flyin' flip if they've ballooned up this time? LOL

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well or sleeping good. That SUUUUUCKS. :( I think all of that stretching feeling and contractions are good signs though! Your body is getting warmed up for the big show!
    And I am not going to sit here and tell you that "once your little angel gets here, you will forget ALLLLLL about this time and how you felt." Oh no. You will not. You will just store it away in the back of your brain so that when she's acting like a lunatic teenager you can be all, "Do you have any IDEA what I went through to birth you, girl?! Here! I printed out my blog for you. This was uncomfortable as hell! Now read this over and tell me if you still wanna date Johnny so-and-so! I DARE YOU."

    Haha you can tell I'm super nervous that I might be having a girl. PRAY FOR ME REBEKAH.


  3. Awww shucks. Hang in there. I'll send you good vibes.


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