February 3, 2012

An Angel Face, If I Ever Saw One---

Please excuse the shadows making a scary skeletal baby, but here is Sugar cube at 35 weeks and 2 days!

A complete angel face:) This momma can see what the picture doesn't show, lol.

Today was our growth ultrasound. I was a tad nervous going in; wanting to make sure everything was fine...Like I said, I wasn't too worried that her growth had stunted, but you never really know! Turns out, this momma was right! Baby girl weighed in at a healthy 6.25 lbs putting her in the 85th percentile for her age! Wow. Out of one hundred babies, she out weighs 85 of them!

The ultrasound tech said that mothers with high blood pressure tend to have small nibblets, but our little one is definitely eating her veggies:) So proud of her ♥

My family is trying to decide who she looks like the most---It's kinda hard to tell with a 2D sonogram but I DEFINITELY see R's eye bone structure and very possibly his nose. That could be a close one though because he and I both have very similar noses...Take a look---

Scary huh! As for her cute as a button pouty mouth, I think the shape is mine but she got the pouty'ness from her papa...She's going to love him if he also gives her those thick and long eyelashes of his.

So in short. Baby "G" doesn't seem to be affected by this whole preeclampsia bit, just her mom. Lets pray it stays that way!

 A quick, "thank you all" for your kind and encouraging comments on my last post. It really lifted my spirits and helped bring the positive me back:) Y'all ROCK my socks!

In closing, because it's getting late and I starving---I'm in complete love with our daughter already but after today's ultrasound, I cannot WAIT to meet her, hold her and tell her how absolutely perfect and beautiful she is ♥

4 weeks or less Baby girl! 


  1. Yeeeeaaaaaaay!!! :) So glad you got to see your little girl again and that she is not affected by the preeclampsia! (Did I even spell that right?)

  2. Congrats! So exciting, so close to the end.

    Im your newest follower :)

  3. CUTE! I don't know if I'll be able to get another ultrasound again but I'd love to see how big my baby girl is now.

  4. That's great! So adorable! So excited for you!


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