February 2, 2012

Positive Comments And Energy Appreciated!

35 weeks yesterday!

And there's nothing flattering about this post or picture---Just warning you!
But it was either this grunge look with no makeup, or no belly update at all:)

However, we are getting close, ya know! I'm down to a few pair of pants I can still wear and most of my shirts have taken on the pooh'bear effect...

This is where the bad stuff comes in though---Kinda hating on my body this week!

Tuesday I had my midwife appointment where I really had it socked to me...Not only am I nearing 200 lbs at a HUGE 188 so far, they finally (without saying it) diagnosed me with preeclampsia after my 24 hour urine count came back with a whooping 299; a 300 is the threshold, lol...

What scares me is, over the course of a week, I went from a 0 in my fluids to a 299...I know the doc said it could increase at an alarming rate, but dang!

  I really wanted to cry looking at that scale but after hearing the other bit of news...I think my eyes DID water up...I was trying to hold it together though for my husband and all the on-lookers...

I'll most likely be kicked out of the midwife program too, now, because they don't deal with complicated pregnancies--- So yeah--- Hit me again Ike!

Annnnnnnnnnd---- being induced at 39 weeks is a definite; if not earlier should the headaches, spotty vision, swelling, high bp, excessive weight gain and proteins in my fluids increase...Yeah, don't you just love all the side effects!!! I guess I can take SOME comfort though, that all this weight is partly due to the disease...At least a pound or two anyhow, haha!

I don't mean to sound like a Debbie downer but I just really want this to be over---I'm ready to meet Sugar cube, have my body back so it can start healing and just be off this roller coaster ride in general...

Oh yes, I almost forgot! I now have a few stretch marks:(

Some of my Facebook friends might remember this photo.

Pretty nasty huh!

I got this baby the week I found out I was pregnant. I had slammed into a door at work, trying to shut the alarm off before sirens started screaming...It never really healed right and actually scared...Well apparently scar tissue isn't as stretchy as unmarred skin because it went from a scar to small stretch marks...Sigh...Oh well, it could be worse!

My husbands been pretty awesome though. He allowed me to have a good cry after all this, took me to dinner and just stayed close to snuggle and even mixed in some pretty nice and encouraging words.

But now for some good news! I have a growth ultrasound tomorrow!!! Preeclampsia babies tend to stop growing after a time (not always though) and so we're getting an extra ultrasound to make sure she's still eating her veggies:)

I can't wait!

I'm not too concerned that she has stopped growing or that she's even the slightest bit tiny. She feels HUGE in there...But hopefully they'll give me some updated photos of her to post. Her last debut was at 22 weeks, so I'm assuming she'll look more like a baby now;)

I promise that next weeks update will be more upbeat and informative about baby girl. However, thanks for allowing me to vent, lol! I think I've done pretty good so far but this week just got the better of me! Pregnancy hormones or not...

I'm off to enjoy this sunny day and exercise my overly hyper Piper girl---



  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the preeclampsia. :( And weight gain, well.... comes with the territory I suppose. I can email you my weight if that would make you feel better! Or! Even better than that! You should watch "600lbs: Melissa's Story." I watched that last night on TLC (I watch the weirdest things when Steve's out in the field LOL) and felt soooooo skinny! And I'm heavier than you! Ok I'm giving away too much personal info now.
    I promise you'll lose it all in no time! You've got BOB! ;)

  2. I know PreE is no fun.. I had it as well. Just take comfort in the fact that soon it will all be over with. Induced or not.. you're going to have your sweet baby in just a few short weeks. Hang in there! You look awesome by the way.. no matter what the scale says!

  3. Take it easy!!! :)

    P.S. 188 isn't bad... I'm over 200 ;)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the Preeclampsia but the end is near. It will be so much nicer once she is out...even with those long nights.

  5. I'm sorry to hear you are diagnosed with preeclampsia. Look on the bright side, you get another ultrasound! =) Thank goodness your pregnancy is almost over so your almost there just a few more weeks. I have a few stretch marks too on my belly and hips and I'm definitely not happy about it but there's nothing we can do about it but accept it. As long as our baby is healthy and developing fine than all the things we go through while we are pregnant will be worth it.

  6. Pre eclampsia is scary and my fingers are crossed that you have no complications! Also, I would not worry about the weight gain. It is probably mostly swelling!

  7. I don't know what that is, nor do I need to google it. Sorry you are having a rough time. Hopefully it will be over be for you know it and your little miracle will be here.

    Yay for another sonogram though. That's exciting


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