March 23, 2009

Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

Okay, for one, that is not my scary hair in the picture and for two, at that very moment I was thinking, holy crap! I paid seventy bucks just to have the turd nuggets scared out of me! So you have to picture this to really appreciate the experience...There we were, me and two of my sisters, in the hills of Georgia on a real live safari! You were encouraged to rent one of their vans that was painted up like a zebra gone wrong just to remain inconspicuous....riiiiiiiiight...Then why did we buy bags of food just to have our location compromised as very large animals came stampeding towards us! The bad part is this heap of junk could barely do 10 mph so out running those long sticky tongues seemed out of the question...Our only saving grace would be the glass windows...The three of us grabbed our crank shafts, staring down our predators with determined eyes...You could almost hear the na na na na na wa wa waaaa western melody float by as we prepared to roll those windows up at mock seven speed... I heard Angel scream first, then Mary then I! Each van had every single window pryed from its body to make this once in a life time experience even better! Oh boy, the minute we crossed over that cattle guard and into the wilds of Africa it was a constant terror...Over the hills and through the woods we puttered screaming WHY WHY WHY! Luckily the ligars, tigers, lions and Rhinos were behind fences, but everything else considered us fair game...


  1. We went to the same park last summer! It was probably one of the most fun things we did while stationed there! I wanna go again!


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