January 27, 2012


Unlike this beautiful photo---


Turns out, progression isn't always a good thing!!

Yet another L&D visit last night.

I feel like my body's done so well this entire pregnancy only to be failing me right now...Boo! 

G.I Joe's Wife , a fellow blogger used this similar sentence after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes yesterday; I can totally relate!

After dinner was served and put away last night,  I went upstairs only to be met with spotty vision. It was so weird! Like bright fire embers floating all around me then softly dimming out;  a lot like miniature fireflies...I've NEVER seen spots like that before--- ever!
If I hadn't of been so freaked out I would have thought they were beautiful. LOL!

Spots in my vision and headaches are something the doctors keep telling me to watch out for in the progression of preeclampsia. So I was a tad hysterical because I had the headache and no matter how much I blinked or diverted my eyes, the spots didn't improve.

I called L&D right away and they pulled me in because of the nasty head pounding and vision issues.  After a fluid sample, my fear was confirmed. The results came back with slightly elevated proteins.


 I so didn't want to hear that but I was glad that I followed my gut and went in...

Score #1 for the home team though---Baby "G" was doing awesome!! BIG SMILE! When you go in, they hook you up to a sensor that monitors her heartbeat as well as my contractions.
She was just HANGING OUT;  chillaxin really--- Not showing any signs of stress even though I was contracting quite a bit.

R thinks she might have his even temperament. He doesn't get bent out of shape over most things which is something I LOVE about that man. I would be over the MOON if baby girl had this as well.

Okay, lets get back on track! I've been instructed not to spas out just yet. As long as my blood work stays the same, baby girl has plenty of fluid around her, my symptoms do not worsen, etc I'll be able to carry her until 39 weeks; just as long as the environment stays safe for Mom and Baby.

SOOOOO this means I will definitely have my membranes stripped around week 36 to help progress labor. The midwife on duty told me that the stripping would be SO EASY at this point...Guess that's a good thing? I understood it to mean, not as painful. HAHA!

I really feel like Sugar cube is getting ready to appear anyhow. I've been contracting SO MUCH! Maybe due to the progressing preeclampsia as that does throw you into preterm labor.

Please just pray that we go into labor without being induced...I'm SO SCARED OF THAT!

As for my guilt with all this, the midwife gave me some words of wisdom that really took the pressure off. She said that first time moms are more prone to developing this disease and that doctors cannot give a reason why.

I asked her what I might be doing wrong at home and what I could do better. She said "nothing." Preeclampsia cannot be avoided if it's going to develop. It doesn't matter what you do...I was prepared to go on bed rest to help with the high BP but apparently a high BP is just a symptom and not a driving force for the disease.

So this is completely out of my control and in the big guys hands...I'm somewhat of a controlling person, in my  own life--- However, I can be okay with this...Some things cannot be controlled and this is obviously one of them...

Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks!!

I'm off to start ANOTHER 24 hour fluid count. Oh joy---



  1. Well, I guess I can at least be happy that I don't have to do a 24 hr fluid count!!! I think I might actually prefer sticking myself 4 times a day, lol! And I totally feel you on being a controlling person... This isn't going to be easy!! I'll be saying prayers for you and your girl too. =)

  2. Glad baby girl is doing well with all this. She sounds like a trooper :)

  3. Oh I'm so sorry you were back in L&D last night. :( I'm glad Baby G is doing ok and you went with your mommy intuition! Good for you!!! Always go with your gut. :)

    Will be sending prayers your way for a natural start to your labor!

  4. I had my membranes stripped one day when I was pregnant with my oldest (the one I had pre-eclampsia with)... I went into labor the at 3:30am the next day... at 36 weeks. If everything is still ok at 36 weeks, I would wait as long as possible to have your membranes stripped because if baby comes early there is no telling what kind of issues you might have later on. <3

  5. Happy to hear that baby girl was doing well! I was induced with my son and from the time I signed into L&D and my son was in my arms, it was only 6.5hrs! I will be keep you in my thoughts!

  6. I have done the 24 hour urine sample and it is definitely not fun. I had a scare a few weeks ago and my doctors were concerned about my elevated blood pressure and that I had protein in my urine. Thankfully the results of my blood test and urine same came out clean so I'm in the clear for now. Good Luck!

  7. First off, Happy belated Birthday!!! Congrats on the pregnancy! Man, ever since my computer broke, Ive been wayyy out of touch! :( Try not to worry about being induced. I was induced with Hailey and everything went perfectly. Its really not as bad as some women make it out to be.:) Im glad your sugar cube is doing well!!!

  8. Crossing my fingers that things continue to progress normally...

  9. Oh boy! Glad that to hear the baby is doing okay. I'm starting to get scared. :) Take care of yourself.


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