January 23, 2012

This Makes It Real--

Today was definitely not the productive day I had planned...It started and ended with a lovely and very vivid---

We're honest to gosh having a baby and her arrival is very soon!

My day was going to include my first fetal stress test this morning, then a trip to the hospital lab, a long wait at DEERS for my on post I.D card and a grocery run to the commissary. Basically a redo of Saturday a.k.a my cranky pants day;)

Well what was supposed to be a 30 minute stress test turned into a 5 hour labor and delivery adventure. Sugar cube was doing just fine; it was momma who they were concerned about.

Apparently, during my 30 minutes of monitoring, I was contracting WAY WAY too much for their liking. On top of that, I was feeling them. (Nothing too terrible. It felt like a light cramping in addition to my belly getting really hard with each one.)

Let me tell ya, you definitely get violated up in that place! I so wasn't prepared for a day of sitting on my bare buns, with my naked belly exposed for all to see. Not to mention all the poking, prodding and hours of being starved but not being allowed to eat. This pregnant lady hadn't had a THING to eat since 6:00 am and I was feeling it!

They did all sorts of tests to try and decide if and why I was going into preterm labor i.e dehydration, infection etc. I managed to talk them out of giving me an IV for fluids. Asked them if I could just down some water and they let me. Score for no needles today! The extra water seemed to help some even though I have been drinking SO MUCH already. I was frigid cold by the end, managing to down 4- 32oz cups in 1 hour.


The nurse was really surprised at how fast I drank each one. The first one I drank in 1 minute flat. She was like, "BOY! You REALLY don't want that IV do you!"

 No mam I do not, haha!

R was freaking out the entire time, asking if he needed to bust a move and get his fanny up there. (My words not his.) I told him to hold out until the doctors were able to tell me more. They checked my cervix for any dilation. Again, I wasn't expecting anything in that way, but apparently I was sitting at 1 centimeter. 2 hours later there was no progress, thank gosh. so they finally released me.

So in short, today was a super long day where I didn't get anything done. However, baby girl is fine (the most important thing) and I was released after 5 hours, still contracting but not dilating anymore then the 1 centimeter I had gotten to. I was instructed to take it easy and drink even MORE water. Lord help me. I'm going to just live on the toilet for now on.

I didn't feel in any real danger of Baby "G" arriving today (call it mommy intuition) although I was kinda taken back when they told me I was having real contractions and how many. Wasn't expecting that. I definitely feel like she'll make it to 37 weeks but anything beyond that I couldn't guarantee.

One thing is definitely clear though and right on par; Sugar cube is already giving her daddy white hairs, before his time;)

That's my girl!   


  1. Omg! I'm so glad everything is ok! I think this is a sign that maybe you are destined to not return to the commissary.. Lol time for some takeout! ;)

  2. that's good to know that baby is good! :)

  3. Oh gosh! I'm glad to hear that you are both doing fine.

  4. Sounds like you had quite the adventure yesterday! So happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well!

  5. Oh goodness! Glad everyone is okay. What a day!


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