January 25, 2012

34 Week Baby Bump!

Yup. Here's our big shiny belly Sugar cube at 34 weeks today !

POW! This is where you can REALLY see the growth---

Absolutely INSANE how much she grows in just 7 days but exciting stuff!!!

I think it's funny and a bit disappointing how I haven't gotten that nice high, round and popped out look. No doubt I'm carrying low but I think my torso has a lot to do with the shape of my belly; long torso equals long and thick baby belly?

Maybe this has attributed to the lack of stretch marks--- (THANK THE ALMIGHTY FATHER, CONSUMPTION OF WATER, COCO BUTTER AND GOOD GENES!!!) Granted, I'm not out of the woods yet;)

So a little about Baby "G" this week---

She's the size of THIS!
I'm not really sure what this is though...LOL...They call it a Durian? Hold on---let me Google!!

Okay, so Baby "G" is a big sized fruit, grown in Malaysia, that smells like stinky socks yet has a succulent creamy filling.

Hmmmm...Maybe we'll just go with other pregnancy websites and say she's a cantaloupe;)

She's anywhere from 4.2 to 5.8 lbs and measures 17.2 to 18.7 inches long. So definitely getting big enough to show her pretty face! Speaking of which, I CANNOT wait for our fetal growth ultrasound on February 3rd...The last time we saw baby girl was at 22 weeks exactly; I thought she was ADORABLE back then. I can only imagine how much cuter she's gotten:)

thebump.com says she's doing a lot of ease dropping and really listening in on everything being said on the outside. I find that fascinating! Better tell my sister M to stop being such a potty mouth, haha!

As for Momma, I am getting very anxious to meet her! I know R is too. He keeps saying, "I just want to get the show on the road!" Poor guy has a heart attack every time I tell him I'm contracting. I think he thinks she's coming---RIGHT THEN! So cute:)  He says he'll be very excited for when we go into labor. But scared, right along with that. Completely natural I'd say!

Me,  I'll definitely be skipping down the halls to labor and delivery but I'll be SOOOOOO nervous. All of that unknown crap, ya know!

Things are getting very real. After all we're 34 WEEKS! Not to mention my L&D scare on Monday and then again last night... I basically contracted from 9:30 pm until, well now even...Although the ones last night were more painful and coming closer together...That lasted until about 6:00 am. I called L&D because I was having 3 of their preterm labor warning signs. I basically get the impression that you don't need to worry unless the contractions bring pain in your abdomen. So for now, I'm calling these contractions, persistent braxton hicks:)

We've finalized all of Baby girls needs except for her cloth diaper stash. I'm still doing research but also having a hard time pulling the trigger on a brand...I REALLY REALLY need to start thinking about packing a hospital bag and a baby bag soon too. Maybe install the car seat? I can't believe I even just typed that! It seems like yesterday I was staring at those 2 pink lines for the first time...HOLY MOLY!

But for now, I'm going to rest these extra large feet of mine then think about taking the dogs to the puppy park. Piper makes me feel so guilty with my lack of energy these days! She's really going to hate life once Sugar cube arrives...

Pray for these two, especially the brown one, that their lives arn't turned too topsy-turvy and that I don't suffer too badly from guilt in the coming months!!


  1. Oh, don't be disappointed about not having a round belly!! The more round my belly gets, the heavier it gets! I don't know if you feel that way or not... I feel like sometimes I'm falling forward from all this extra weight! I'm a few weeks behind you, but I don't have any stretch marks on my belly yet either! {I've got them on my hips, butt and boobs though. Sigh.}

  2. Your pups are so cute! Don't feel guilty, I think they'll understand that a big change has happened in their lives!

  3. I don't get that nice "basketball belly" either. I just kinda look fat. But WITH stretch marks, so at least you've got the good skin genes goin' for ya!

    Cloth-diaper wise, I have two brands we're using now, and I think bumGenius is the better of the two. Now, I don't have oodles of experience yet, but my child DOES pee like he has six bladders hidden in his body, so I feel like I can speak with a leeeetle bit of authority on the subject. LOL ;)

    If you have ANY questions about L&D (or what happens after..), please shoot me an email! I had a natural birth with Sam and remember just about everything, down to the spectacular little audience watching me push out my watermelon. I'd love to fill ya in! :)

  4. Awww.. your pups are super cute.

    My belly is doing the same thing.


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