January 21, 2012

Mrs. Cranky Pants

Today was definitely a hormonal pregnant lady, cranky pants day---

I looked a lot like this!

It started out well enough. R was called into work because of 4 unexpected snow days they received, so I decided to make use of the a lone time and get some errands done.

 After 5 days of bad road conditions, I REALLY needed to make a grocery run to the commissary and also the hospital lab. So after putting my grocery list together, grabbing my jug for testing and already feeling exhausted (mistake number one) I headed out, only to be met at the guard gate with an expired I.D card...UGH!

Slight irritation number one, even though it wasn't their fault but my own.
When you're pregnant, you don't see reason, just inconvenience. Am I right???

My thoughts???  I have stickers on my car, why won't they just let me in with my drivers license? Whatever.

So I get stopped, pulled aside like some criminal and am asked to fill out 3 pages of paperwork.

Keep in mind, 2 days ago, baby girl dropped making it really hard to walk 3 feet without having to pee. And last night my first experience with braxton hicks start which continue into today.

After having my I.D card confiscated (sounds so dirty) I'm given some papers and told to head to the DEERS (I.D card) office. Wait a minute. I was on my way to the hospital...What if I'd been in labor or something. I honestly don't want to believe that a valid I.D card would take precedence over that...

Okay. ANYWAY....I DON'T head to the DEERS office as instructed but instead make my way to the hospital but with yet another errand on my list. Go get a flippin I.D card...Ugh...I don't know about other pregnant women but at almost 34 weeks HUGE you gotta pick and choose your battles because energy is in short supply! NO big deal, I tell myself. I can handle this!

Once at the hospital, I decide to park at a different building entrance. This (should) bring me to  the (short) route I've been told about but never tried. (mistake number 2) So here I am. Big as a whale. Carrying a bucket with ice and a jug of pee that I swear weighs 20 pounds...I mean, it was a 24 hour urine count and I do drink A LOT of water...*slosh slosh slosh* I make my way into the building thinking I'm real slick for cutting off some walking. You know. To save energy. Two MILES later, totally discombobulated and feeling like my calves were going to EXPLODE, I find the lab. And guess what?


People, I know the weather put a damper on things but it's melted now! If this pregnant, Georgia driving, lady can venture out with her little box of a car, you can too! Not to mention, the drop off station is supposedly open 24/7 meaning it doesn't even require man power to run this side of the lab! That's all I needed. To drop this off...I really considered just leaving my jug of pee right there at their front door. BUT it needs to be on ice and I didn't want to have to redo the sample.

Peeing in a jug EVERY TIME YOU HAVE TO PEE WHILE PREGNANT is a pain y'all. Let me tell ya!! Especially at night, when you have to run downstairs each time because your jug has to stay in the fridge. Yeah, no sleep...

Moving on.

Irritated beyond belief, I left trying to find my way back to the car. I found a back way with LOTS of stairs. Of course it had stairs...

Back at my car, calves screaming again, I get in and head to the DEERS office...I NEED to get this done otherwise I'll miss my fetal stress test appointment on Monday. I already missed the one on Thursday because of the weather. I CAN'T MISS THIS ONE.  

However, you guessed it. They usually are open on a Saturday but every third Saturday they close down...Which happened to be today...Oh the smile that came across my face reading that little piece of white paper...I lost all sane person emotional control at that point.


At this point I'm SOOOOO pissed. I had every intention of getting my grocery shopping done but back at my car, I text my husband a really nasty, I hate my life, text and head to the nearest Burger King to emotionally eat my weight in all things bad. HA!

"Screw this day" was how I ended that text to hubby.

His sweet response was "I'll have the tea kettle on when you get home Love." Bless that man!

It doesn't end there though. Apparently I hit the on post burger joint at lunch hour so I sit in the drive thru for FORTY MINUTES!!! There were curbs on either side so I'm committed...

My thoughts in those LONG MINUTES? Getting angrier by the second...







My phone and android app for Facebook were the only two things that saved me. No joke.

As you can tell, I'm a hot mess at this point...I literally start to cry...Forty minutes later, I snatch my bag of food, wolf it down and drive like a (mad) lady back home and to my bathroom...

I make it home where R is waiting with my tea so I immediately hug him and start to cry again!!! I tell him "today I really hate being pregnant."  He rubs my back and tells me it's legal. That I've done a bang up job and hormonal days are allowed...

He realized that only one thing was going to save this day. A long nap! So he kicks the dogs out of the room, sets my sleepy time tea on the night stand and tells me to get some rest. I love my husband:)

 God I felt so pathetic and I KNEW I was being hormonal and bizarre but Lord only knows I couldn't stop the feelings of wanting to strangle something, ANYTHING!

So yeah... Total hormonal pregnant lady, cranky pants day:) But I'm better now!

I hope you got a kick out of this as much as I did; AFTER I calmed down;) This day just had to be documented, however, because it was my first!!! I guess I'm part of that crazy club now, you hear husbands talk about. LOL.


  1. Soooo familiar, girl. So familiar. ;) On those kinds of days, you wonder why you even changed out of your pajamas, amiright? ;)

    I got stopped at the gate the other day for a "random search." Uh-huh, because I look like I have terrorist capabilities (with the 1yo sucking on a sippy cup in the backseat). LUCKILY I wore real shoes out on this errand. (I'm always so afraid that the one time I wear my husband's giant slippers out is when I'll get stopped for a check. HA!)

    I'm glad your hubby was home and was helpful. :) Good luck with your next outing to the hospital!!!!

  2. The hormonal days are the worst. But that's what they make fast food for.


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